Is L.A.’s Next Trend Corporate-Sponsored Sleazy Motel Parties?

Last night was another crazed night in Hollywood, with sold-out shows by The xx at the Palladium and MTV’s “Buried Life” party at Drai’s. But the mid-week bash I keep replaying in my mind was Tuesday’s fantastic party at the unlikeliest of venues: the Dunes Inn. Whoever dreamt up this party for Axe deodorant deserves a raise, because on Tuesday night, organizers took over an entire semi-sleazy motel on Sunset Boulevard and had Weezer play a concert in the courtyard, all in the name of smelling manly. The “One Night Only” event was truly that: an event, with hordes of hopefuls trying to get in to the circus-like happening wrapping around the block, complete with open bar, free food and a name band.

To be sure, throwing events in non-traditional venues is a trend that’s been growing for years in Hollywood (see Milk Studios and Hollywood Forever cemetery). But no one that I can remember in the past decade has ever thought to rent out a dodgy motel on the least glamorous stretch of Sunset (near Western Avenue), buy out all the rooms (staffers & band tech types utilized the first floor, while celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens were in and out of the balcony rooms), secure the proper permits, and throw a party in the courtyard. It was a brilliant bash and a memorable night out, thanks in no small part to Weezer, who proved that they still matter with a bang-up set filled with older hits and a some new ones, too. Some special guests joined them on the stage, including My Chemical Romance and even Lost‘s Jorge Garcia, who, as you all know by now, is Weezer’s latest muse. Later today, Axe is expected to post a full video of the show on their Facebook page, so don’t miss it.