John Waters is Hosting an Adult Summer Camp

Everyone knows John Waters to be the undisputed king of camp, and now, he’s going to be the literal king of an actual camp. The film icon is hosting “Camp John Waters” this year in Kent, Connecticut, for a weekend of adults-only debauchery.

The event will be held at the adults-only oasis Club Getaway, which offers the typical nature activities like hiking, swimming, canoeing, archery, and ziplining. In addition to the standards of camping, though, this weekend will be packed with entertainment in celebration of film’s trashiest director.

The “Camp John Waters” weekend includes a one man show from the man himself, Hairspray karaoke, scotch and cigars, a John Waters film marathon and Q & A, and a reading from the legend’s new book.

“Camp John Waters” is taking place September 22-24 for the all-inclusive price of $499 (and by all-inclusive, we mean that you have to pay extra for cocktails). Ger your tickets here.

Happy Birthday, John Waters! Celebrate by Shopping His Kooky Style

Photo: John Waters at the 2014 CFDA Awards. Photographed by Neil Rasmus/

A fondness for polyester suits, offbeat tailoring, and Comme des Garcons puts filmmaker John Waters in a sartorial category all his own. When asked to host the CFDA Awards, (the Oscars of fashion), Waters couldn’t help but rib a few designers — a $28,000 Marc Jacobs dress? “The man has expenses,” Waters joked — and he can crack jokes, if only because of his own affinity for multi-thousand dollar pieces that, if not appreciated properly, might look… off. But then, maybe that’s the whole point. So on the occasion of John Waters’s birthday we dive into his style, and celebrate with a little shopping centered on the John Waters aesthetic of merry, bargain bin-esque, Fashion with a capital F. JohnWaters_BFA_shopping_BlackBook John Waters (from left) photographed by Angela Pham/; photographed by Neil Rasmus/ Fashion (clockwise from left): printed leather continental wallet; pailette embellished boot; vintage double collar blazer; wide leg trouser; striped blazer; perforated Oxford shoes; deconstructed jacket, all Comme des Garcons.

5 Star Art Shows You Must See This Weekend

Courtesy of John Waters and Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York  © John Waters


Takashi Murakami at Gagosian Gallery, 555 West 24th Street, NYC
Murakami’s In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow, has been open since November (and closing January 17,) but Saturday, January 10 marks the artist’s first #InstaMeet — get there at 12:30 to take an #ArtSelfie with Murakami himself. #InstaGold
@takashipom on Instagram


Helmut Lang at Sperone Westwater, 257 Bowery, NYC
Since annihilating his fashion archives 10 years ago, the reclusive designer turned artist has been working on sculptures made up of pulped fragments of collections past. This exhibition of sculptures is Lang’s first solo show in New York. Open through February 21.
Courtesy of Sperone Westwater


Henri Matisse at MoMA, 11 West 53rd Street, NYC
Visit MoMA this weekend to see Matisse’s famous cut-outs. The show was extended due to popular demand, so get there before February 10 to avoid closing week crowds.
@themuseumofmodernart on Instagram


John Waters at Marianne Boesky, 509 West 24th Street, NYC
Running through Valentine’s Day, this third solo show of John Waters at Marianne Boesky is titled, Beverly Hills John. The exhibition includes photoshop facelifts for Justin Bieber, Lassie, and Waters himself. Make sure you see “Kiddie Flamingos,” a G-rated version of the very X-rated “Pink Flamingos”.
Beverly Hills John, 2012, C-print, Image: 30 x 20 inches  76.2 x 50.8 cm, Framed: 36 1/2 x 26 1/2 inches, 92.7 x 67.3 cm, Edition of 5; Courtesy of the artist and Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York  © John Waters


Louise Bourgeois at Cheim & Read, 547 West 25th Street, NYC
Hurry up before it closes on January 10 to catch Louise Bourgeois’ Suspension. What secrets is the founder of confessional art telling now?
photograph taken by Brian Buckley for Cheim & Read, New York
Courtesy of Cheim & Read

Check Out a Video Countdown of the Year’s Best Films

So far this week we’ve taken a look at John Waters’ top films of 2013, alongside Jean-Luc Godards own year end roundups from 1956-1965—but today we get another list in the form of a wonderfully edited video countdown looking at the top 25 films of 2013. For the past few years,’s David Ehrlich has been crafting his own visual guide to your favorite films of the year and this time around, he includes a healthy mix of mass appeal and the lesser known films we’ve fallen in love with over the year.

Ahead of our own look at the best of 2013, his countdown features some of our personal favorites—from Before Midnight and Upstream Color to The Act of Killing and The Great Beauty. Speaking to his list, Ehrlich noted:

There’s a brief intro to set the stage and paint a slightly broader picture of the year that was (with a few red herrings tossed in for good measure), but this video is ultimately a countdown of my favorite 25 films of 2013. I’ve played loose and fast with the eligibility requirements in the past, but this time around I thought it would be easier and more instructive to honor only those films that were publicly released in the United States during the calendar year of 2013 (my refusal to abide by this criteria in previous videos explains why Olivier Assayas’ Something In The Air and Abbas Kiarostami’s Like Someone In Love aren’t included this time around).

Check out the video below and stay tuned for our year end best coming next week.

Check Out John Waters’ Favorite Films of 2013

John Waters, reigning king of smutty brilliance has just released his picks for 2013’s best films—and of course, it’s right on point. Throughout the next month or so, we’re sure to see a slew of top ten lists from cinema’s most prominent forces but unlike Quentin Tarantino’s favorite films of the year, The Lone Ranger is thankfully kept aside for truly some of the greatest fiction and documentary features we’ve seen in the last eleven months—from Blue Jasmine to After Tiller.

Back in the summer, we ranked our top favorite films of 2013 six months into the year. Upstream Color, Frances Ha, Spring Breakers, and Before Midnight fell highest on our list, with an updated version a few weeks ago, adding Stories We Tell, Blue Jasmine, and a few notable others. Our next iteration will most definitely include Steve McQueen’s brilliant 12 Years a Slave, Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty and Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing. But for now, check out Waters’ Top Ten via MCN, which includes proudly boasts Harmony Korine’s psychotropic teen nightmare Spring Breakers as number one.

1. Spring Breakers
2. Camile Claudel 1915
3. Abuse Of Weakness
4. Hors Satan
5. After Tiller
6. Hannah Arendt
7. Beyond The Hills
8. Blue Jasmine
9. Blackfish
10. I’m So Excited

Check out our interviews with a handful of the filmmakers behind these features below:

From John Waters to the Coen Brothers, Here’s What You Should Be Seeing This Weekend in New York

Sundays may be a "wan, stuff shadow of a robust Saturday" or a day of "forced leisure for folks who have no aptitude for leisure," according to Tom Robbins, but a weekend is still a weekend. The pleasure of a Friday night, the knowing the burdens of work week have a brief respite carry themselves into the following two days of leisure, and what better way to indulge in that leisure than heading to the cinema.

And this weekend, there are more than enough wonderful films showing around New York for you to disappear into. Whether it’s your favorite John Waters, the best of NYFF, or some of the most stunning new releases, there’s surely something to satisfy every cinematic appetite. I’ve founded up the best of what’s playing around the city, so peruse our list, and enjoy.  


IFC Center

Shepard & Dark
Ain’t Them Bodies Saints
Blue Caprice
Dark Touch
The Big Lebowski
Frances Ha
The Network
Red River
Una Noche
Wild Style

Film Forum

After Tiller
Antoine and Antoinette
Lost…Now Found


Female Trouble
Blue Jasmine
Enough Said
Charles Bradley: Soul of America 

Film Linc

A Touch of Sin
Alan Partridge
At Berkley
Inside Llewyn Davis
The Wind Rises
Child of God
Le Week-end
Norte, the End of History
Platform Agnostic, Brand Specific
Particle Fever
The Cosmonaut
In the Dark Room


Donnie Darko
In a World…
Revenge of the Cheerleaders
Don Jon
Thanks for Sharing
Back to the Future

Landmark Sunshine

Thanks for Sharing
Haute Cuisine
Short Term 12
We Are What We Are


Ginger e Fred
The Job/The Sound of Trumpets
Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
Todo Modo

Divine-ly Inspired Documentary Needs Your Dollars

Long before John Travolta donned the padding and ozone-killing hair products required of Edna Turnblad, and long before Hairspray was a fun family musical, there was Divine, in floral dress and towering red wig, the performer director John Waters called “Jayne Mansfield-meets-Godzilla,” in one of his last roles on screen. Following roles in the great and bizarre midnight-movie classics like Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble and his untimely death in 1988, Divine (a.k.a. Harris Glenn Milstead), became one of the most beloved cult icons in modern American cinema. Now, with the blessing of Divine’s friends and family, filmmaker Jeffrey Schwarz, known for his profile documentaries on adult film star Jack Wrangler, Tab Hunter and B-movie filmmaker William Castle, is making I Am Divine, a documentary about the foul-mouthed, liquid eyeliner-loving actor, and needs your help to finish the thing.

"Divine’s is the ultimate ‘It Gets Better’ story, as he transformed himself from a bullied schoolyard fat kid to a larger-than-life cult hero who continues to inspire outsiders, misfits, punks, sluts and queers over 20 years after his death,” Schwarz writes on the I Am Divine Kickstarter page.

As seen in the trailer, a number of Divine’s family members and closest friends and collaborators, including (duh) Waters and Ricki Lake, who costarred with Divine in Hairspray and Jerry Stiller. Even after blessings and interviews and compiling of footage though, Schwarz and the team are looking for $40,000 (just under $30,000 to go with 18 days left at time of writing), in part for more audio and video footage and to clear things with fair use, as well as to buy more liquid eyeliner, per Divine’s wishes. The incentives are fittingly appealing for the hardcore Divine/John Waters fan, including paper dolls, a “Trashy Travels” tour of Baltimore and a meal with fellow Waters alumna and legendary midnight movie actress Mink Stole.

Watch the trailer, dotted with some very fun archival footage, below.

Here We Go Magic Picked Up A Hitchhiker And It Was John Waters

So, uh, this is easily the best headline we’ve seen since “Porpoises rescue Dick van Dyke.” Although the story of Luke Temple’s merry Brooklyn bliss-out band picking up a camp film legend doesn’t quite have the same ring as the star of Mary Poppins being rescued by marine creatures, it did make for an interesting photo op, courtesy of bassist Jen Turner.

Waters has been a reported hitchhiking enthusiast, and Here We Go guitarist Michael Bloch told Pitchfork the fascinating tale:

“There’s a hydro-fracking boom in western Pennsylvania. You can’t get a motel room. We had to drive ‘til 4 a.m., and finally found a Days Inn in eastern Ohio. Getting back on the highway this morning, there was a man at the side of the on-ramp with a sign that read ‘to the end of Rte 70. Jen [Turner, bassist] wanted to pick him up, but we drove past him. As we passed by, our sound guy said. ‘John Waters.’ Luke said, ‘Yep, definitely John Waters.’ We got off at the next exit and circled back. He was still there. We pulled up, opened the door and asked where he was coming from. ‘Baltimore,’ he said. And we said ‘Get in, sir.’”

The band also offered a few tweets from the experience:

·      Just picked up John Waters hitchhiking in the middle of Ohio.. No joke. Waters in the van.

·      @stevekeros steve it is absolutely 100% pinky sworn true. He even carries a mixtape to listen to!

·      Gotta keep them eyes open. People are everywhere.

·      What an utter gentleman, as natural and observant of people as one might imagine. A total joy, full of stories. Thanks JW, be safe out there

·      A bit of an odd day today.. But not all that much more odd than many days, really.


We just want to know what was on that mixtape.

John Waters Gets Down & Dirty About Porn in America

Raise your hand if you want to see John Waters discuss the ins and outs (har har) of the porn industry! Since we can’t actually see any of you, we’re going to assume your hands are up, and proceed with part two of the conversation our friends over Bullett Magazine had with the provocative filmmaker (part one here). Some teasers: to be a great pornstar, it helps to have been abused by a child; the internet has ruined the porn business model; never fall in love with a pornstar. Enjoy!