Listen to Record Store Day Offerings From John Maus, Xiu Xiu, Dirty Beaches

Record Store Day! It’s a time of joy, laughter, and spending way too much rent money on all the colored vinyl there is. Many bands will be releasing limited offerings on April 21 to put asses in stores, a few of which you can listen to today. First off: John Maus’s "No Title (Molly)," a rumbling, moan-y track that sounds like an unfinished Joy Division song (perfect for the brooding cousin in your life). It’ll appear on a flexi-disc/zine project called Smuggler’s Way, courtesy of Domino and Ribbon, alongside tracks from the Kills, Real Estate, Dirty Projectors and more. 

After that, you can listen to two songs from Polyvinyl Records: a cover of Erasure’s "Always" by mope rockers Xiu Xiu, and a cover of Francoise Hardy’s "Tu Ne Dis Rien" by not-as-mopey-but-still-kinda-mope rockers Dirty Beaches. (No embed codes — you’ll just have to click through.) They’re not very fun-sounding, but what’s supposed to be fun about record collecting? Thanks for Stereogum for all this. Again, Record Store Day is on April 21.

PopGun Presents John Maus, Geneva Jacuzzi & Puro Instinct

Last night at Brooklyn’s Glasslands, John Maus, Geneva Jacuzzi (pictured top), and Puro Instinct played to a rollicking house that sold out weeks before. Inside the club, people vied to glimpse Geneva Jacuzzi, the Los Angeles-based musician who was performing for the first time in New York. She’d foregone her female glam powerhouse act for a more understated mime number featuring the archetypal black outfit, white gloves, and white face paint. While her Madonna-like antics were toned down, Jacuzzi still had remarkable stage presence, her tiny frame nearly consumed by the audience after she leaped from the stage.

“She’s definitely got some dope moves for sure,” said one attendee outside. Replied another, “I don’t know if it’s quite captured what she had going on for years.” Either way, the crowd — which included Todd Brooks of PenduNYC, Light Asylum’s Shannon Funchess, and videographer Zev David Deans — seemed amply pleased by Jacuzzi’s act. Less so by Puro Instinct, who performed to mild confusion: Puro Instinct’s Headbangers in Ecstasy was named one of the Top 20 Albums of 2011 So Far by Stereogum, but no one seemed to know who they were. One attendee commented that a member of the super-young group must be related to Ariel Pink — otherwise, how could they have gotten the gig?

In fact, each of the bands had a connection to Pink. Jacuzzi is a former girlfriend, John Maus has recorded with him, and Pink was featured in Puro Instinct’s video for their song “Stilyagi.” The crowd went wild for John Maus, the night’s last performer, whose act consisted of screaming at a near inaudible pitch, hitting his head with a microphone, running around, and screaming more. I was left lamenting the departure of Jacuzzi.

image John Maus

image Puro Instinct