This Was Your Life: The Best of John Lennon on Youtube

Tomorrow would have be John Lennon’s 70th birthday, so it seems only fitting to end the week with some videos of everyone’s favorite Beatle. After the jump, you’ll find a highly subjective selection of Lennon-related YouTube clips. Disclaimer #1: When I say, “highly subjective,” I mean I’m sorry that I didn’t include the Ed Sullivan Show. I wanted to treat you to some random stuff that you might not have previously seen, and concentrate on John’s post-Beatles career. Disclaimer #2: When I say, “Lennon-related,” I mean I’ve been waiting ten years for an excuse to gush over that scene in Mr. Holland’s Opus when Richard Dreyfuss performs “Beautiful Boy” in sign language. Enjoy, friends.

10. Aforementioned scene from Mr. Holland’s Opus. This scene always makes me cry, even if Dreyfuss can’t really sing.

9. Original version of “Beautiful Boy,” complete with slide show Definitely one of the most beautiful songs from John’s post-heroin, happy-father period. Also the saddest, when we remember that John never got to see Sean “come of age.”

8. Yoko Ono’s Best Idea In this clip Yoko convinces John to play “Imagine” on his white piano, and do it an octave higher.

7. Conservative Guy Interviews John and Yoko in Bed One of the best scenes from the excellent Lennon documentary, Imagine. For some reason this clip has Spanish subtitles.

6. Young John Lennon Okay, this isn’t actually John Lennon, but it’s pretty funny.

5. Young Sean Lennon Speaking of young, if you really want your heart broken, watch this video of young Sean Lennon. Also, the YouTube clip compares Sean to Harry Potter, but if you consider his outfit, I think he looks more like Eddie Murphy in Delirious.

4. “Stand By Me” Here’s John on the great British rock show, The Old Grey Whistle Test, doing a beautiful rendition of “Stand By Me.”

3. The Beatles imitate Bob Dylan This is hilarious. And accurate!

2. “Instant Karma” This clip is most notable for the fact that Yoko is mysteriously wearing a blindfold. Also, it’s a great song. ect>

1. “Give Peace a Chance” Enough said.

Links: John Lennon’s Killer Denied Parole, Heidi Montag Massages Breast Implants

● Mark David Chapman, the man who killed John Lennon in 1980, has been denied parole for the sixth time. Jared Leto, who played the crazed fan in a film, was hoping for a sequel. [NYDN] ● One of the funny ones, Jenny Slate, will not be on Saturday Night Live this coming season, nor will Will Forte, though four replacements will be coming on, including the first African American since 2003. [WaPo] ● The man who nonviolently stole Kirsten Dunst’s purse from a hotel room was sentenced to four years in jail. For some perspective, that’s like 16.2 Lindsay Lohans. [HuffPo]

● If the perfect tweet could be crystallized, it would look a little something like this: “Giving my self a soft tissue breast massage. Ladies we have to keep those implants soft.” [HuffPo] ● Basketball star Ron Artest was stopped in L.A. driving what looked like a big go-cart, except with top speeds over 150 mph. He was wearing a helmet. [TMZ] ● The Joaquin Phoenix meltdown movie, I’m Still Here, is very real. [NYM]

John Lennon Lyrics Sell for $1.2M

John Lennon’s handwritten lyrics to the classic ‘A Day In The Life’ sold for an impressive $1.2 million at a Sotheby’s on Friday. Pre-auction estimates had put the sale price between $500,000 to $700,000, so the million-dollar sale — which will be paid by an unidentified American who phoned in to snag the lyrics — was somewhat unexpected. Still, it failed to beat the $1.25 million record set by the 2005 sale of the handwritten lyrics for ‘All You Need Is Love.’ For those of you who are too poor to own original handwritten Beatles lyrics, I’ve provided some photo scans after the break. Honestly, they’re about as good as the real thing.

There, I just saved you $1.2 million dollars. And you say I never do anything nice for you.



Links: Beyoncé Is With Jay-Z’s Baby?; Amanda Seyfried Will Soon Be Naked, Which Worries Her

● If every single day a celebrity blog posted an EXCLUSIVE report that Beyoncé is pregnant with Jay-Z’s baby, one day they would be right because soon there will be a Little Hov or Hovita and soon after that he or she will be the best celebrity child of all time and soon after that he or she will own you. [Media Take Out] ● When was the last time you watched a video of Bob Dylan and John Lennon holding a conversation while their bodies work to balance copious amounts of drugs and their egos and geniuses try to squeeze into one car? [The L Magazine] ● You should probably start stockpiling drugs now if you’re going to be ready for the Phish 3-D concert film coming at the end of April to a theater near you, in your mind. [Arts Beat]

● Amanda Seyfried is worried that some fans won’t want to see her upcoming nude scene in Chloe, an anxiety that is totally valid if you’re clueless or faking humility. [Vulture] ● A 12-year-old Texas boy led police on a 100 mph car chase, which probably ended with a parade and a big sign that read “Atta Boy!” [NYT] ● Ke$ha totally looks like John Travolta. But, really. [Totally Looks Like]

John Lennon’s New Line & Band of Outsiders’ Special Polo Shirts

John Lennon’s style influence has continued to make waves in the decades following his death, but until now the singer hasn’t been canonized with his very own clothing line. Rock and Roll Religion, owner of the clothing label English Laundry, is launching a brand new line of men’s wear embellished with “the artwork and imagery of John Lennon,” says WWD. Styles include “woven shirts, knits, T-shirts, blazers, jackets and neckwear” (which are all priced at under $130). Odes to the music icon are seen in everything from the designs themselves (a pair of Chelsea boots are fashioned after the same style Lennon always wore) to the tags to which they’re attached. And, good news for feverish fans: Yoko Ono approves. The line was designed under the supervision of Ono.

(‘DiggThis’)Meanwhile, over at Band of Outsiders enterprises, Scott Sternberg has been hard at work on a line of polo shirts that are more than meets the eye. The line is cheekily titled This Is Not A Polo Shirt; and, while the moniker might be a bit of a stretch, there is some truth to it. Styles like the striped polo shirts incorporate a unique manufacturing approach. “This fabric is so cool because we made it with A-Girls in Wakayama, Japan on a special machine that allows the operator to alter the stripe pattern by hand during the knitting process to achieve the weird, wavy stripe,” says Band of Outsiders’ site. At $175 a pop, this by no means your average polo shirt.