John Lennon’s Tooth is for Sale

It’s understandable to collect memorabilia. People like to have a part of what they love and that’s great. But what about when that is a former body part? Is there a point when collecting and selling goes too far, beyond appreciation and fandom and even money, into the disgusting? That point, depending on how squeamish you are and how much you love the Beatles, may or may not be now. John Lennon’s decaying tooth is up for auction.

Omega Auctions will place Lennon’s discolored, cavity-destroyed tooth up for auction for a whopping $16,000 so that someone can display this on their mantle.


Lennon gave the tooth to his housekeeper, whose son is the one looking to get rid of this thing and cash in. “She was very close with John, and one day whilst chatting in the kitchen, John gave my mother the tooth (he had been to the dentist to have it removed that day) and suggested giving it to my sister as a souvenir, as she was a huge Beatles fan,” he told CNN.

If a leprechaun appeared and offered you a pot of gold with exactly $16,000 in it with the only condition being you buy something ridiculous and unnecessary, would you purchase this? Is this kind of cool and a piece of a legend or is this just gross?