Morning Links: Alec Baldwin to Take Keith Olbermann’s Spot, Joey Fatone Has a Yard Sale

● A source at NBC hears Alec Baldwin might be next in line for Keith Olbermann’s position, citing his large fan base and passion for politics as primary qualifications. Or maybe he just overheard a brainstorm for next week’s 30 Rock. [PopEater] ● After a busy year, Leighton Meester is ready to step out from Blair Waldorf’s shadow. “I really don’t give a [bleep] about being the ‘prettiest girl in the room,” she says. [NYP] ● Flavor Flav christened his new fried chicken joint, Flavor Flav’s Chicken, in Clinton Iowa, by showing off his skills with the deep frier. The rapper-turned-reality star also went to culinary school. [RapRadar]

● “Fuck you, Kings of Leon,” said Glee creator Ryan Murphy after the band turned down requests to have some of their songs covered. Glee treatment aside, many of us share Murphy’s feelings. [HR] ● William and Kate have sent out an official save the date fax to remind various royal families that their day is drawing near. Seating arrangements will be announced by carrier pigeon. [People] ● Are things a little tight for *NSYNC’s Joey Fatone? Last week he had a yard sale at his Florida home, picking up a little extra cash by lending autographs to purchases. Sounds like bank! [TMZ]

Links: American Psycho The Musical; Real Life Fight Club

● Sandra Bullock continues to accrue Oscar momentum by being a good-humored, good-sport; says she’ll show up at the Razzies if she wins for the execrable All About Steve. [USA] ● Four women who glued a man’s penis to his stomach will not go to jail. What kind of glue-forgiveness precedent does this set?! [UPI] ● Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho will be turned into a musical, with Spring Awakening’s Duncan Sheik writing the score. Get ready for a dope Huey Lewis number. [Variety]

● Bankers coping with the fact that they’re no longer complete masters of the universe turn to fight clubs. Nice job proving you’re not the aggressive, sado-masochist heels we all thing you are! [Bloomberg] ● Fall Out Boy has broken up. Pete Wentz plans to pursue full-time career of naming his children absurdly. [Perez] ● Early aughts flashback: Joey Fatone and Lance Bass frolic on beach. [Best Week Ever] ● The best travel podcasts. [URLesque]

‘Celebrity Circus’ Freaks

Antonio Sabato Jr., Blu Cantrell, Rachel Hunter, and others have signed on to star in a new reality television show called “Celebrity Circus,” in which they will learn Big Top feats of wonder like tightrope walking (ooooh!) and trapeze flying (aaahh!). Filling the role of perhaps the most apt ringmaster in the history of ringmasters is Joey Fatone, who is right where he belongs. This wouldn’t be a true circus without the scorn of judges, and judgments, from you, the viewers. And, lest we forget, this is NBC folks, the same network on which Walter Cronkite informed the nation that its president was dead. Now, they’re shooting former models on unicycles.