DNCE’s ‘Body Moves’ Video Features Lots of Skin and Sweat (Watch)

DNCE has released their new music video for “Body Moves,” and it leaves little to the imagination.

Much of the clip shows lead singer Joe Jonas sans-shirt, entwined with models in elevators and/or surrounded by other semi-nude dancing club kids.

The video is directed by Hannah Lux Davis, and promotes DNCE’s forthcoming debut self-titled full studio album, available for pre-order here. The CD is out November 16.

Check out the racy video below:

A Moment of Appreciation for Criminally Overlooked Style Icon and DNCE Bassist Cole Whittle

Photo via Instagram

Having wreaked havoc alongside a brunette Lady Gaga during her nights go-go dancing on the Lower East Side, it’s no surprise bassist Cole Whittle has such oddball style and incredible talent.

He’s spent much of his career playing in the newly retired glam-rock outfit Semi Precious Weapons, opening select dates of Gaga’s Monster Ball tour and delivering underrated cuts from the self-titled “Semi Precious Weapons” to the more subtle “Aviation High.” After SPW parted ways—a tragedy, really—Whittle began crafting tunes with rising NYC rap duo Rich White Ladies and more recently joined forces with a post-Disney Joe Jonas to roll out the thriving electro-pop trio DNCE. Though he’s woven in and out of various projects in his career thus far, Whittle’s untouchable taste has always been a constant.

We were nervous when news broke of Whittle’s collaboration with Jonas. This was the most dramatic shift possible from working with SPW’s towering frontman, Justin Tranter—an outlandish platinum blonde vocalist, who’d perform wearing charcoal smokey eyes, crushed velvet leggings and glittery heeled boots. Would a post-SPW Whittle begin sporting tired graphic tees and donning tailored designer suits for red carpet appearances? Would the mainstream market attempt to water down his wonderfully WTF wardrobe? Thankfully, no. His wardrobe is still very, very WTF and we adore him for that.


A photo posted by Cole Whittle (@colewhittle) on


For starters, there’s his signature half-shaven mohawk, which is a lopsided look we’re certain no one’s done before, at least intentionally—amazing.


A photo posted by Cole Whittle (@colewhittle) on


Then there’s his impressively sparse tour essentials, which solely consists of a baby doll limb necklace, jock strap and Wild Turkey bourbon—perfect.  


A photo posted by Cole Whittle (@colewhittle) on


And let’s not forget the time he wore an actual bathmat during the Nickelodeon HALO Awards.


A photo posted by Cole Whittle (@colewhittle) on


Or when he rocked this lush burgundy velvet turtleneck, tweed skort and a “Do Not Disturb Please” doorknob earpiece for the 2015 American Music Awards.  


A photo posted by Cole Whittle (@colewhittle) on


And here we have some denim dress-kitchen apron hybrid, decorated with patches of half-naked cowboys. Paired with a cherry red chainlink necklace, it’s clear subtlety is not Whittle’s strength.


A photo posted by Cole Whittle (@colewhittle) on


Perhaps subtlety to Whittle means styling pro-style boxing shorts with his aunt’s favorite vest?  


A photo posted by Cole Whittle (@colewhittle) on


Or maybe it means donning this casual substitute teacher dress with a formal shirt and elongated tie?

Regardless, we’re thankful to have a rare figure like Whittle infiltrating Top 40 pop culture and shaking up the norm in a way few contemporary male musicians do. Now excuse us, while we listen to DNCE’s “Cake By The Ocean” on repeat and attempt to craft our own baby doll limb necklace.


Joe Jonas’ Reaction to Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid Holding Hands Proves We Are All Joe Jonas

While today is a very good day for Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s publicists, today is not a good day for Joe Jonas. The Internet is aflutter with news that the model and former One Directioner stepped out in public holding hands, thus confirming the rumors that they are dating. And whether or not the relationship is a well-constructed PR scam, the handholding is very, very real.

This earth-shattering news comes just one month after Hadid’s breakup with Jonas, who, despite being super hot and mega rich, felt the burn just like any regular dude would. No, the singer and I are not pals, though I would totally be besties with Joe Jonas, so how do I know this? Because Jonas did exactly what you or I or any reasonable human would do upon discovering the dude he’s referred to as a member of his “squad” publically, on social media, is dating his ex: he unfollowed said ex and deleted the post in which he referred to Malik as a fellow squad member.


I’m going to argue that this is most definitely not a PR tactic, as it makes Jonas appear scorned and an all around “loser” in this very public breakup (just look at the headlines), despite having a very human reaction to what was really a dick move on Malik’s part. And yes, this all sounds very high school (especially given the repeated use of the word handholding), but the not-so-important news of Hadid and Malik’s budding romance did give way to one very important revelation: We are all Joe Jonas.

Joe Jonas Teams with Pepsi to Live for Now

Joe Jonas—middle Jonas Brother, Disney dreamboat, and solo artist in his own right—has teamed up with Pepsi as part of the brand’s first global marketing campaign called “Live for Now.” Joe joins other pop stars like Nicki Minaj, who are lending their celebrity to spread inspire others to celebrate their pop culture interests and share the things that inspire them online through a new interactive called Pepsi Pulse that lives on the brand’s website. We caught up with Joe to talk about the campaign and what inspires him to live for now. 

Let’s talk about the campaign and how you got involved. What inspired you to participate in it?
Pepsi and I have a very similar mind-frame right now—it’s living in the moment. That’s something I’ve always been really proud of, and my brothers and I pride ourselves on doing just that. This campaign’s really cool. To be able to keep up with pop culture through this platform and be able to have this amazing website where people can go it and find out awesome things that are going on, such as a new Nicki Minaj track or the return of CBGB’s… There’s all this amazing stuff that is really cool. Obviously there are many platforms like that, but this is different because you can see a lot of visuals and videos. I think it’s fantastic that you get the chance to see that other people who aren’t celebrities or musicians that are living in the moment or living for now. I think it’s really great.

So the idea of sharing musical influences is something that’s important to you? Is that how you’ve found out about music, through other people?
Yeah, I think it’s from a bunch of different things. I think social media is so incredible these days. I find out about new artists through friends, Twitter, fans, or just browsing or Pandora or Spotify. There are so many different places you can go and platforms that you can use, and it’s really exciting. I’m always up for it.

Can you name some people you’ve found recently that you really like?
Sure! Norah Jones’s new album is so great; I think she’s amazing. I think Frank Ocean is really fantastic. I love finding a new DJ, because it seems DJs are the new rock stars these days. Awolnation is pretty cool; they’re like a rock, dance band. They’re different, but it’s pretty great.

Do you go see a lot of concerts when you’re not performing yourself?
Absolutely. I feel like performing live is very vital for musicians, and then to see DJs do it live is always interesting. I went to Coachella this year like everybody else, but it’s always really fun and you’re able to check out new artists and, you know, kind of take it all in and understand even more what they’re all up to.

Do you take things that other people do on stage and incorporate it into your own act?
I get inspired and want to jump onstage right away. I feel like Gotye did a really good job live at Coachella. I saw Bruno Mars perform at the Met Ball this week, and the way he moves a crowd is so great. He just dances and has a good time and moves. It’s like a completely different event every time.

Let’s talk about the global nature of this Pepsi campaign. Do you think of pop culture as an important element globally? Seeing that people all across the world like the same music or movies?
It’s really cool to see the same interests in other artists and what they listen to every day, or to or even find out about things that are going on within the world of pop culture. I was looking at the site today and I had no idea some of the stuff I was reading, like, Wow, I didn’t know that this person was in this movie, or there’s already going to be a second Avengers. It’s so hard to just keep up to date and I’m always trying to do that. It’s nice to have a platform like that where it’s easier to find things because of what people are sharing. I like Twitter and I look at trending topics, but sometimes it’s just a bunch of jokes that people are making.

It’s mostly memes.
Yeah, like, put this word in front of a movie title. That’s not what I want to be educated with. So it’s nice to get everything delivered to you at once.

What kind of things have you shared with other people in the same context?
I think probably lately, it’s always music. I just saw the The Avengers movie and that thought it was fantastic, so I’ve been tweeting about that a lot. Anytime I find a new artist or something I really like I want to share it with my fans, so it’s really exciting to have that platform to share it with my audience.

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● Joe Jonas checked into the emergency room at Children’s Hospital L.A., complaining of stomach pains seemingly related to his hard partying two night’s prior in Chicago. [TMZ]

● NYU film professor José Angel Santana says that he got fired for giving James Franco, who made it to only 2 of their 14 "Directing the Actor II" classes, a D grade. Santana, who is taking the issue to court, argues that the school has "bent over backwards" for Franco, and that "they’ve turned the NYU graduate film degree into swag for James Franco’s purposes, a possession, something you can buy.” [NYP]

James Bond producer Michael G. Wilson is hoping to keep Daniel Craig around for at least 5 more movies, a run that would make him the longest serving James Bond. [People UK]

● Some people can’t get any luck: dancehall legend Vybz Cartel, who is currently facing two counts of murder and drug charges to boot, has been orderd by a judge to pay $15 million in damages for a concert he skipped out on back in 2009. [Jamaica Gleaner]

● Lana Del Rey will maybe get to play all three of her songs, retro-glam and few as they are, when she makes her television debut on Saturday Night Live on January 14th. [Pitchfork]

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● While out dancing in Paris, Evan Rachel Wood took an accidental elbow to the face and lost a tooth. TMZ’s got a photo of said tooth to prove it. [TMZ] ● We were definitely jealous when we heard that Ryan Gosling took Eva Mendes to Disney land for a lovey-dovey, smoochy day at the “Happiest Place On Earth.” But now we hear that he’s taken, like, all these other girls there, too. There’s still hope for us. [Huff Post] ● Queen of the dead-eyed reality stars, Audrina Partridge, says now that her show is over she would love to be in…a period piece? ““I would love to get dressed up in costumes and talk in an accent and film in another country,” Partridge told The Daily. [The Daily]

Joe Jonas Pelted With Nerf Balls at Paper Magazine Party

Joe Jonas, the middle JoBro, opened for Swizz Beatz at a Paper magazine party in Williamsburg last week – and hipsters threw things at him. According to Gatecrasher, party guests “pelted him with mini-basketballs and greeted his performance with a mixture of derision and stony silence.” It all sounds pretty awkward! And you’d think these people could at least ironically enjoy a Jonas brother’s set.

In retrospect, the whole gig might have been ill-advised. First of all, what was Joe Jonas doing performing for hipsters in Williamsburg? Second, why was everyone at that party such an asshole? And third, how does Gatecrasher justify describing the crowd at a Paper magazine party as “hard-core”?

Jonas was reportedly reduced to hollering “How you guys doing tonight? Let’s have fun! Lemme see them drinks in the air!” which, if he was Justin Timberlake, would work, but he’s not. But kudos to the 21-year-old JoBro for trying, at least. To add insult to injury, Swizz, who went on after him, had “the room jumping and singing along.”

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● Kristin Cavallari formally apologized for introducing Heidi Montag to Spencer Pratt. [CelebrityGossip] ● “Tardy for the Party,” the long-awaited single from Kim Zolciak — everyone’s favorite wig- wearing Atlanta housewife — has been yanked from iTunes due to Zolciak being tardy in paying her producer. [E!] ● Joe Jonas doesn’t see divorce in the future with soon-to-be wife Danielle Deleasa, but if that were to happen he’s made her sign a pre-nup to protect his Disney millions. [JustJaredJr]