Where Celebs Go Out: Ed Norton, Tim Blake Nelson, Steve Earle

At the Leaves of Grass premiere: 1. Ed Norton: “Blue Hill — anything at Blue Hill. I like this little joint in the East Village called Joe Doe.” 2. Steve Earle: “Babbo is every bit as good as it’s cracked up to be. And A.O.C. is a favorite of ours, which is a French restaurant on Bleecker Street. The duck confit at A.O.C. is the best in the city.”

3. Allison Moorer: “We’ve been doing this like go out to dinner a lot lately, so we won’t think about, ‘When is the baby going to come?’ So we went to Union Square Café last night, which is fantastic. I’m vegetarian. I had this incredible ricotta gnocchi, which I think is a regular item on the menu.We just went to Babbo Monday night, which is great. Our neighborhood is ridiculously good for food.” 4. Josh Pais: “One of my favorite restaurants is called Westville. It’s on West 10th Street, between Bleecker and West 4th. The guy, Jay, is the owner. He’s a good friend of mine. It’s like so well priced. They have the best burger in the city. I’m not kidding. I am not kidding. The food is so fresh. It’s a great place.” 5. Lucy DeVito: “I really like Gobo which is on Sixth Avenue. It’s a vegetarian place. I like Milos. It’s like uptown. It’s Greek food, really nice fish, and I love feta cheese and the fresh vegetables and everything. What else? Oh, Frankies. I live in Brooklyn, so I go to Frankies. It’s on Court Street, and it’s really good Italian food. It’s so good.” 6. Melanie Lynskey: “I really got obsessed with that restaurant, Quality Meats, on 58th Street. It’s super good. I only eat fish. I don’t eat meat, so I don’t know why I love it so much. They have this amazing halibut there, and they have this crazy thing which is like a brulee’d corn dish, which is the most delicious thing you’ve ever eaten in your life.” 7. Tim Blake Nelson: “I like Nicola’s, and Medeo in L.A.”

At the Man-O-Manischewitz Cook-Off: 8. Jacques Pepin: “From the French Culinary Institute in New York, because it’s one of the greatest values, to Daniel’s new restaurant in Houston — I forget the name. The menu of the students at the French Culinary Institute is the best and quite inexpensive. Everything has to be fresh, morning and night. The morning crew and the night crew can’t use the same stock. We may have the best bread in New York — short of being in Paris, the best baguettes. Go there. They’ll give you one. DBGB has different sausage and peasant food — it’s a great spot. From this to the Union League Cafe in New Haven. I live in Connecticut. One of the best restaurants in Connecticut — that goes to Clam Castle in Madison, Connecticut, where you get the lobster roll — one of those joints on the road.”

The Young & Hungry Arrive on NYC’s Culinary Scene

It brings a fuzzy feeling to our hearts to see former interns who use the skills acquired at BlackBook to actually do something meaningful with their lives like, you know, marry Mandy Moore. So last night, we were brought to near tears when our own Jena Steinbach hosted the SoHo launch party of her newish gastronomically inclined website The Young and Hungry.

Y&H is a grassroots endeavor started by four former NYU students, who, according to their website, moved to Manhattan seeking an “alternative to frat parties and gin buckets.” The website is their outlet to share with you all the best New York has to offer in good (and more importantly, inexpensive) food. But the site’s founders and contributors, which include Steinbach, Frankie Celenza (also the talented host of the web cooking series Frankie Cooks), Seth Kallen, and Madeline Warren, enjoy expanding their minds as well as their stomachs. The site combines their culinary passions with their artistic pursuits, often seamlessly. A recent interview with the band Passion Pit asked them not the overused default music questions (“What inspires you?”), but instead questions like, “What do you usually order at a Chinese restaurant?” When they interviewed writer Jonathan Safran Foer, it was about his grocery habits and what kinds of juice he likes to drink.

Yesterday, a freight elevator — the same one Diane Lane and Oliver Martinez defiled in Unfaithful — opened up in Celenza’s loft, which was packed with stylish kids who looked fittingly young and came appropriately hungry. Y&H managed to recruit a slew of artisans in the New York culinary scene to cater the event, including Van Leeuwen ice cream and The Brooklyn Salsa Company. By the time we got there, the macaroni and cheese and fried chicken from Mama’s Food Shop were long gone, but we did get to sample the fresh Veev-cured scallops from self-described “aggressive American” restaurant JoeDoe. Y&H also used their burgeoning influence to strong-arm Kayne Konecny, the first-place winner of the Brooklyn Beer Experiment’s homebrew competition, to craft a special ale just for them — mysteriously called Squirrel Tail. They also projected a 90-second clip of the best of Frankie Cooks and You Can, Too, and as Simon Cowell would put it, this kid has “it.” As we were leaving, we noticed that Jena was getting a little boozy off of what was probably her 50th beer, but hey, the girl’s earned it.

Photo by Hannah Heinrich.