Sundance Hit ‘The Way, Way Back’ Looks to Break New Records

Fox Searchlight has had quite a year. Between Beasts of the Souther Wild, Sound of My Voice, The Sessions, and now their latest Sundance hit, The East, the company is setting a standard in distribution, putting out films that deserve to be seen and heard with the backing of a company who can provide a home for the artists behind them. And with some of the most talked about films of the year having had their premieres this weekend at Sundance, distributors are chomping at the bit to obtain their festival favorites Yesterday, Relativity Media broke records with their acquisition of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon’s Addiction for a staggering $4 million dollar price—unusual for a Sundance feature. But now it looks like Fox Searchlight is about to one up them—set to pay a hefty $10 million for The Way, Way Back. From the writers of The Descendants Nat Faxon and Jim Rash in his directorial debut, the film is an eccentric coming-of-age story starring Sam Rockwell, Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Maya Rudolph, and Rob Corddry. Here’s what critics are saying about it thus far:

But the biggest reason people might be talking about The Way, Way Back for a long time — and quoting it ad nauseum — is Rockwell, who simply pulls off the best Meatballs/Stripes/Ghostbusters-era Bill Murray since the legend himself. (EW)

In terms of production value, "The Way, Way Back" looks great as it is, reminiscent of the similarly sweet-and-sour "Little Miss Sunshine" (on which Carell and Collette previously collaborated), though that film certainly made more of its signature vehicle. (Variety)

Despite the familiarity of this setup, Way Back is a charmer, putting refreshingly little emphasis on Duncan’s romantic needs and allowing family melodrama to erupt and simmer down without pat resolution. Like a kid who gets a free summer in an exclusive beach town and chooses to spend his days manning a chlorine-and-concrete water park, it knows when not to take the obvious route. (The Hollywood Reporter)



Of Course the ‘Community’ Season Premiere Is ‘Hunger Games’-Themed

So Community was supposed to premiere in the fall along with the rest of the NBC comedy lineup, including such gems as Animal Practice and that new show with Matthew Perry. But then the premiere got delayed and the cast made that video about how every day is October 19th that ended up as a bunch of gifsets and then Chevy Chase peaced out. But it seemed for a minute as though Community would never come back, leaving in its wake a bunch of pop culture references and sad Troy/Abed shippers. 

But Community is, in fact, coming back for a fourth season, and soon. And as the season premiere trailer revealed, of course it’s a send-up of another popular pop culture thing. So what do we have? Will they top a video game, a weird Pulp Fiction/My Dinner With André mashup and a Ken Burns Civil War documentary with a Wes Anderson film-esque episode? A ’90s flashback episode with Dean-an and Kel? The episode where we find out what happened to Pierce? Nope—unsurprisingly, Community is kicking off its fourth season with a Hunger Games episode. In "The Hunger Deans," which features Jim Rash’s Dean Pelton sporting an outfit akin to Katniss Everdeen’s "Girl On Fire" dress and being wheeled in by shirtless men dressed as unicorns, a registration system hack at Greendale leads to an all-out battle royale for spots in the coveted "History of Ice Cream" class. Because duh, what else would it possibly be? Although hasn’t Community kind of already done the registration battle royale thing before with the paintball episodes? This seems like oddly familiar territory. 

Community returns on Thursday, February 7th, but in the meantime, watch the preview clip below, and may the deans be ever in your favdean.