Fashion Week Has Taken Over NYC

Fashion Week is all around us and I just love the way it conveniently ends at Valentine’s Day. I am a romantic and will concentrate on making next Thursday wonderful. This week, the most fabulous clubs, bars, and lounges are swelling with the most fabulous people. Fashion Week and that pesky Groundhog signify the near end of the cold, economically-incorrect winter. The top-tier patrons will jet off to exotic lands for a minute, chasing the fashion – but the thaw is coming. The spring, where every club cleans up both literally and in cash, looms. Starving stylists are flush this week and even the C-rated models that promoters exploit can be seen working.

As DJs are in high demand, even I have a busy schedule. I will be DJing tonight at Hotel Chantelle and Saturday at the Empire Hotel Fashion Week party, which I did last year as well. Tuesday I am at Toy for a fabulous Fashion Week event hosted by BlackBook, which I will detail on Monday. Wednesday I am at EVR early for an after-work soiree. Thursday I will paint the town red for Valentine’s, surely ending up at Marquee for the opening night of Susanne Bartsch’s and Patricia Fields Valentine’s Day Ball. This is the premiere of Susanne’s game-changing Catwalk Party.

Of note, long-time absent DJ/headliner Sister Dimension returns for this gala. All the unusual suspects will gather, including  that bon vivant Paul Alexander, Michael Fragoso, Marco Ovando, Jordon, Jessica Love, and all sorts of accessorized etceteras and other denizens of the night. Patricia Fields is busy. She will be celebrating her birthday at the launch of Christina Visca’s T@TOY this Sunday from 6pm to 10pm. DJ royalty Johnny Dynell, Louie Vega ,and Lady Bunny will do it up. Toy is at the Hotel Gansevoort on 9th Ave. and 13th St.

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I Love Inked Magazine Cover Girl Jessica Love

The timeless, the amazing, the beautiful, the one and only (they’re not making any more of her, and people try every night) Susanne Bartsch will host tonight’s Inked magazine release party for their Horror Issue. The magazine’s cover girl, the absolutely brilliant Jessica Love, will host. Jessica is a regular at the banned-on-Ludlow-but-embraced-on-Bowery weekly Wednesday Dorian Gray party brought to you by Kayvon Zand. The Bowery Electric is the new home for that never-to-be-missed soiree. Tonight, Susanne’s gala is at the Soho Grand’s Clubroom. Amanda Lepore will be on hand as well. The intimate setting of the Clubroom is perfect for the every-night-is-Halloween set. It doesn’t get better than this.

First, I will have to attend (I mean no one is twisting my arm…I want to attend,) the Cut Teeth group art show at 9 Great Jones Street. It’s “A group art show mining the scenes that artists, in their youth, immersed themselves in and came of age out of.”  Contributing artists include John ‘bloodclot’ Joseph reading from his autobiography Evolution of a Cro-Mag, Bast, Ricky Powell, Sara Rahbar, Othelo Gervacio, Erik Foss, Elle, Icy & Sot, and Leo Fitzpatrick. Dominic Chianese will host. I think that’s junior as opposed to Junior Soprano. Either way, that’s hot.

It’s great to hear that Aramis Zitu Alexander is hosting Fashion Industry Tuesdays at Fig & Olive, 420 West 13th Street. He is a class act and deserves the best. Fig & Olive is a beautiful room and I’m sure he will do well. It somehow has that old-school Serafina vibe. The space, the location, the player… Tuesday night… It just feels right.