Jesse Jo Stark’s Stylish “Baby Love” Video Debut

Today the rad and gorgeous Jesse Jo Stark releases her highly anticipated EP, Down Your Drain. We were lucky enough to be the first to check out her stylish new music video, “Baby Love,” and chat with her about her musical inspirations, artistic versatility, and experience working with directors Olivia Malone and Gia Coppola.

Daughter of Laurie Lynn and Richard Stark, owners of luxury lifestyle brand Chrome Hearts, Jesse Jo prides herself on being a clothing designer as well as a musician. “Fashion is in my blood,” Jesse Jo told us, “It’s something that will always be close to my heart.” But with the release of her new EP, she’s been focusing more on her music.

Jesse Jo’s singer-songwriter inspirations range from Loretta Lynn to Alice Cooper, and Down Your Drain showcases her diverse lyrical range: her vocals are a refreshing fusion of soulful country twang and sultry rock swagger. While nothing is confirmed yet, Jesse Jo said she’d love to do a full record eventually. Regardless, she said she’ll be releasing another body of work mid-2015, be it an EP or otherwise.

In addition to her swooning windpipes, Jesse Jo also has a magnetic screen presence, as evidenced by the “Baby Love” music video. Her eyes pierce through the glamour of her surroundings and reveal a sensitive, almost spiritual longing. To get the look she wanted for the video, Jesse Jo said she was inspired by her “obsession” with ‘50s music, film, and fashion, citing John Waters’ Cry-Baby and classic Hitchcock movies.

Director Olivia Malone (DP of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop”) said she wanted to create a character for Jesse Jo that paid homage to films they both love – films that capture the “spirit of bad ass kids”. The 23-year old singer and songwriter said that Malone was able to get her “out of her comfort zone” and embraced her “quirks” while shooting. “I wanted all the set ups to feel like amazing still photographs coming alive,” Malone said, “and for the cinematography to be loose and hand held in order to feel modern and youthful.”

When asked about her role in Gia Coppola’s Palo Alto, Jesse Jo said it was “horrifying”, claiming she’s “actually a really shy person,” but nevertheless interested in the process of filmmaking. “I’m never opposed to anything. I like to dabble,” she said in response to being asked if she would ever consider acting again.

Enjoy the sweet and sexy new video from Jesse Jo Stark’s brand new, catchy EP Down Your Drain.