The Man Repeller’s Shopbop Wish List

Another Shopbop wish list from their “Fashion Insider” series has popped up, and this time it’s with Leandra Medine, the mastermind behind the desexifying fashion revolution, The Man Repeller. Coining terms like “Yeshiva Chic” and “Birth Control Glasses,” we really had no choice but to become absolutely addicted to the 21-year-old’s hilarious take on the latest trends. For those of us wanting to expand our anti-guy-arousing wardrobe, check out her wish list here, which includes gems like the See by Chloe Quilted Cape, the Jenni Kayne Leather T-Shirt, and the LNA Open Elbow Long Dress.

This Charlotte Ronson Pleated Ruffle Dress she also picked is questionably pretty, but it’s nothing a little awkward layering can’t fix.

The Era of the Slouchy Pant Has Arrived

“This season will bring an influx of relaxed pants, which makes tons of sense because the fashion industry can’t have you wearing all those leggings you spent thousands of dollars on this season again next season,” The Cut projected earlier this week, referencing a talk they’d had with Neiman Marcus’ senior VP and fashion director Ken Downing. And so far at New York Fashion Week, the trend has shown itself to be alive and well. I first spotted the fruits of the leisure pant phenomenon at a presentation last night from Jenni Kayne, the LA-based designer beloved of Hollywood starlets. Alongside leather and canvas creations, Kayne presented an exceedingly wearable, less extreme take on this past year’s ubiquitous drop-crotched trousers (pictured above).

Not to mention, during a brief stroll around Norma Kamali’s uptown shop today (where designs were going, and going fast, for $100 a pop in honor of Fashion’s Night Out), there was more than one Norma Kamali employee sporting a loose-fitting jersey harem pant in black slated to debut this Sunday when the designer shows her SS10 line at Apple’s Soho outpost. And surely not the last to embrace the loose-fitting relaxed pant for spring was Vena Cava. With a show set to a live soundtrack of the Fiery Furnaces at Milk Studios this afternoon, Vena Cava put forth quite a few sheer tops, bustier dresses, as well as the tapered-at-the-leg, loose-in-the-thigh trousers (see here) that are bound to be bountiful this coming spring.

Short Stack: Brad Pitt Photogs, Jenni Kayne Gestates, American Apparel’s Foot Fetish

● Rumor has it that Brad Pitt just photographed Angelina and the brood for W’s November issue. You may remember Brad and Angie played house for a Steve Klein photo portfolio in W’s July 2005 issue. You know, the one where Jennifer Aniston remarked that Brad was “missing a sensitivity chip.” Certainly the title “Domestic Bliss” had to rankle her.

● Don’t try looking for Jenni Kayne this Fashion Week. She won’t be able to attend her own presentation because she’s about to pop out a baby. I see a maternity and baby line in Kayne’s future.

● Is American Apparel expanding to shoes? According to this Boston Craigslist ad, it sure looks that way. They ask for people from all areas of production (design to marketing) and tell readers not to worry about the whole “downtown LA” thing.