Morning Links: Justin Bieber a Brat on C.S.I., Pippa Middleton Offered $5 Million to Star in Porn

● It’s settled: seasoned judge Paula Abdul is set to join Cheryl Cole, former Def Jam president L.A. Reid, and her old friend Simon on the bench for The X-Factor. Let’s hope that it doesn’t take as long to pick the winner as it has the judges. [AP/NYT] ● The estimated $250,000 NBC exec Jeff Zucker spent on his son’s Bar Mitzvaha got him a performance from Drake, a raw bar, an iPad station, and converse shoes for all. [Page Six] ● C.S.I. costar Marg Helgenberger thought Justin Bieber was sort of a brat. “Actually, he was really nice to me but he locked one of the producers in a closet. And he put his first through a cake,” she said, describing the behavior of just about every other 17 year-old boy we’ve ever met. [NYDN]

● According to a poll in the Sunday Times, Daniel Radcliffe is the highest-earning British actor under 30, outpacing Robert Pattinson, Kiera Knightley, and even royal brothers William and Harry with some $78 million in earnings. Young Harry! Who knew? [Digital Spy] ● Of course nothing will come of this, but nonetheless, porn director Steven Hirsch has offered Pippa Middleton $5 million to star in just one sexy scene. And he hasn’t forgotten the other swoon-worthy Middleton — he’s made a $1 million offer to brother James. Thanks, but no thanks. [TMZ] ● Journalist Sebastian Junger says he may never return to a war zone after the loss of his collaborator Tim Hetherington. “Tim took the wind out of my sails,” he says, adding that, “You’re really responsible to more people than yourself.” [HR]