Spider-Man Showdown: Which Origin Story Was Better?

By now, we’ve all had enough time to soak in the latest big-screen adaptation of Marvel’s web-slinging superhero, and the second try at depicting Spider-Man’s beginnings in nearly a decade’s time. Yet Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man adopts a different tone than Sam Raimi’s 2002 Spidey opus, which marked the first effort in an eventual trilogy. The main villain, love interest and climactic set pieces have all been updated, but most crucially, Webb casts Peter Parker in a different light this time around—instead of Tobey Maguire’s congenial good guy, we have Andrew Garfield as a brooding, whiny teenager, trying to make sense of his father’s death.

Comic book fans will debate whether or not The Amazing Spider-Man is more faithful to the Marvel Comics than Spider-Man, but our debate is more simple: which one is the better movie? Check out our critical comparison of the two cinematic beginnings of the superhero, and see which one we thought offered more overall satisfaction (Warning: heavy spoilers ahead).

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Inside ‘The Avengers’: Ten Things You Might Have Missed

If you didn’t see The Avengers in its opening weekend, you might have been the only one: the superhero mash-up scored the biggest opening weekend ever with an estimated $200.3 million in its first three days. The story of Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and co. trying to save the world from an evil alien army is a smashing crowd-pleaser, complete with big explosions, confusing scientific jargon and winks toward the Marvel diehards.

While the whizz-bang special effects and snappy screenplay of The Avengers have lit up many a multiplex in its opening weekend, a few of the most interesting cameos, voiceovers and general nuances may have slipped by its millions of onlookers. Check out these 10 fun facts about The Avengers—WARNING: major spoilers ahead!

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Twenty Years of ‘Sister Act’: An Appreciation

On May 29, 1992, Sister Act opened in the U.S., and Whoopi Goldberg was finally given the spotlight. Granted, Goldberg had become an actress to watch after playing Celie in The Color Purple in 1985, and then a household name when she won an Academy Award for her comedic masterpiece Oda Mae Brown in 1990’s Ghost. But Sister Act still is, 20 years later, Whoopi’s most indelible starring role. It’s the crowd-pleasing fish-out-of-water vehicle most actors dream of eyeing when they stroll up to the plate for a much-needed hit.

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