Who’s Your Best Dressed? Our Most Stylish Party Goers of the Week

Photo: John Salangsang/BFAnyc.com

Your favorite party-goers were white hot this week. Awards were given in Los Angeles and socialites swooned at the Cartier party in New York. Through all the fabulous gowns and daring jumpsuits we’ve narrowed down our favorite looks of the week. Who gets your vote for best dressed?

1. Gigi Hadid at the MAC Cosmetics x Prabal Gurung Launch in New York David-X-pruttingPhoto: David X Prutting/BFAnyc.com

2. Chiara Ferragni at Panthere de Cartier party in New York Panthere de CARTIER PartyPhoto: Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com

3. Hannah Bronfman at Panthere de Cartier party in New YorkPanthere de CARTIER PartyPhoto: Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com

4. Natalia Vodianova at Amex’s evening celebrating Stella McCartney in New YorkAN EVENING HONORING STELLA McCARTNEY PRESENTED BY AMERICAN EXPRESSPhoto: Joe Schildhorn/BFAnyc.com

5. Carolyn Murphy at Amex’s evening celebrating Stella McCartney in New York Joe-Schildhorn-2Photo: Joe Schildhorn/BFAnyc.com

6. January Jones at Vogue’s Toast to Jimmy Choo’s Cruise 2015 Collection in New YorkOwen-KolasinskiPhoto: Owen Kolasinski/BFAnyc.com

7. Emily Ratajkowski at the Hollywood Film Awards in L.A. 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards - ArrivalsPhoto: John Salangsang/BFAnyc.com

8. Julianne Moore at the Hollywood Film Awards in L.A. 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards - ArrivalsPhoto: John Salangsang/BFAnyc.com

9. Kristen Stewart at the Hollywood Film Awards in L.A. 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards - ArrivalsPhoto: John Salangsang/BFAnyc.com

10. Keira Knightley at the Hollywood Film Awards in L.A. 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards - ArrivalsPhoto: John Salangsang/BFAnyc.com

January Jones at the SAG Awards: “I’m Still Here, Guys!!”

It seems as if January Jones is nearly universally despised almost as much as her character on Mad Men, Betty Draper, is nearly universally despised. Since she doesn’t have much of anything else going on, it appears as if January Jones has one solid job in her life: making sure that people remember she still exists. Well, she did that last night at the SAG awards when she showed up looking like David Bowie. Ahh, yes, there’s January Jones. Ugh, don’t care for her much, do you? Well, I guess she’s still hanging around, huh? Good for her. 

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Nicolas Cage Seeks Justice in ‘Seeking Justice’

Another year, another slate of paint-by-numbers Nicholas Cage action vehicles. In Seeking Justice, he’s a man trying to take revenge for an attack on his wife, played by January Jones. A shadowy syndicate offers him the opportunity to get his vengeance nut, but the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper: he’s asked to kill a sex offender, is maybe framed for murder, and is eventually forced to go after the group he thought was helping him out. There’s as hilarious beat in the trailer when Cage comes home to find out that someone has spelled "choose" on his refrigerator with magnetic children’s letters, and the music screeches to reflect his inner paranoia. I’ll be first in line, of course. These movies are always entertaining, so why not?

Fun facts: Seeking Justice was originally titled The Hungry Rabbit Jumps, it’s produced by Tobey Maguire, and director Roger Donaldson previously helmed Dante’s Peak, the wonderful Pierce Brosnan volcano disaster flick. Consider something else: what if all these Nic Cage movies — Drive Angry, Next, Knowing, Bangkok Dangerous, etc. —  are about the same character? Much like Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name spiritually stretching across several decades and movies, Cage’s overarching archetype is a powerless, confused dude always trying to do the right thing. It makes sense if you (get preposterously stoned and) think about it. Calling all grad students! Jones is perfectly fine at playing the shook wife (really, it’s the only thing she can do) and Guy Pearce fits into any role as a vaguely evil baddie, so I’m sure it’ll be a ripping time. It opens on March 16.

‘GQ’ No Longer Likes January Jones or Barack Obama

In a near-perfect exercise of glossy magazine trolling, GQ has announced the 25 Least Influential People Alive. Among the twenty six folks the magazine has decided is worthy targets of indifference (the list includes former child actors Tia and Tamera Mowry as a single entity, which is a fun, modern twist on the Three-Fifths Compromise), the magazine is throwing some attention to people they think have too much attention! Most of them are TV and movie actors like Gwyneth Paltrow and Tila Tequila (fingers on the pulse, GQ!), which is a profession that sadly garners too much influence these days, but the magazine also throws shade at some political stars, as well. Ironically, there’s a pair of America’s sweethearts who had previously graced the covers of GQ: President Barack Obama and Mad Men’s January Jones. 

In the listicle, author Drew Magary admits that Obama might be considered "cheating." "He did order the raid that wiped Osama bin Laden off the face of the earth. But then he used that surplus of political capital to let everyone in Washington stick a boot in his ass." Hell, all of that pales in comparison to writing about famous people for a magazine! (I should know!) But The Blaze points out that Obama was featured on two previous covers; he was hailed "Leader of the Year" in 2009, and "Man of the Year" in 2008."

barack obama gq

Meanwhile, on the boring actress front, Nation correspondent Ari Melber points out on Twitter that GQ‘s mention of January Jones is a bit of a misstep since the magazine also featured her on the cover just two years ago. "Jones spent 2011 serving as human topiary in the new X-Men movie, getting knocked up, and passing every waking hour looking like someone stole her last box of Parliaments," Magary writes. January Jones is sooooo 2009.

january jones gq

Another huge mistake: mentioning Britain’s Princess Beatrice, completely forgetting her influence on haberdashery photography.

Morning Links: It’s a Boy for January Jones, Brad Pitt Didn’t Mean to Call Jen Boring

● January Jones welcomed to the world son Xander Dane Jones yesterday. So now they can get going on Mad Men, right? [People] ● Fashion Week is not all fun. At the V magazine party, Rachel Zoe lost her diamond bracelet, a girl “spurting blood” was carried out on a stretcher, and Lindsay Lohan was liable to chuck a drink — glass and all — really at any moment. [Page Six] ● Before there was Lady Gaga, there was a blond-wigged girl from New York who dropped by Kat Von D’s shop for a little ink. Now she’s a superstar and there’s this video of Kat Von D tatting-up Lady Gaga. [DailyMail]

● Good news! Outkast are on the move. L.A. Reid has taken them on to Epic Records where, hopefully, drama can be put aside and the two can get working on something new. [HipHopDX] ● Presented without comment: “Nicolas Cage awoken by naked man with Fudgesicle.” [Reuters] ● Brad Pitt didn’t mean to call Jennifer Aniston boring, he says. “The point I was trying to make is not that Jen was dull, but that I was becoming dull to myself — and that, I am responsible for.” Everybody else, however, they are mostly trying to call Jennifer Aniston boring. She can’t win, really! [THR]

Morning Links: Selena Inks ‘Justin’ On Her Wrist, January Jones Petitions for Shark Meat Ban

● Is that “Justin” on Selena’s wrist permanent ink or not? Inquiring tween minds must know – there’s revenge to plot! [Huff Post] ● James Franco bought a yarn sculpture that a 13-year-old Tumblr-using fan made in his likeness, and now the girl thinks that they are “mentally married.” [CTV] ● In his new book, Deer in the Headlights, Levi Johnston says Bristol wanted to get pregnant in revenge for her mother’s pregnancy. Johnston just went along because he was “too dumb” to use protection, amongst other things. [NYDN]

● Jeremy Piven took his three Emmys for a walk through Soho in a double-wide stroller, because he has always been more than a little crazy. (He might have been filming a skit for the Emmys.) [BWE] ● January Jones says no to shark fin soup, and hopes you will do the same. Call your governor today! [Huff Post] ● Kate Plus 8 is over and fans are “devastated,” the kids are “questioning,” and Kate Gosselin is “a little scared,” she says. Reality television lifestyle addiction is apparently a very real thing, and Kate’s public withdrawal is getting sad. [EW]

Morning Links: Kim Kardashian Moving to Brooklyn, Jon Hamm to Direct ‘Mad Men’

● Robot woman January Jones still won’t say who her baby-daddy is. [NYDN] ● Kim Kardashian and her fiance, Nets star Kris Humphries, are moving to Brooklyn. Think afternoons browsing the racks at Bird, old fashioneds at Prime Meats, and, when there are little ones, soccer games in Red Hook. “She will eat Brooklyn for lunch and go back for seconds at the Brooklyn Flea,” thinks the WSJ. [WSJ] ● American Idol star Kara DioGuardi had to be hospitalized after eating six of Paula Abdul’s pot brownies. [Huff Post]

● Shawn Carter, covert cameraman, hubby, and devout Beyoncé fan, says it best: “Sometimes you need perspective. You’ve been right in front of greatness so often that you need to step back and see it again for the first time. This is the dressing room rehearsal for American Idol. NO MICROPHONE. No effects.” [Life+Times] ● Jon Hamm is set to direct the season five premiere of Mad Men. Sounds sexy. [TVLine] ● Mark Zuckerberg has begun personally killing all the animals he eats. “He cut the throat of the goat with a knife,” a friend told Fortune, “which is the most kind way to do it.” Guess this is one way to stay grounded. [Fortune]

Why Is January Jones So Mean?

January Jones, Mad Men‘s weakest link, has become the ultimate grown-up version of the girl in high school everyone was afraid of. First there was that interview with Marie Claire UK, full of gems like “The bitches in high school were bitches because I was pretty,” and “When I talk about myself, half the time I’m lying.” She’s basically Regina George but on magazine covers. Now it turns out she was even mean to Zach Galifianakis! Why else would he “hate” to do a sex scene in a movie with her?

Galifianakis is understandably shy about performing sex scenes, but on top of that, January Jones was ice cold to him when they met. He told Shortlist, who had just informed him that Jones thinks he’s the “most naturally funny man she’d ever met”:

“If I remember correctly, she and I were very rude to each other. It was crazy. I was at a party – I’d never met her – and she was like, ‘Come sit down’. So I sit at her table, and [we] talk for ten minutes, and she goes, ‘I think it’s time for you to leave now’.

So I say, ‘January, you are an actress in a show and everybody’s going to forget about you in a few years, so fucking be nice’, and I got up and left. And she thinks that’s funny?”

Score one for Zach Galifianakis. Presumably, many actresses are equally as insufferable as Jones, but she allows herself to act like that in public; I shudder to think of how she might behave in her more unguarded moments. Looking forward to her appearance on “Between Two Ferns,” which I dearly hope will happen.

Morning Links: January Jones Is Pregnant, Kate Middleton Wed But Probably Not Pregnant

● Kate Middleton’s Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress was laced with shamrocks and roses, the Queen looked sweet in yellow, and everybody thought maid of honor Pipa looked hot — maybe too hot? William looked sharp and Harry forewent brushing his hair, but that’s his thing, right? The sun shone down on the cavalry, fun hats abounded, and everybody got their lines right. Done! [Official Royal Wedding 2011/NYM/YouTube] ● January Jones is pregnant. But is the new Duchess of Cambridge? I’m afraid January has been upstaged. [People] ● Kristen Stewart, on the other hand, “could fucking get pregnant tomorrow.” [EW]

● When a TSA official got too handsy with Susie Castillo, the former Miss USA did as outraged citizens are wont to do, making a YouTube video in which she explains, “This woman, she touched my vagina four times … I’m really, really upset that as an American I have to go through this.” [BuzzFeed] ● Last night, Chiddy Bang freestyled for 9 hours, 18 minutes, and 22 seconds to break the Guinness World Record for the longest rap in history. All nine hours are on video, if you feel the need. [Spinner] ● Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Diddy will only make appearances at grand openings from now on. [Page Six]