Links: Sara Michelle Gellar Preg Faux Pas, Mischa Barton Hospitalized

● Sarah Michelle Gellar tries to make wearing daisy-dukes-while-pregnant happen during an errand run in Los Angeles. [JustJared] ● Although MTV hasn’t played music since the millennium, they have complied a list of the Best Albums of ’09 (thus far), including everything from Grizzly Bear to Kelly Clarkson. [MTV] ● No shotgun wedding for Jamie Lynn Spears and baby daddy Casey Aldridge, as the two have called it quits. [AllieisWired]

● Simon Cowell, Kate Moss, and Topshop head Phillip Green are set to join forces to create “a global entertainment super-company [that would] rival Disney.” [TVWeek] ● Mischa Barton is currently in the hospital due to complications from oral surgery, the actress was ambulated by LA police because of the amount of pain she was in. [Rpulse] ● The trailer for Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut promises three things: a socially awkward Ellen Page, Roller Derby babes in Girl Scout costumes, and kick-ass music. [TrailerAddict]

Baby Makes Baby, Another Spears

Cultural zeitgeist/womb Jamie-Lynn Spears reportedly gave birth to a baby girl at 8:30 this morning. Hope the c-section went smoothly, James! The funnier part—what’s better than a 17-year-old “star” rocking a baby, you ask—is the URL for The National Enquirer‘s reportorial “exclusive”: Are they seducing themselves, along with the rest of middling America, with catchy headlines? Celebrity! Crisis! Um, we read the story, and it does nothing more than suggest Spears had a baby. At 8:30. In Mississippi. Crisis! In other news, “240 lb. Kirstie Collapses!”