The Kills Release ‘Icy, Paranoid’ Video for ‘Siberian Nights’

The Kills have been rolling out an impressive range of visuals for their highly anticipated, forthcoming sixth studio album Ash & Icefirst with lead single, “Doing It To Death,” and following with, “Heart of a Dog.” Ahead of Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart’s comeback on June 3, the collaborative duo has shared a third music video, this time for buzz single, “Siberian Nights.”

According to director/actor Giovanni Ribisi (Lost in Translation, Boiler Room, Avatar), he directed this video to reflect Hince’s “icy, paranoid” lyrics, which muse about the musician’s solo journey on the infamous Trans-Siberian Express:

“I’ve always looked at videos from a cultural perspective whether it’s about a single, cultural event or some facet of the band,” Ribisi said. “Over the course of making this video, what was there evolved into being something more abstract. However, during its early conception, I was enamored with a John Houston film called The Misfits. Ernst Haas was there during the making of it, taking photographs. His pictures were some of the many references for the video.” Watch, below:

The Kills Take the Stage in a New Photo Exhibit and Book

British/American rock duo The Kills just celebrated ten years together earlier in 2012. Now, selected moments from that decade have been compiled in a new book, Dream & Drive, from photographer Kenneth Cappello. Through this weekend, photographs from the book are on display at New York City’s Milk Gallery.

It’s an intimate look at a band that’s always accompanied their razor-sharp songs with an aggressive sense of cool, featuring raw, candid portraits taken both on and off-stage. Yesterday, Milk opened the exhibit with a Q&A with The Kills’ Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince and Cappello, who has followed the band for the better part of its career. The trio talked about the early days in their careers and the origins of their relationship, as well as the compilation of Dream & Drive. Here’s to ten more years.

The Dream & Drive exhibit runs through August 19. Milk Gallery is located at 450 W. 15th St.

FashionFeed: Planet Blue Parties in the USA, Kate Moss Weds in the UK

● Planet Blue’s “Party in the USA” look book arrives just in time for the patriotic weekend. [Planet Blue] ● Kate Moss looks ever the blissful bride in her custom John Galliano dress. Jamie Hince wears a suit by YSL’s Stefano Pilati. [Grazia] ● Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s monthly fashion club, StyleMint, launched today. Watch the intro video and create your style profile ASAP – it’s actually kind of fun. [Olsens Anonymous]

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Kate Moss Wedding

The only thing Kate Middleton and Kate Moss have in common is that they’re both English and have the same initials (Middleton’s name is really Catherine, but still). Otherwise, they’re on opposite sides of the royal spectrum. While Moss might not actually hold a noble title, she’s definitely the queen of fashion and, if her musician exes have anything to do with it, rock ‘n’ roll, too. That’s why she’s pulling all the stops for her $800,000 wedding to the Kills‘ Jamie Hince. Styleite has rounded up all the nuptial details, from the guests (John Galliano and Jagger) to the food and beverages (bbq and vodka). Read on for the highlights.

The Photographer: Mario Testino. Do we smell a Vogue exclusive?

The Guest List: John Galliano, Daphne Guinness, Vivienne Westwood, Naomi Campbell, Sir Philip Green, Jude Law, Jade Jagger, and more.

The Food and Beverages: “We’ve read that the menu will include barbecue and a full array of vegan and vegetarian meals for Hince (who doesn’t eat meat),” reports Styleite. The menu will also include the favored recipes of her notable musician friends, like “Keith Richards’ shepherd’s pie, Steve Tyler’s thai curry and Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie’s sausage and mash.” She’s also flying in staff from the Ritz Carlton in Paris to help her serve the food and “truckloads of vodka, champagne, and Red Bull.”

The Reception: Performances include Snoop Dogg, Carl Barat (who used to be in the Libertines with Moss’ ex, Pete Doherty), Beth Ditto, Iggy Pop and Dame Shirley Bassey. If listening to top artists in an intimate environment isn’t your thing, Moss will also be leading an amateur karaoke session.

The Gift Bags: “So far, she’s gotten Mulberry and a few cosmetics brands to put things in the bags,” Styleite reveals. “She also organized a beauty tent on the grounds of Moss’s house, where guests will be able to get their nails done and have a massage.” Wow.

Now all we need is the dress designer (John Galliano?) and what channel the wedding will be on (fingers crossed).

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● A major Indonesian pop star has to spend 3 1/2 years in prison because a sex tape he made ended up on the internet. That sounds totally bogus. Does anyone know where we can inspect the evidence? [ONTD] ● The big news out of Egypt today is that Jennifer Aniston revealed to Oprah that she chose a role on Friends over one on SNL, a demonstration of the good decision-making skills she left at the door when she signed on for The Bounty Hunter. [E!] ● Kate Moss might be marrying her boyfriend, Kills frontman Jamie Hince. Wait, did you hear that? It’s the sound of Pete Doherty being too fucked up to care. [PageSix]

Kate Moss Parties in Her Closet, While Jamie Hince Steals Her PJs

Supermodel turned mogul Kate Moss is notoriously press shy. But thanks to her ongoing design collaboration with Topshop and a newly launched perfume, Vintage (her fourth), Moss has plenty to push. She sat down with the Guardian recently to talk shop, as well as dish on her boyfriend (The Kills’ Jamie Hince) borrowing her clothes. “‘Feature sleeves!’ she squeals. ‘Floaty things! Sexy things! That kimono feeling!’,” she says of her fourth collection for Topshop (which, sadly for many shoppers will be smaller and more expensive with “more £100 dresses and limited edition jackets”). The line will also include bedclothes for the first time, perhaps since Hince keeps stealing Moss’ own. Of her Hong Kong custom-made pajamas, Moss says, “Jamie lived in that pajama top all summer.”

Apparently Moss’ complete clothing collection takes up three wardrobes, which she recently paid someone to come organize and document via Polaroid and archive (museum exhibition, Ms. Moss? Please?). Moss adds, “I’ve had a couple of parties there, in my dressing room.” But, at the end of the day, Moss is quick to end any suspicion with regard to her sentimentality about clothing. “You don’t get precious about clothes when you’re in fashion. You know. Easy come.” She’s also quick to take a swipe at popular culture’s obsession with celebrity: “I don’t like being famous, no. It … encroaches on your life. A lot.”

The Kills Wreak Havoc at Our Office

With scant time until their performance at New York’s Webster Hall, Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart of The Kills pay BlackBook a visit to wreak creative havoc on our office walls. Photography by Victoria Will.

This is like art school, when you have five minutes to do some massive project,” says the Kills’ Alison “VV” Mosshart, sitting cross-legged on the floor, considering the murder of black-and-white skull prints by her side. When invited to cover a wall inside the BlackBook office using any materials they wanted, she and bandmate Jamie “Hotel” Hince had very specific requirements — white construction paper, string, black paint — but this came as a surprise: “We need photocopies of various skulls — maybe 25-50 — scientific looking, not cartoonish, and some shit wigs: blond, black, brown long-haired wigs.”

“I had no idea what we were going to do with all of this stuff,” confesses Mosshart, the lead vocalist for lo-fi rock’s answer to Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, whose love for painting and photography was passed down from her art-teacher mother. “Skulls represent rock,” says Hince, the mock-snarl on his face summoning a young Alice Cooper. “It’s so cliché but true. When you go to a bar in a different country, just go to the one with the skulls on it.” The wigs, which are chopped up and carefully pasted on top of painted skulls as intricate up ’dos and side-ponies, weren’t, however, chosen without reason: Mosshart keeps most of her own hair, tying locks together and placing them in frames. “Next time you see Jamie,” she says, laughing through the cigarette angled between her lips, “he’s going to have hair like this one with the awful mohawk.” His hair pulled back, Hince adds, “We might actually come back to get one of these for a record cover.”


Both musicians consider themselves collectors, but Mosshart clarifies: “I collect for the money.” Her showcase piece is a painting by Don Van Vliet, more widely known to music fans by his pseudonym, Captain Beefheart. At his home, Hince covets a print by Peter Blake, the British pop artist who designed the album cover for the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. “He gave me an amazing screen-print of Chuck Berry for my birthday,” says Hince. “I nearly fell over.”

Though he attended Goldsmiths, University of London — a highly regarded arts institute — Hince studied playwriting. “But I’ve always done painting and photomontage,” he says. “The way you do art really changes, though, when you’re in a band and touring.” Life has certainly kept busy for the two of them since the release of 2008’s garage-noir sensation, Midnight Boom; in addition to the Kills, Mosshart now fronts the Dead Weather alongside Jack White (see page 32), while Hince has his hands full shielding girlfriend Kate Moss from the flashing bulbs of feverish paparazzi. “There are people sitting outside of my house when Jamie’s not even there,” says Mosshart. “It’s horrible because it’s horrible for him. He’s sad. People make him look like a clown all the time, and that’s not who he is.”

Two hours, 13 painted, bewigged skulls and more than a few cigarettes later, Mosshart and Hince hang their last framed piece on our previously white office wall. Packing his bag, Hince says, “The great thing is that they’re not real skulls anymore. But the skulls are still there, underneath… just like real life.” They sign and date the wall in bright red paint before heading to the elevator. With a quick glance at their work before stepping out onto the frenzied sidewalks of New York, Hince says, smiling, “Pencils down!”




The Kills recently released the EP Black Balloon, and will soon reissue their 2003 debut album Keep on Your Mean Side.

Art supplies courtesy Pearl Paint, 308 Canal St, New York, NY (212) 431-7932.

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● Zooey Deschanel is engaged to AFI’s Hunter Burgan — scratch that, it’s Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard. Congrats. [MTV] ● Who’s a closet smoker? Three celebs you never knew smoked. [DailyNews] ● Giorgio Armani flaunts his Speedo bod in St. Barts. [JustJared]

The Kills Live From Abbey Road

Last week we featured an interview with MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden about his August 14 appearance on the Sundance Channel’s Live From Abbey Road. In keeping with our insatiable infatuation with the Beatles’ famed studio and those who inhabit it, here’s The Kills’ guitarist (and Kate Moss paramour) Jamie Hince on what it was like performing in within those hallowed sound-proof walls, the origin of his and singer Alison Mosshart’s off-kilter pseudonyms, and the trouble with overexposure.

How did it feel recording in Abbey Road? They make you feel really at home there, and the stage is pretty amazing. We’ve mastered records there before but never recorded them in the actual studio. It’s a pretty awe-inspiring place I think. It just kind of takes you with it. There wasn’t anything at all awkward or anything like that. It’s just a kind of immense room and you just get on with it really. I live just around the corner from it. Every time I walk past it, there’s always tons of people outside, taking pictures. The wall outside is always covered in graffiti, and they paint over it, and it just gets signed on again and again and again. So it’s like a monument. You get that feeling, when you’re walking inside there, that you’re walking into something magical that means a lot to a lot of people. You can’t avoid it really. The actual studio where you record, they haven’t changed that room very much, so it’s kind of weird to think of all those people who were there all that time ago. I’m a sucker for that … I love all that stuff.

Do you think being on “Live From Abbey Road” will help your career? I don’t really know. I don’t really care about exposure or popularity or anything. There’s not many tasteful music shows around anymore. Everything’s kind of geared up by popularity and money … . Music ends up appealing to the lowest common denominator and just being kind of cheesy. The “Abbey Road” thing is a really sort of tasteful show. Probably won’t stay on the air very long because of it.

Are you weary of getting too popular, or would you welcome the exposure? It’s just doing what we want. I think if you’re in a band, and you don’t care about being the biggest band in the world, and you don’t care about exposure, and all that sort of stuff … I think that really kind of starts people. I don’t want to start something I’m really not invested in. I don’t care about all the tricks that would maybe make me sell another thousand records. That’s the sort of stuff that makes me not want to be a band.

Do you write your songs together as a band ? A song comes about in any way we could possibly get one. We don’t really have a formula. There’s no routine. It’s really any way possible. Sometimes it starts with me making a drumbeat, or sometimes it comes from lyrics, sometimes we write together, sometimes we write apart. Just any way at all really.

Can you tell me how you got the names “VV” and “Hotel”? Right at the beginning we were squatting in this house in south London, which we’d sit in pretty much 24 hours a day just writing music, having all day practices and stuff. We didn’t have any money, so we couldn’t go out or anything. We were just a two-person social group that just drank wine and talked about taking over the world. At that time we had no idea we were ever going to be a proper band and get a record deal. So it was just a silly kind of gesture really. It was going to be a ground zero and we were going to start again and we decided we were going to rename each other. We came up with the stupidest names. It was just kind of drunk, never thinking it would ever come back to haunt us.