Gillian Anderson and the Would-Be James Bonds

Gillian Anderson as James Bond? The English bred actor, of The X-Files and the BBC’s The Fall (and the current star of Broadway’s Streetcar Named Desire), has been thrown in the ring as a contender for the next wave of Bond films, thanks to a poster twirling around Twitter (above). She tweeted “It’s Bond, Jane Bond. Thanks for all the votes. (And sorry, don’t know who made poster but I love it!) #NextBond.” There’s already a petition to make this happen. As of this writing, 6,368 people have signed it.

Before we spill our lemon peel martinis and invite the fanboy wrath, it’s important to note that Idris Elba (The Wire, Luther, Beasts of No Nation) has endured rampant speculation for years about courting or being courted for the role once Daniel Craig steps aside (which he might despite being offered 68 million euros for two more films). White Brit Tom Hiddleston’s name has also been thrown in the mix, but it’s Jamie Bell (of dancey pants “Billy Elliot” fame) that’s most recently been in talks for the role. Given young Bell’s resemblance to Craig, it suggests the franchise may be taken into origin story territory.

Of both Anderson and Elba, Scott Mendelson smartly writes “I would rather (if I have to chose just one option) see these actors not fighting for one would-be action franchise but rather getting their own action franchises on (relatively) equal footing as the 007 series.” This rings more sensible, given that our nostalgia for Bond my be akin to our nostalgia for a lot of things that are bad for us that we still cling to, like misogyny and overdone franchises.

File this with the stacks of arguments for women and minorities to be given equal screen representation, in case Anderson and Elba’s charisma alone isn’t reason enough to give them their own iconic characters to play. Hell, we could even make them a team. If we’re going to have franchises, shouldn’t they be led by actors we can fall head over heels for? You can’t separate Indiana Jones from Harrison Ford, but years from now our current franchises and their shoe-fillers will be forgotten.


See the First Image from Lars von Trier’s ‘Nymphomaniac’

Without a wealth of knowledge on the project—save a brief synopsis and some photos of the cast looking appropriately somber—the follow up to Lars von Trier’s end of the world ballet Melancholia, the psycho-erotic drama Nymphomaniac, has topped my list of anticipated films for the next year. And today we’re given a first look, albiet slight. The still from the film features von Trier muse Charlotte Gainsbourg lying helpless, injured after being attacked in a snowy back alley. Nymphomaniac focuses on her character and unfolds in eight chapters, as Shia LaBeouf, Jamie Bell, Stacy Martin, Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe, Connie Nielsen, Udo Kier and Jean-Marc Barr rotate in and out of the picture.

In an interview for Melancholia, Lars spoke about working on his next project and the influence of beginning to read again:

It’s an interesting point why the hell films have to be so stupid! Why do all lines have to be about something? A plot. when books have a red thread, they only brush it momentarily….Whereas a film is completely tied to the plot. Even a Tarkovsky film has nowhere near the same depth as a novel. It could be fun to take some of the novel’s qualities—even that they talk nineteen to the dozen, which is what I like in Dostoyevsky—and include that. 

It’s interesting to think how this would factor into his own writing, translating his next film into something even more powerful. Moving onto talking directly about Nymphomaniac or his second title option, Shit in the Bedsore, he went onto say that,  "But it’s no fun if they’re just humping away all the time…then it’ll just be a porn flick."


To go a little more in depth, Nymphomaniac is a "wild and poetic story of a woman’s erotic journey from birth to age 50 as told my the main character." Gainsbourg plays Joe, the self-diagnosed nymphomaniac whon, on a cold winter’s evening, meets the old, charming bachelor Seligman (played by Skarsgard). After finding Joe in an alley, Seligman brings her home where he "cares for her wounds while asking her about her life." As he listens, the eight chapters unfold as she recounts the "lushly branched-out  and multi-faceted story of her life, rich in associations, and interjecting incidents.

‘Tintin’ Star Jamie Bell Gives Us His Ultimate Playlist

Music buff is a little strong. I am a music enthusiast,” explains Jamie Bell, erstwhile Billy Elliot and star of Steven Spielberg’s motion-capture masterwork The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn. But that’s an understatement. When the 25-year-old English actor, who also stars in heist thriller Man on a Ledge, sounds off on a dozen of his favorite songs, he can’t help but show his excitement. “I’m a very eclectic dude, so I thought I’d toss in a bit of new shit with a little bit of old shit.” And he says he’s not a music buff?

AWOLNATION, “Sail” – Fucking amazing song. I would recommend playing this at night, while driving fast with the windows down and the music loud. I’m not saying you should break any laws, but that’s how you’re going to get the most pleasure from this music. It’s a composition with a very heavy grunge bass line. Very sexy. If you’re not in a car, you might want to make love while listening to it.

Glasvegas, “Go Square Go” – This song is anthemic. It builds to an amazing, climactic crescendo. James Allan’s voice is unbelievable and he’s Scottish, so, hello!

Salem, “Sick” –  This song is kind of dark, like music from a psychiatric ward. It’s almost like a demonic voice. The album as a whole is incredible. I just heard the group for the first time this year, only a couple of months ago. There’s another song on the album called “Trap Door” that’s also amazing.

Kasabian, “Fire” – This song has been out for a long time. It’s very hackneyed—you know, it’s on the radio all the time. But it’s still awesome. I’ve had it in my headphones for the last two days. I bicycle to it. The chorus is everything, and the guitar riff is incredible. I really appreciate the group’s first album; I think I bought it when no one had heard of them. This song, specifically, I would say is their magnum opus. We’ll all be listening to it for years.

Frightened Rabbit, “Keep Yourself Warm” – I love this song a lot. My friend played it for me after a long night. The lyrics are so bold. It’s the kind of thing that shouldn’t be said, but lyric is, “It takes more than fucking someone to keep yourself warm.” It’s just a guy saying how he feels.

LCD Soundsystem, “Dance Yourself Clean” – This song is ridiculous. I heard it for the first time at a club in Hell’s Kitchen and I was so into the music, kind of bobbing and weaving, that I was like, “I have to Shazam this right now.” Thank god for Shazam—one of my favorite inventions ever. So I’m in the club and I just hold my phone up to the ceiling, dancing to LCD Soundsystem. When I listen to this song, I’m dancing myself clean, obviously. Kidding! But I’m definitely dancing, and I do a lot of beating out the rhythm on a table or any kind of surface. I’m one of those people.

The Clash, “Straight to Hell” – This song is the sample that MIA used for “Paper Planes.” No one knows that. So even though it’s old, when people listen to this song, they’re like, “Oh my god, dude, I kind of know this, it’s from Slumdog Millionare.” No, motherfucker, this is the Clash and you’re a moron. This song is so much better than the MIA version.

Young Rebel Set, “If I Was” – This is a band most people have never heard of. They’re English and they’re from my hometown, so I really want to champion them. A childhood friend from the northeast of England, who I’m still very close to, said, ‘You have to listen to these guys, they’re local boys and you have to help them out.’ I fell in love with them, so every time I do a radio show in England, I tell the DJ to put them on. It’s kind of like Mumford and Sons meets The Killers. Everyone has to download it on iTunes right now.

Fryars, “The Ides” – I forget about this song all the time. I almost didn’t put it on this list, but I had my iTunes on shuffle and it came on, and it’s like, I fucking love this song, why don’t I play this more? It’s kind of like Talking Heads. Fryars is very gifted musically. If you download this song, you’ll have a love affair with it and you won’t turn it off. It’s not a very New York song, but it reminds me of when I was there.

The XX, “Intro” – Dude. What’s going on? Why is this song only two minutes long? That really pisses me off. You could make it at least a five-minute song. It’s unbelievable. I’ve played it like 50 or 60 times since I downloaded it. I listen to it anytime, but usually I have to be in a bit of a mood, a kind of woe-is-me, self-pitying, unattractive mood.

Q Lazzarus, “Goodbye Horses” – This is another oldie. It might sound familiar because it’s the music that Buffalo Bill dances to in Silence of the Lambs. It’s a very ’80s androgynous kind of song. Silence of the Lambs is one of my favorite films of all time. I don’t put it on and dance like Buffalo Bill or anything, but it’s just a great song. It’s not exactly glam-rock, but I do love late-’70s glam-rock like T. Rex and Bowie. They’re the most attractive males ever to grace the planet. I think what they did for music, sexuality, and androgyny is unbelievable. We need more of that.

Kanye West and Jay -Z, “Why I Love You” – I think Jay-Z is unbelievable. He can do no wrong, but this song is just really great… the chorus will be stuck in your head for days, and if you work in an office, you’ll start whistling it or singing it. Guaranteed, your whole fucking office will be singing it with you. I promise. Give it two days.