Watch the Video for ‘DoYaThing,’ the Converse Gorillaz + Andre 3000 + James Murphy Collaboration

Because there’s no time like now, Converse has released a music video for the Gorillaz + Andre 3000 + James Murphy collaboration, "DoYaThing." The video takes place in Gorillaz Mansion on the morning after a particularly death-inspiring bender: As Stuart "2D" Pot walks around the house, he finds the rest of his bandmates in various states of unkempt. He goes to make toast, there’s a bowl of human ears on the counter; he opens up his medicine cabinet, and Andre 3000’s ninja counterpart is curled up inside it, and so on and so on. I mean, who knows, but the animation is great. Watch it after the jump.

You can also listen to the extended version of the track, in case quarter-hour freakouts are your thing (as they should be). The song is also available for download at the Converse website, as are those spiffy Gorillaz Chuck Taylors that sparked this whole collaboration (except the real-life equivalent of "downloading" is something called "buying," who knew?).

Listen to “DoYaThing,” the Gorillaz + Andre 3000 + James Murphy Collaboration

Even from their self-imposed semi-hiatus, Andre 3000 and James Murphy are the coolest men in their respective genres (rap and post-blog nostagi-lectro, in case you’re wondering). When you add Gorillaz to the mix, you’ve got a shovel-ready Youngs-targeting commercial waiting to happen. That seems to be the motivation behind their collaborative song "DoYaThing," which will be released to promote the upcoming Converse line of Gorillaz-themed shoes. You can wait until tomorrow to download it from the Converse website, or you can listen to a rip at Listen Before You Buy.

I know, I know — it seems a bit calculated, purely created for page hits and blog buzz. At least they all sound excited to be on the song, even if a rhyme like "Ballin’ outrageous like a purebred mare / Converse All-Stars is the only shoe to wear" is a bit more corporate than I would’ve expected from the usually DIY Murphy. (I have been told that is not immediately recognizable as a joke, but rest assured, it is a joke. Thank God!)

Celebrities Make Video Pledges to See ‘Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie’

Adult Swim’s Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim really want you to see their first feature film. They’ve asked people to sign a pledge to go see Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie and not the upcoming film The Lorax because it  “looks BAD." They’ve enlisted several of their famous friends to make videos including Paul Rudd and his son, a bloody Weird Al, Fred Armisen and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, who appears with them in The Comedy, and really struggles with the task because he wants to see The Lorax, if he’s “on a plane or something.”

The movie follows Tim and Eric as they try and earn back $1 billion they owe on a three-minute short film starring a Johnny Depp look-alike by renovating a shopping mall and has cameos by Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and Will Forte. It’s currently available On Demand and will be in theaters on March 2nd. It’s gotten mixed reviews with a third of the audience walking out during a screening at Sundance.

You can find all the videos on the campaign’s official YouTube page.

Paul Rudd

Weird Al

Fred Armisen

James Murphy

Watch James Murphy Pal Around With Tim & Eric in ‘The Comedy’

Since breaking up LCD Soundsystem James Murphy has stayed busy as the most interesting man alive, going on GQ party flights, releasing a documentary about LCD’s last days, and finding the time to open up for Deadmau5. His newest project may be the coolest one yet: a supporting role in The Comedy, starring Adult Swim acidheads Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! fame. According to the synopsis, Heidecker plays a guy who "whiles away his days with a group of aging Brooklyn hipsters, engaging in acts of recreational cruelty and pacified boredom." Ah, so it’s a documentary. After the click, you can watch a clip from the movie where Murphy makes an appearance.

While Murphy sits there in silence, Tim and Eric heckle the cabbie for all they’re worth, singing gibberish about wanting to listen to rap and not tipping. "I want some black muuuuusic," Tim sings over and over, like a total queef. In case you’re puzzled, Murphy talked to Vulture, explaining his decision to do the movie. "I liked Tim and Eric, and I was like, ‘It will take me four or five days to do something that will exist,’" he said. "I mean, if somebody told you that you could do something for four or five days and a movie would appear, you’d fucking do it. So I did it. And it was exciting. And doing the film, I’m not interested in a career path. I’m just interested in being like, ‘Okay, that’s an interesting project. I’ll do that.’" Fine by us. The Comedy doesn’t have a release date yet, but if you take a really great nap it’ll be here when you wake up. 

The Trailer for LCD Soundsystem’s Documentary Will Make You Feel Fuzzy

A pretty amazing movie trailer is circulating the web today, in anticipation of its premiere at Sundance on January 22. Shut Up and Play The Hits is an intimate look at the days leading up to LCD Soundsystem’s final shows at Madison Square Garden. More specifically, it’s "both a narrative film documenting this once in a lifetime performance, and an intimate portrait of James Murphy as he navigates the lead-up to the show, the day after, and the personal and professional ramifications of his decision." That’s according to the film’s website, anyway.

As the trailer weaves in between ecstatic crowd shots and footage of frontman and founder James Murphy putting on his pajama pants to go outside and walk his dog, Mr. Chuck Klosterman provides us with some food for thought via voiceover: "It’s like there was a record, there was an announcement. There’s a last show. Everyone’s aware that it’s ending. When you start a band, do you imagine how it will end?" 

Those attending Sundance can catch Shut Up and Play The Hits at the dates and venues listed below. The rest of us, until it hits a wider release, can revel in the joy of listening to that sweet, sweet piano swell from "All My Friends" on repeat. 

Sunday, January 22nd, midnight (Egyptian Theatre, Park City)
Monday, January 23rd, 9:45 pm (Broadway Center Cinema, Salt Lake City)
Wednesday, January 25th, 11:30 pm (Prospector Square Theater, Park City)
Friday, January 27th, 10 pm (Redstone Cinema 7, Park City)
Saturday, January 28th, 9:45 pm (Broadway Center Cinema 3, Salt Lake City)

Carry On My Wayward Hipsters: LCD Soundsystem Passes the Torch

With LCD Soundsystem playing their last ever gigs this week in New York, it feels as though a bookend is being slid into place on NYC’s Decade of the Hipster. Fitting that LCD should be winding it all up at Madison Square Garden, anathema to everything indie kids ever pretended to stand for — after all, LCD’s James Murphy made it clear from the get-go what he thought of the swelling Zeitgeist when, in “Losing My Edge,” he sang, “I’m losing my edge to the art-school Brooklynites in little jackets and borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered 80’s.”

Perhaps even more appropriate is that while LCD is burning down the house at MSG, one of Murphy’s most treasured progeny, Holy Ghost!, will be playing even further uptown, on West 56th Street, opening for Cut Copy at Terminal 5 this Friday and Saturday nights. The Brooklyn duo, consisting of Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser, signed to Murphy’s DFA label to glowing praise from the boss – a useful form of promotion, to say the least. Their utterly infectious eponymous debut album (out 4/12) is in thrall to nothing particularly trendy. Rather, they manage to flit effortlessly between blatant disco romps (“Say My Name”), exuberant, Motown-ish pop gems (“Jam For Jerry”), cool funk (“Static on the Wire,” “Some Children”) and stern but catchy electro-pop (“Do It Again”).

Perhaps the hippest thing about them is how little they seem to care about how hip they are. Which, of course, reminds us a little of…well, James Murphy. Still, it’s hard to imagine these tunes not tearing up the most precociously cool dancefloors from Greenpoint to Glasgow all summer.

LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge by epb21

Iberia Air Loses LCD Soundsystem’s Bags

When celebs like Kim Kardashian bitch-tweet about their travel troubles, we only have so much sympathy for them. But when people we truly love, like LCD Soundsystem, experience traveler’s trauma, we feel their pain.

As of a couple hours ago, LCD Soundsystem’s frontman James Murphy (assuming he’s also the band’s de facto twitter frontman) and group member Gavin Russom have been sans luggage for two days thanks to Iberian Air. Pull it together, Spain.

Via twitter, LCD writes “dear iberia air… can gavin and i PLEASE have our bags back? it’s been almost 2 days and we’re bored of our clothes.” The boys are in Spain for the Sonar International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art. They play La Coruña tonight, Barcelona tomorrow. Wish we were there, and we’re sure those that are will enjoy their music, even if they’re wearing dirty clothes.

LCD’s James Murphy & Sam Lipsyte Reminisce @ Joe’s Pub

James Murphy met Sam Lipsyte when the celebrated novelist went by the name Sam Shit, and Murphy was the sound engineer for his band Dung Beetle. Last night, the two old friends took the stage at Joe’s Pub for a free-form discussion which revealed, among other things, that in the LCD Soundsystem song “New York I Love You,” Murphy consciously made the decision to tweak his voice to sound like the perennially downtrodden Kermit the Frog. This is awesome because it brings new dimension to this independently inspired video (in which Murphy appears). A few more choice details from the evening’s chat after the jump.

● Murphy is working on a song called “Put a Baby in That.” So far, all he has is the title — but he has grand plans for it, including choreographing an accompanying dance. He also thinks the title will make a good catchphrase, as in “I wanna put a baby in that.” ● If you’re an unknown band looking to fill a room, Sam Lipsyte recommends taking a famous person’s name and adding “The” to it. He knows it works because he used to play in a band called The Lenny Kravitz. ● James Murphy’s first three bands were called The Extremes, Mystery Meat, and Great. The last one was named so they could go on stage and say “Hi, we’re Great.” ● Sam Lipsyte watches a lot of television, and wishes he were a television writer. ● James Murphy doesn’t like to listen to himself sing, and if you count his phone, he has a total of three iPods. ● Murphy’s computer wallpaper is a picture of his dog Petunia. Also, Petunia sometimes wears sweaters, and they are “sassy.”