Hanro Turns 130, Still Looks Good

Hanro, the Swiss lingerie and loungewear go-to is celebrating its 130th anniversary. In honor of the occasion, the brand’s flagship store in the meatpacking district is hosting a retrospective exhibit titled, “130 Years of Dressing the World’s Most Seductive Women.”

A number of artists (Izak Zenous, Esther Bayer, Petra Dufkova, Marc-Antoine Coulon, and Miles McMillan) have all contributed interpretations of some of HANRO’s most iconic moments to the exhibit. These momentous moments in the brand’s history include Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch, Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut, as well as style icons Kate Moss, Sharon Stone, Kate Upton, and Jamie King all wearing pieces by HANRO

Jaime King by Marc-Antoine CoulonJaime King by Marc-Antoine Coulon

Kate Upton by Marc-Antoine CoulonKate Upton by Marc-Antoine Coulon

Nicole Kidman by Marc-Antoine CoulonNicole Kidman by Marc-Antoine Coulon

Sharon Stone by Esther BayerSharon Stone by Esther Bayer

Check out the exhibit open now through January 15th at the Hanro flagship store, 806 Washington Street. 

Video Exclusive: Jaime King’s Luscious Looks in Leger

Jaime King showed off her luscious lips for our Beauty Junkie column, in which our Contibuting Beauty Director Walter Obal detailed how to get those gorgeous looks with a combination of lipsticks and liners. While the lovely King is used to sitting still for the camera, we couldn’t let the actress lay totally stationary. In a short film by photographer Sarah Silver, Ms. King jumps off the pages and shows that her versatility isn’t limited to her lips. Check out the video after the jump! 

Actress and Model Jaime King Uses Her Lips to Make a Strong Impression

Jaime King is used to radical change. When she was a scant 14 years old, King was whisked from the cornfields of Nebraska to the apex of modelhood, driven by the pressure and temptation of the industry into an adolescent drug addiction—hers was the face of heroin chic—and then flamed out. Now in her early thirties, King has re-emerged as a leading actor. Her series Hart of Dixie is on the CW, and her directorial debut, a thriller called Polar Seasons, is due out soon. “I definitely feel like I’ve lived two lives,” says King. But in all her iterations, her lips—pursed, parted, perfect—have followed her. The key is to deploy your resources wisely. “By filling in the entire lip with lip liner, one adds depth and complexity of color.” Pairing two shades—one under, one over—gives options. Looks can be matte or glossy, monotone or diaphonous. But on King, they’re always just right.

Check out the gallery below for details on how to get Jaime’s looks, and stay tuned for our exclusive video of the shoot!

Lana Del Rey Is Not The New Face of Versace

It’s good to have friends in high places. Thanks to his budding friendship with actress Jaime King, LA-based celebrity blogger Jared Eng landed a lengthy interview with King’s bestie, Lana Del Rey. The pouty popstar sat down with Eng to answer a slew of unique questions, gabbing about everything from her top five favorite movies to the best fan gift she’s ever received to touring with her boyfriend Barrie James O’Neill of the band Kassidy. LDR also knocks rumors that she’s set to become the next face of Versace ("I have to be honest, I don’t know where that came from!"). Read on for five sort of interesting tidbits. 

1. Her songs are 90% autobiographical. "Usually what happens is all of the verses are always autobiographical up until the chorus. I usually leave some room for my imagination to step in. If I’m singing about the way that things used to be, by the time I get to the chorus I might start singing about the way I wished that they had been."

2. She has interesting taste in movies. "I love Godfather I & II. I like American Beauty. I like Don’t Look Back, a documentary about Bob Dylan by D. A. Pennebaker. I like Sin City."

3. She is not doing a holiday album. "It would probably end up being really sad, so I don’t know. I might not be the best holiday candidate! (laughs)."

4. She’s really romantic. "When I met my boyfriend … we always say that the entire time we were writing for each other, but we didn’t know it until we met each other […] I do love this one lullaby that [my boyfriend] Barrie wrote, I think it’s beautiful. I’ve been really blessed to have a lot of romance in my life. It’s like my last luxury."

5. She isn’t afraid of an upskirt. "[My fans and I] share lots of personal moments together. All of my dresses are really short, and I stand really close to the audience… I don’t know."