Linkage: Brooklyn’s Northside Festival Gets A Lineup, Tupac Goes On Tour

Growing larger every year in scope and scale, this year’s Brooklyn Northside Fesitval lineup expands on with Qu-Tang Clan’s GZA slated to perform his Liquid Swords in full. Also on the eight-day schedule? Of Montreal, Ceremony, Tinariwen, the Felice Brothers, Screaming Females, and, surely, many more up-and-comers tucked into galleries and spaces across the borough. [ArtsBeat]

Surely someone told Edith Wharton she was "The Voice of Her Generation." Or, maybe, at least, "A Voice of Her Generation"? To celebrate Girls‘ "just okay" debut on HBO, The Awl plays a game of, "Is that Edith Wharton? Or a Girls review?" [TheAwl]

Jack White’s much anticipated solo debut, Blunderbuss, is now available for pre-order and early listening on iTunes, ahead of its April 24th release via his Third Man Records. [CoS]

Ai Weiwei is suing the Chinese IRS for fining his company Beijing Fake Cultural Development $2.4 million last year without testimony or evidence. “Their actions were illegal and violated regulations," he said, sounding measured considering the circumstances. [AnimalNY]

That Tupac hologram stunt was so winning at Coachella that Dr. Dre and people that made it happen, Digital Domain Media Group Inc., now want to take the show on the road for a virtual Tupac tour. "This is an illusion [and] this is just the beginning," says the company’s chief creative officer. [WSJ]

DIY pioneer and hardcore legend Ian MacKaye turned fifty yesterday. That’s half a century. [D+T]

Is This Leaked Lollapalooza Lineup on the Level?

Is the 2012 Lollapalooza lineup set in stone? If this grainy snapshot of a piece of paper is to be believed, then the annual music festival will be headlined by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Black Keys, Black Sabbath, Jack White and Florence + The Machine, with The Shins, At the Drive-In, Justice, The Weeknd, Sigur Ros, and more swooping in for the supporting time slots. It could be completely b.s. — again, it’s a grainy snapshot of a piece of paper — but the lineup seems very appropriate to Lollapalooza’s big tent appeal, and some of the acts have already been hinted at through promotion on Chicago’s transportation system. Check out the full (rumored) lineup over at Pretty Much Amazing

There may be one fly in the ointment: Black Sabbath previously cancelled a summer tour due to guitarist Tony Iommi’s lymphona treatment, and because drummer Bill Ward had previously expressed reluctance to do the reunion without being fairly compensated. But as this Rolling Stone report notes, Sharon Osbourne said that the band would be playing one American show in August — and, as it turns out, Lollapalooza happens to be American, a show, and in August. There’s your smoking gun if there ever was one. At any rate, we’ll know by Wednesday when the lineup is officially announced. There will be all sorts of fun to had at the festival regardless of who’s playing, as you can see below.

Jack White’s ‘Sixteen Saltines’ Video: Enter the Teenage Wasteland

Former White Stripes singer Jack White has released a video for "Sixteen Saltines," one of the more unrestrained cuts we’ve heard so far from Blunderbuss, his upcoming solo album. White himself shows up at the beginning, but that’s basically it: The rest of the video plays out like Harmony Korine’s teenage wasteland, filled with flaming cars, self-asphyxiating burnouts, Slurpie-vomiting debutantes, and plenty of other bizarre occurrences. Oh, and there’s a "surprise ending," as sometimes happens. Watch it after the click, via Pitchfork.

It’s directed by AG Rojas, who’s recently helmed videos for Spiritualized and Earl Sweatshirt; he has somewhat of a future in directing, it seems. Blunderbuss will be out on April 24.

Hear a Ripping New Jack White Song, ‘Sixteen Saltines’

Some rock n’ roll fans would love nothing more than to hear Jack White shred his guitar all night long, pumping out the type of riffs that made The White Stripes such a bluesy revivalist wonder in the aughts. They’ll be happy to hear "Sixteen Saltines" off White’s upcoming debut solo album, which leads a stomping, sprawling guitar lick over oddly sexual lyrics like "I’m hungry and the hunger will linger / I eat sixteen saltine crackers then I lick my fingers." Maybe it’s about doing it? Take a listen after the click, via Pitchfork.

To quote Youtube user "Lyrix8931," "Holly Shit !!!!! Jack keep the rock alive, make some fucking noise !!!!!!!" (exclamation points approximated) Blunderbluss, White’s solo album, is out on April 24.

The Best Moments of Lindsay Lohan & Jack White on SNL

After a week of buildup Lindsay Lohan took the stage for SNL.  She did…ok.  Not great, but not terrible.  She had some trouble remembering her lines, but it was more the material she was given or rather not given to work with.  She seemed to have less lines than most hosts and the sketches just weren’t that funny, especially when given the endless well of things they could have chosen to make fun of.  There weren’t any cocaine or party sketches, but there were a few winners and a great performance by Jack White.  

The opening monologue gave Lindsay the one chance to really make fun of herself and address the concerns about having her host. She got help from Kenan Thomson, Kristen Wiig, Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm who was there as a back-up host just in case.
Hands down the best sketch of the night was the Disney Housewives, which re-imagined the Bravo show with  Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel and Jasmine.  Kristen Wiig steals the sketch as the drunken, gossipy Cinderella married to Prince Charming, a man more interested in shoes than anything else.
So you know what everyone is talking about, here is the Scared Straight sketch where Lindsay has some trouble remembering her lines.
Alright, it’s not Lohan, but it was funny.  Bill Hader hit Weekend Update as James Carville to comment on Rush Limbaugh, the GOP candidates and Newt Gingrich. “I thought I killed him 15 years ago!” He also puts on lipstick and describes his genitalia.  I don’t think he’s ever had this much fun before.    
Jack White: Love Interruption
Jack White: Sixteen Saltines

Listen to a New Jack White Track, ‘Machine Gun Silhouette’

A year ago last week, the White Stripes called it quits, much to the dismay of Candy Cane Children across the land. Then Jack White started doing some other things, most notably—lest we forget—releasing a single with Insane Clown Posse and JEFF the Brotherhood in which they sampled a Mozart piece called "Leck Mich Im Arsch." 

White premiered "Love Interruption," the first single off his upcoming solo album, Blunderbuss, at the end of January. But White turns up the stomping, country-fried rock on the single’s B-Side, "Machine Gun Silhouette." Guitar fuzz and fiddle do-si-do before giving way to the same old song fans have come to love from White — the faithful will probably detect a hint of "My Doorbell" in there. 

You can stream the new track over at Hype Machine.

Blunderbuss drops April 23rd on Third Man records. White has also been slated recently for some big summer appearances, including top-bill gigs at Sasquatch! and the Hangout Festival and a set at BBC Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend, a massive festival held in conjunction with the 2012 Summer Olympics. Here’s hoping there’s new solo material to come from Meg, too. 

Jack White Has a Solo Album, Single

Jack White has stayed very active since breaking up the White Stripes in 2011, working with his Third Man Records label, playing with his sometimes side project The Raconteurs, and fending off think piece journalists about whether or not the end of the Stripes represented the death of rock n’ roll in a post-9/11 world. Apparently, he’s also found some time to make music for himself: on April 23 he’ll release a solo album titled Blunderbuss, via Third Man/Columbia. You can listen to the first single, "Love Interruption," after the click.

He’s really embracing that aging bluesman persona, isn’t he? Up next, a collaborative album where he plays guitar for Miley Cyrus, Willow Smith, and one of the Mumford Sons. (Working title: Supernatural 2.) A digital version of "Love Interruption" goes on sale today; you can order it at White’s website.

Jack White Teams Up with… John C. Reilly?

Jack White is one of the most prolific musicians on the face of the planet. When he’s not galavanting around the world playing guitar for his supergroup The Raconteurs, he spends the rest of his time running a record label. Third Man Records puts out digital and vinyl only releases, and recently put out a 7" by none other than TV funnyman Stephen Colbert.

News broke earlier today that White will be upping the "wha?" factor with his next collaboration, as Third Man Records is now putting out an EP by  everyone’s favorite curly-haired actor, John C. Reilly. The two have previously worked together on the musician biopic spoof, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, where Reilly proved his songbird supremacy as the titular country singer. (White made a cameo as Elvis Presley.) 

The EP is available on 11/29 for only $6 on the Third Man Records website, or their physical storefront in Nashville. 

Morning Links: Charlie Sheen Settles With ‘Two & a Half Men,’ George Clooney Gets Married on TV

● Charlie Sheen’s suit with the producers of Two and a Half Men over the work he did before he went crazy is drawing to a close, with Sheen set to walk away with $25 million in the next two weeks and upwards up $100 million in the long run. [TMZ] ● The real victim of this Salahi/Journey scandal? The White House crasher’s doberman pinscher, Rio, who actually died. Tareq led the backyard procession yesterday, laying the poor dog to rest in peace with its favorite blanket. [TMZ] ● Tracy Morgan played it safe and made neither jokes nor homophobic statements while proposing to his model girlfriend, Megan Wallover. [NYDN]

● James Franco has announced plans to direct an adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s gruesome novel Child of God, about a man who spends his life in a cave after being accused of rape. [Huff Post] ● This commercial for a Norwegian bank might be the only time you get to hear forever-bachelor George Clooney in a post-wedding day glow. [EW] ● That Jack White and Insane Clown Posse collaboration? It’s a love story! We think… [Stereogum]