In Their Own Words: Our Favorite Up-and-Comers’ Favorite Apps

No matter what industry you work in, smartphone apps always find a way of creeping in. Which is why, when we asked five up-and-comers for our Oct/Nov print issue what their favorite apps are, the verdict became clear:  when you like what you do, you app what you do. Choosing apps that closely relate to and help with their work – from crosswords to meterology – here are these jetsetters’ favorite apps, in their own words.

Michael White: chef/co-owner of Italian culinary empire Altamarea
A native Midwesterner, chef Michael White has shocked and excited the culinary scene worldwide with his continually-expanding Italian empire: Altamarea Group. As co-owner, White’s brand of elegant and soulful Italian food can be found in Hong Kong, New Jersey, and New York, and has garnered multiple Michelin stars. Some of his restaurants include Osteria Morini, Marea, and Ai Fiori . Last month, the chef presented an array of his signature dishes at Food Network’s New York City Wine & Food Festival.

Michael says:
“I love the app Chef’s Feed. It’s an app dedicated to databasing what the nation’s best chefs like to eat at their favorite restaurants. It’s almost like Yelp, but with the advice of well-known chefs. It comes with an interactive map where you can find out where your favorite chef likes to eat in relation to where you are at any given moment. So cool.”

Solomon Choi: founder and CEO of 16 Handles
As the entrepreneur behind frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles, Solomon Choi is responsible for putting customization in a cup and making it delicious. Choi’s company brings 16 rotating flavors of yogurt and over 40 toppings to the masses, all of which the customers put together themselves. Thanks to his past experience working for his parent’s restaurant franchise in California, as well as at restaurant startup, Choi handles 16 Handles’ expansion with ease; with 26 locations throughout the East Coast, and 10 stores in development, the franchise is becoming one tasty phenomenon.

Solomon says:
TripIt helps me manage my business and personal travel itineraries, as well as view all air, hotel, and car rental reservations from my iPhone. I’m also able to my friends’ or associates’ travel plans once we’re linked. Business owners know that time is money, and efficiency translates to more money earned; thankfully, TripIt gets the job done in a snap.”

Fiona Staples: Canadian comic book artist
Known both for her covers, which earned her a 2011 Joe Shuster Award, and her interior artwork, Fiona Staples has drawn everything from horror to superheroes. She’s illustrated for such series as Mystery Society and the Eisner-nominated North 40, and covers for Superman/Batman, DV8, and T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents. She’s currently collaborating on Image Comics’ fantasy epic SAGA. Last month, Staples was a featured guest for the entirety of New York Comic Con.

Fiona says:
“My favorite is the New York Times crossword app! I like doing the crossword every day without needing a newspaper subscription. I’m a bit addicted to crosswords and other puzzle games, and do them whenever I have a bit of time to fill. It’s a nice way to take a quick break from drawing while keeping my mind engaged, rather than getting sucked into watching T.V. for an hour!”

Terry Casey: New York-based DJ and event promoter
Terry Casey can be found all across the city and the state, spinning music and planning events at his resident spots Hotel Chantelle and The Montauk Beach House. He’s worked alongside such legends as Paul Oakenfold, Mark Ronson, and BlackBook’s very own Steve Lewis.

Terry says:
RadarScope is a meteorology app DJ Paul Sevigny showed me when he was spinning at The Montauk Beach House. It shows the weather and where  the clouds are coming from and where they’re going. It helps us when programming the outdoor pool parties at the Beach House.”

James Ruff: New York-based singer-songwriter/producer
James Ruff hits the stage two-fold, as both a solo artist and the front man for New York-based band The Rouge Royale. Known for its energizing and eclectic sound, the band has performed on CNN at the 2011 United Nations concert, at such beloved rock joints as The Bitter End, and as one of the more frequent acts for Avenue A Soundcheck. With three solo albums under his belt, and the band’s debut EP this month, Ruff is an artist in his prime.

James says:
“I always reach for the iPhone’s highly underrated native app: Voice Memos. With a click of the “record” button, it captures in a moment every musical  idea I’ve had brewing for days. As a songwriter who composes melody strictly by recording and listening back to my ideas, this app is my best friend and most valuable tool. Every pre-production aspect of The Rouge Royale’s upcoming  EP was aided by this simple little gem.”

‘Mad Men,’ Björk & Time Machines: This Month’s Best iPhone Apps

Björk’s: Biophilia [Free] Who else but Björk Guðmundsdóttir could mutate the tap-tap familiarity of mobile apps into something that’s literally out of this world. Her app promises to explore the relationship between “musical structures and natural phenomena” (oh, Björk), functioning as a hand-held portal into the universe of the Icelandic curiosity’s seventh studio album. With a three-dimensional galaxy as your map and 10 constellations as your compass, tap on stars to unlock different experiences, including interactive art, essays, and musical notations. Björk plans to release 10 of these—one for each song on Biophilia—but you’ll have to access them through the original app. Yes, we’re just as blissfully confused as you are.

iMuscle [$1.99] Personal trainers of the world, meet your master. With cutting-edge 3-D technology and over 450 high-definition animated exercises, iMuscle threatens to put professional gym rats out of work. Users can identify and target trouble muscles by zooming in, and then proceed to rip them to sexy shreds. When your pudgy pals demand to know the secret to your success, get them to download the app, so you can share your customized routine. This multi-user option—where friends can keep track of each other’s workouts—will finally answer those age-old questions: Who is the fairest—and ttest—of them all?

AMC Mobile [Free] When you’ve got an addiction, the best thing to do is to feed it, right? Introducing AMC Mobile, your new quick fix for Walter White withdrawal. This in-depth app takes you behind the scenes of the network’s four original and wildly popular dramas—Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and The Killing—with cast interviews, sneak peeks, and inside looks. AMC Mobile also does justice to the network’s roots: the silver screen. Theatrical and DVD reviews are there for the reading, as is news on festivals and new releases that might be coming soon to a theater near you. Now you can kiss the shakes goodbye during those dreaded between-seasons hiatuses.

Video Time Machine [Free] Because not everyone can afford a DeLorean, Video Time Machine lets you obliterate the space-time continuum through a collection of more than 10,000 hand-picked videos dating all the way back to the 19th century. Unlike the digital wasteland of sneezing cats and newsroom bloopers that is YouTube, VTM is curated and organized by categories and dates, so you can pinpoint your favorite monochrome cigarette commercial, or that championship-clinching buzzer-beater. Warning: You will get sucked into a deep, dark vortex of Bogart trailers, so if you have an assignment due or a wife in labor, proceed with caution.

Seafood Watch [Free] It was only a matter of time before the sustainable food craze infiltrated the world of seafood-related mobile applications. Seafood Watch is the place to discover the source of that juicy halibut fillet splayed across your finest china. Brought to you by the fin-tastic folks over at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Seafood Watch recommends the best places in your ’hood for ocean-friendly seafood, and rates which fish to eat and which to avoid based on how they traveled from the water to your plate. For sushi savants, a specialized guide lists fish by their Japanese names and their market names, in case you’re into that sort of thing. A built-in GPS system comes in handy when looking for your next bite.

Mad Men Cocktail Culture [$.99] Mad Men has done for the martini what Sex and the City did for the cosmo, but this app merely takes the smash series’ trademark tipple as its starting point. From there, your spiritual knowledge is put to the test in a series of bartending-based challenges centered on drinks from the 1960s. What goes into a proper Tom Collins? Which glass should one use for a Whiskey Sour? It’s a drinking game without the drinking. Share your results on Facebook, and prove once and for all that when it comes to mixing and pouring make-believe cocktails on your iPhone, Don Draper’s got nothing on you.