The First Feature Length Film Shot Entirely On iPhone

Uneasy Lies the Mind is the first feature film shot entirely on the iPhone!!!! (Note excessive exclamation points of excitement.) The good folks at Apple must be loving this product endorsement (Samsung take a break); the 88-minute film was shot with the assistance of an iPhone 5 and a lens adapter. It was shown at the San Jose Cinequest Film Festival and SXSW. Total production cost: $10,000.

“I needed a camera that could create that soft, grainy 16mm feel,” says director Ricky Fosheim (filming on 16mm was his first choice.) “After doing a lot of research, coupled with some extra tools, I realized the iPhone 5 was the perfect camera to shoot this project.”

One small production problem; iPhones don’t work very well in cold temperatures, and the shoot took place the frozen climate of Mammoth Lakes, California. A problem diverted by the director who jumped to action, warming up his iPhone under his armpit to keep it working.

“Extremely cold weather, as low as five degrees, proved to be one of the most difficult hurdles while shooting,” Fosheim said. “A fully charged iPhone 5 will die in less than two minutes when exposed to these frigid cold temperatures.”

Numerous takes were lost because the camera would continuously die mid-shot. Lesson learned: set your iPhone feature films in Fort Lauderdale or Barbados.

One advantage with filming on the iPhone was putting the camera in places a bulky rig just wouldn’t be able to fit, like in various nooks and compact crannies.

“The camera is so lightweight and easy to use, the actors barely knew that we were filming,” adds Fosheim. “There was no delay in between scenes or in between setups. The actors were able to stay in character and it really helped capture some candid performances.”

Check Out The Official Trailer for Uneasy Lies the Mind.

Does Your Date Have an STD? Find Out With Eli Dancy’s Chec-Mate App

The great fear of the technological era is Big Brother watching you. That fear has largely given way to acceptance of our fate. The boss knows what we are saying, knows where we are, knows where were going, and through devices like Facebook knows our favorite everything and who we sleep with. The powers that be can theoretically know more about us than we know about us. With all the negatives we give up, we gain speed in communication and new ways to do business. We can keep in touch with friends who years ago would have become long lost. Now comes yet another positive…I think. Big Brother is now looking out for you if you let it. A new application by Chec-Mate allows you to find out about the sexual safety of that person sitting across from you at the bar who is looking better after every cocktail. Chec-Mate makes obsolete the throwing-the-dice aspects of sexual relations. Your phone will tell you whether or not that hottie is STD free if you decide to opt in. It’s for smart people with smart phones. It’s an iPhone app for $1.99 and is available on Android as well. Eli Dancy came up with this fancy idea and the Safe Sex License which is recognized by the Center For Disease Control (CDC) and The New York State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. I asked all about it.

Explain how this works.
The Chec-Mate application can be downloaded now via the Apple App Store for a limited time at a retail price of $1.99 for a (1) year activation. Users simply download the app, register, and upload a photo. A confirmation email will arrive with the user’s personal "Screening Verification Form" (SVF) attached. The user can use the app to locate an authorized screening facility and then take their form and have their screening administered at the facility of their choice. After the screening is completed, the facility will return their screening verification form and screening results to the User. Users can follow the instructions on the (SVF) to submit your results for final verification and full activation of their Chec-Mate™ application.
In a way, this app enables worry-free multiple partner safe sex. Is there a disclaimer or encouragement for users to still use condoms?
Yes, members must agree to our User Agreement each time they choose to share their screening information, we also encourage all users to use alternative methods of protection in conjunction with the Chec-Mate application. Like anything, the Chec-Mate App should always be used responsibly, just as one is responsible for going the speed limit even if their vehicle allows them to exceed it. We expect users of Chec-Mate to continue being responsible when engaging in sexual activity with any and all partners they choose to become intimate with. The responsibility to use the Chec-Mate application responsibly will always be the end decision of the user.
How will you expand your market? How will you get people to sign in?
We are excited to have the opportunity to continue providing a service that is truly needed via the Chec-Mate mobile application. Now that users have worldwide access via their smartphones. We plan to continue sharing our excitement via mediums such as yours and other appropriate outlets looking to share new ways of living a safer, smarter, and healthier lifestyle.
How accurate is the testing?
All of our users are referred to have screenings conducted at Center for Disease Control (CDC) certified screening facilities via their facility locating portal
If you are wildly successful, won’t it be impossible for a person suffering from an STD to get laid?
We look forward to the Chec-Mate application assisting millions in continuing their responsible sexual practices. We feel that, regardless if one chooses to use the Chec-Mate application or not, individuals should always make an informed decision before they engage in sexual intercourse. Individuals who carry an STD have, if not a legal responsibility, then a personal responsibly to inform a potential partner of any known infection before becoming intimate with them. What Chec-Mate brings to the table is not a change of responsibility to share information with ones’ partner, but a practical, safe, and secure platform to do so.
How will a person’s negative information be protected from public disclosure, or is that not done as it’s the reason for this?
The Chec-Mate system services those who are fully negative and also those who have been infected with an STD. All users have 100 percent full control over who they share their personal screening information. Additional security features have been integrated in the Chec-Mate application that protect users’ information from being freely view by unauthorized individuals. STFree does not share ANY of our user information with third parties, ever.
Are males and females separated into gay or straight categories? Someone I spoke to said this would be huge in the gay community rather than the hetero world. How do you react to this?
No, we do not categorize any of our members. The Chec-Mate application provides a variety of benefits to its users equally, regardless of their sex or choice of lifestyle.  STIs do not choose who they infect nor is there an accurate way of gauging who one chooses to become intimate with. We believe that sexual responsibility starts with self-responsibility. The Chec-Mate application is a platform for one to conveniently promote their personal awareness and dedication to protecting their sexual health.

Expert-Approved V-Day Dinner: Thanks To Find. Eat. Drink. App

Imagine this: it’s Valentine’s Day, and you’re dining on truffle pizza with your date at a restaurant beloved by her favorite chef. You’re both whispering and giggling over champagne-infused cocktails only a top mixologist would approve. And what your date doesn’t know, is that back at home you have a box of her favorite chocolates that happen to be her favorite baker’s # 1 choice. But how would you know that every bit of your night has been expert-approved? The answer: the new Find. Eat. Drink. iPhone app, the world’s first travel guide curated by the top people in the culinary world.

In NYC, it’s easy to get lost in the bitter Yelp rants about service, and tied to your humdrum going-out routine. The recently-launched Find. Eat. Drink app brings you back to the reason you moved to New York in the first place: you want the best. And there’s no better place to turn than to the app’s catalogue of 340 experts – chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, and artisans – who are pioneering the trends and recommending restaurants from 120 cities across the world. Each recommendation comes with a profile of not only the culinary pro, but also the establishment they so love.

The expert-touch extends beyond the app’s content; FED (acronym intentional) is created by former Food Network producer and host Robin Dorian, and Nick Bumstead, former manager of Chambers Street Wines. The app is an extension of FED’s official website, which has the same concept as the app, and a blog that’s updated multiple times a day.

Plus, the app is just really, really good looking. It’s orange and sleek, and all so easy to use. Actually, it’s too easy; there’s no reason you shouldn’t be downloading it for free and using it tonight. There’s still time…

Download the Find.Eat.Drink. app here, and follow Bonnie on Twitter.

Apple Attempts To Kill Trusting Australians

Naturally we each spend up to 95% of the average weekday wondering what form the machines’ rebellion against their human masters will take. But in all our post-apocalyptic fantasies, we never guessed the first attack would be so insidiously simple. The much-reviled Apples maps iPhone app, which comes bundled with iOS 6, has been luring Australian drivers out into the wilderness to die.

The problem is that Apple maps pinpoints the town of Mildura as being in the middle of the Murray Sunset National Park, about 42 miles from the actual location,” meaning that motorists are getting stranded without food and water for long stretches of time, and walking long distances over dangerous terrain for cell reception and help. To make matters more pleasant, Murray Sunset National Park can get up to 114º F and is full of badass Emus.

People were justifiably pissed when Google Maps, whose greatest sin was telling you that a bar that no longer existed was still there, got swapped out for Apple’s crappy version. This, however, is an invitation to world war. Or maybe just revenge for all the barely-obsolete smartphones we toss in garbage dumps way out in the middle of nowhere.

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The iPhone Case Conspiracy

Rejoice, young urbanites! You can now head on down to your local Apple store to wait in line for the new iPhone 5, which is like the iPhone 4S, I hear, only longer and thinner and with some shitty maps app. And the iPhone 4S was, of course, very similar to the iPhone 4, only it came with a computerized lady voice who will speak to you as if you are Zooey Deschanel. Basically, the iPhone upgrades are minimal, at least from what I have seen (I’m still on the iPhone 4), but they keep changing the damn thing and people keep getting excited about it. And I sense a conspiracy afoot.

It came to me this morning when I received some email blast from one of those damn Fab or Groupon or Gilt Man Getaway Bonus Round Pricelines email blasts. "New Cases For The iPhone 5!" it shouted at me with questionable capitalization. I realized that, yes, should I ever upgrade to the new iPhone, I’ll have to buy another case. How many cases have I bought? So many cases. Why do I keep buying these cases? First of all, it’s a phone that is made of glass. That wasn’t too bright, was it? 

I can only assume that the Phone Case Industry, those devils, are the ones lobbying Apple for new aesthetic changes such as reduced thickness and extra buttons and multiple cameras, if only so we can keep shelling out forty bucks a pop on cases to protect a $300 cell phone that should, you know, not break when you drop it, because $300 is a lot of money to spend on a phone that is MADE OF GLASS. Here’s a thought: let’s have a phone that won’t shatter when it falls out of our hands and onto the sidewalk. Yesterday I saw a man on the street claiming that Obama knew about 9/11 and he should be impeached; today, I think I might run down to Soho and shout at the fools waiting in line for their new phones so they will know that Case Logic doesn’t want to protect your phones because they want you to buy more cases! A conspiracy, I tell you! 

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The Summer’s Best New iPhone Apps

It’s hard to define summer. Sure, we can throw a road trip, a couple of beach days, and a fling or three in there, but overall, the year’s hottest season is also its most carefree. And no matter where you go and what you do this summer, your trusty little iPhone is your greatest companion to it all. With these six apps, skip traffic and speeding tickets, watch live concerts, discover obscure music, look and sing like a pop star, and save a North Atlantic whale. Why not? It’s summer. Anything can happen.

Scout by Telenav [Free]
Going on a road trip and sick of relying on your map-averse friend in the passenger seat? Get a hold of Scout, the first daily personal navigator for your iPhone that syncs up with your computer and even your car. Using award-winning Telenav navigation, Scout text and voice guides you turn-by-turn to wherever you want to go. The best part: you’ll avoid traffic and speeding tickets thanks to the app’s real-time traffic updates, automatic rerouting, and alerts about red light cameras and speed traps. Suddenly, life got easier.

Auto-Tune Star [$1.99]
The best-selling music app in 40 countries, Auto-Tune Star uses real Auto-Tune technology to help your voice sound just as manufactured as your favorite rockstar! Just sing into the mic, apply and adjust Auto-Tune, play back, and become amazed at how much you sound like Ciara. Songs from your iTunes music library and beats are available, and your recordings can be easily shared via e-mail and Facebook, straight from your beach towel. What a celebrity.

Whale Alert [Free]
Navigating a boat on the East Coast? Interested in whale-watching? Want to save endangered North Atlantic right whales? We think so. This app listens for right whale calls and plots their location on an easy-to-ready nautical map, thus reducing the whales’ collisions with ships and helping to save their lives. Free Willy; get Alert.

Fitocracy [Free]
Slay the laziness dragon (quite literally) with this video game-inspired app that will get you so addicted to fitness, you’ll want to be naked all summer. Check-in to specific fitness routines, earn points, unlock achievements, beat quests, and track the speed of your workouts on your screen. If you still need a fire lit under your ass, compare your progress with other users and compete for fitness domination.

The Vinyl District
Whether you’re sick of Pandora or you just want to get the heck out of your sweltering apartment, consult The Vinyl District: the first-ever GPS-based record store locator app in the US. Press the "All Stores" icon for directions to the nearest independent record shop, share via Facebook and Twitter the gems you’ve uncovered, and spend some much-needed "me" time listening to good tunes.

Moshcam [Free]
So you can’t make it to Bonnaroo, Summerfest, or Camp Bisco – big deal! Who needs ’em when you have Moshcam, an app that provides instant on-demand music streaming of hundreds of recorded music concerts. Choose from the largest catalogue of recorded live videos in the world and watch professionally-shot performances of your favorite artists straight from your phone, anytime you want. Entry-fee, high beer prices, and long lines to the bathroom not included.

There Might Be A ‘Draw Something’ TV Show

Yes, we have apparently reached that point. And after the Angry Birds theme park in Finland, it actually doesn’t seem all that surprising. Instead of television game shows inspiring apps, now we have apps inspiring television game shows. Or, we suppose, a board game inspiring a TV game show inspiring later incarnations of said board game inspiring an app inspiring a TV game show. Whew.

Variety reports that CBS has picked up a pilot for a Ryan Seacrest Productions/Sony Pictures Television TV adaptation of the wildly-popular-for-about-half-an-hour free app, Draw Something. In the tradition of games like Password and The Pyramid, celebrities and ambitious everyday contestants will face off for fame, fortune and fabulous prizes. The show will also have opportunities for users to test their artistry and play along from the comfort of their own homes. Given the influence of social gaming company Zynga, who bought Draw Something from creators OMGPOP for $180 million back in March, the show will also likely have a social media / TV element.

There are high hopes for this, however, if it’s anything like the Very Mary Kate “Draw Something” episode (“So then I hired a car service over to Banksy’s apartment…”). 

Your Daily Guide To Trending Topics

Every day there are some topics that are trending. Since many of them don’t make sense, we provide easy contextualization. Also, this way, you won’t actually have to know anything about anything.

There’s a strange irony in the fact that people are using the web to read all about why New Orleans’ Times-Picayune, around since 1837, will stop daily printing. The paper, which will lay off an untold number of journalists, is the most widely-searched news item on Google this morning. The Pulitzer-winning daily has announced that beginning this fall it will only print Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday editions, sending members of its (rather large) circulation into a tizzy and giving digital doomsayers something to thump their chests about. “For us, this isn’t about print versus digital, this is about creating a very successful multi-platform media company that addresses the ever-changing needs of our readers, our online users and our advertisers," said an executive who won’t lose his job over this. "This change is not easy, but it’s essential for us to remain relevant."

Hakeem Nicks
In a sporty turn, millions of Google users are searching today for information about New York Giants receiver Nicks after he broke his foot during practice yesterday. The football player is scheduled for surgery today and has an estimated recovery time of 12 weeks, which means he would miss the beginning weeks of training camp for the upcoming season. The team’s coach, Tom Coughlin, isn’t sure he’ll make it at all, saying, “it’s probably going to be close.”

Yahoo! is a bit less serious today. The most-searched term on the site is Fantasia, referring not to the Disney movie but to the American Idol alum Fantasia Barrino, who appeared on the recent Idol finale in a series of odd and ill fitting clothes. Listen, the girl sings like a house on fire and doesn’t have to dress herself anyway so I say let her be. Though she does seem a bit unhinged in this performance of Elton John’s “Take Me To The Pilot.”

IBM Bans Siri
Computer giant IBM has banned its employees not from using iPhones, made by bitter rival Apple, but from using the Siri function on the latest model of the mugger magnets. Yahoo!’s fascinated users are finding out that IBM brass told Technology Review, “The company worries that the spoken queries might be stored somewhere” – and they’re not wrong. All spoken requests are stored on Apple servers and the company’s not forthcoming about what it does with the information. Also, IBM is super pissed that they don’t have a cool smart phone or really much in the way of cred these days.

You can’t really trust Twitter to relay the truth on a good day, but today when posts revealing what it is users lie about most are trending, well, all bets are off.

Lies 4

Lies 3

Lies 2

Lies 1

Screen Saviors: The Best New iPhone Apps for March

Get appy with this month’s seven best iPhone apps! Create a song, make some potions, date a human, admire your anatomy. Then, set your alarm for when the world ends. With that iPhone in your palm and these apps fully downloaded, anything is truly possible. 

Ditch the gawking tourists at that creepy Bodies exhibition, chuck that seven pound anatomy textbook, and pick up this teensy little app. With Visible Body, you can take a gander at your guts thanks to fully interactive, rotating 3D models of the machinery that keeps you chugging along. Admire the nimbleness of your skeletal system, examine your thorax and the middle lobe of your right lung, and zoom in on your left pectoralis major. With more than 2,500 anatomical structures, including all major organs and systems of the male and female body, this just might be the most exciting breakthrough since you discovered that 1970s physiology picture book in your school library.

TWC TV [Free]
Can’t keep up with the Kardashians? Desperate for some more housewives? It’s Time Warner Cable to the rescue! (Did we just say that?) If you’re a TWC subscriber, you can watch live cable TV straight from your phone, program and manage your DVR from the kitchen, search for shows by title and genre from your bed, and set your favorite channels from the toilet. Why? Because you love television that much. The one catch: it only works within the home. While it would be glorious to watch The Price Is Right while eating a bagel at work, the phone has to be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network to function. Yeah, it sucks, but remember: it’s TWC. You’ll never be fully satisfied.

Congratulations! You just inherited the hottest apothecary shop from your fairy godmother. You now have access to the cleverest of charms and evilest of elixirs. Go forth and harvest ingredients for potions, improve your street cred by customizing your shop, and act as witch doctor to wizards, voyagers, and whimsical tourists. With a tinge of magic and technology, you can transform your modest corner shop into a mystical Whole Foods. Godspeed.

Just when you thought online dating was all about stalking, lewd messages, and selective profile pictures, here comes Tingle, an app that’s actually looking out for your safety. Thanks to its voice chat option, you can talk via phone with a potential date without ever exchanging numbers. Customizable discovery tools help identify other singles near you to control how often, where, and when you’d like to be contacted. The Karma feature discourages people from setting up phony profiles and harassing other members by rewarding more considerate users with better connection opportunities. Think of it as an enhanced, more chaperoned Facebook, without the schizophrenic interface and your mom trying to friend you.

We resolve to go to the gym, we lose the motivation, we eat our body weight in Ben & Jerry’s, life goes on. But with an enterprising mix of bribery and technology, GymPact wills you to hop on the treadmill by waving a bundle of dollars at you. Decide how often you’re going to work out a week (your pact), commit a certain amount of money to each session, and check into the gym using your phone. If you miss out on a session, the money is drained from your account and into the pockets of those Adonis types who actually put in their time on the elliptical. The more days you commit, the more money you earn. Trim your waist, bulk up your wallet.

A paean to the music-making masses, the mobile version of GarageBand is even simpler and more accessible than its desktop counterpart. Use multi-touch gestures and "smart instruments" to create a variety of stylized sounds. Tap out beats from a vintage drum kit, pluck an upright bass, or dot the keys of a soul organ. When you want to capture the thrill of the live performance, plug in your guitar and microphone, press record, and send your songs straight to GarageBand or your iTunes library. In true pop star fashion, you can finally make music without knowing a single note.

2012 MAYAN ALARM [Free]
When the world ends for the second time on December 21st, 2012 at 11:11:11 a.m., you’ll be the first to know. Thanks to this app, an alarm will chime, signifying the close of the Mayan Calendar and the celebration of the “beginning of a New Age.” The chime comes in a variety of binaural tones, all of which help induce relaxation, meditation, and creativity as the world ends. Of course, that’s if you can hear your phone amid all the chaos, screams, and, you know, burning to death.