‘The Diary Of Anne Frank’ Becomes An IPad App

A new iPad2 app providing an "immersive experience" of The Diary Of Anne Frank will include audio passages of the journal read by the actress Helena Bonham Carter.

Penguin’s Viking imprint debuted the interactive app yesterday to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day, the UK’s Telegraph reports. The app includes images from Anne Frank’s original diary and also video footage of her only living relative, Buddy Elias. Sort of like a "pop up video" for the text, readers see buttons like "View Photo" or "Read Information" which take them to additional information about the text.

The $11 app can be purchased on iTunes and was created with the approval of the Anne Frank Foundation.  

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Sephora Launches New App, Charlotte Ronson Beauty Line

Just when you thought it might be possible to get by without an iPad, along comes an app from the beauty bigwigs at Sephora. After checking out what it’s got to offer, even their spiffy website looks creaky in comparison. The three main categories are Beauty Report, Social, and Shop, and within those tabs you’ll find the usual social media and video components, as well as Beauty and the Blog, which takes viewers behind the scenes with Sephora editors, and Daily Obsessions, featuring must-have picks from the staff.

The most innovative aspect of the app is the Virtual Mirror. Here, the iPad camera acts as a mirror while users’ images are displayed side-by-side with how-to demo videos. There are endless ways to get lost in this virtual world, available only for the iPad 2.

This week, Sephora also announced the launch of Charlotte Ronson Beauty come September. The I Heart designer, who’s known for putting her friends and family in her ads and on the runway, will also be taking cues from her nearest and dearest for her beauty line. The products range from $14.00 for a heart-shaped lip gloss to $28.00 for a vintage-inspired cosmetics case. Says Ronson, “I’ve always deigned for girls who believe that less is more and I’ve stayed true to my aesthetic with this beauty collection.”

Student Sells First Spot in iPad 2 Line for $900

It’s really a shame that Bieber’s fans can’t be more like Steve Jobs’ fans. Sure, you can surround a hotel and cause a near riot to catch a glimpse of the object of your desire, or you can just casually camp out for 41 hours, and then sell your spot closest to Bieber, or closest to an iPad 2, to someone who really needs their fix. Today’s #winner is college student Amanda Foote, who turned a $900 profit for her first place spot on line to acquire the new iPad 2, which will be released at 5pm today. Our question to you, Amanda, is: Why didn’t you just push for that last $100 to make it an even $1,000?

After holding down her spot in front of Apple’s 5th Avenue store in New York since 5PM on Wednesday afternoon, Foote abandoned the post at 9AM on Friday for $900. App developer Hazem Sayed was the lucky man who shelled out all that dough so he could be the first to scoop the coveted new iPad 2. Sayed is taking off on a business trip this weekend and—understandably–he couldn’t just take off without getting his hands on that shiny new tablet. Other overzealous folks currently on the Apple line include visitors from Brazil and Belgium who came all the way to New York just to grab the iPad.

Oh, and Amanda will use her iPad earnings to buy Lady Gaga concert tickets. Obviously!