You Can Hire a Fake Facebook Girlfriend for $5

Are you a man whose gone through a break-up and are sad and devastated enough to go to extreme and pathetic lengths to make your ex jealous?  Then Cathy01 just might be the gal for you.  More than a digital rebound, more than just Internet dating, you can hire her to act like your new girlfriend on Facebook for just $5.

Posting on, Cathy01 will pretend to be your new sweetheart on the social networking site for 10 days. She claims to be 23 and live in NYC.

“There’s a second option, by the way: If you want a few messages (3 max.) on your profile to make someone jealous that’s also possible,” she writes. “Just send me the message(s) and the facebook-link! byebye!x (I don’t! do any promotional stuff!”

There is no one offering to serve as a faux FB boyfriend just yet, but chances are someone will soon. For those actually considering this, I am sorry for you but I guess it’s a one-up from trolling Craiglist casual encounters in search of some feigned intimacy. Maybe. So far, she’s gotten 3 orders and also sells an ebook on "how to attrack [sic] women."