BlackBook Premiere: Azar Swan’s Taut And Filthy ‘In My Mouth’

Earlier this year, The Knife’s Shaking the Habitual proved a startling leap forward for the electronic duo but left a void where some of us would have liked to hear more spooky club bangers. But now comes goth-pop duo Azar Swan, whose first self-identity-obsessed video for “Amrika,” and new sinuous grindfest “In My Mouth" – out today as a digital 7” on Pendu Sound – has resolved that dire shortage.

If you were wondering about the title, well: Zorah Atash, who handles the spine-tingling vocals for the pair, says the song "is about not being about to fight our instincts. It’s a sort of in-the-jungle love song. A primordial love song."I’d say that about covers it. 

With a spring-coiled beat, cold synth stabs, and bells that could ring in doomsday, you’re definitely poised above an abyss, sexual or otherwise. Either way, it’s a track with extreme gravity that’ll still let you move (suggestively) on the dance floor.

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