Model Sasha Owen-Longfellow Thinks Everyone Should Be Homeless At Least Once

Today on Opening Ceremony’s blog, New News, they interviewed the model that designer Tara Subkoff hand-picked to represent her Imitiation of Christ line on the concept retailer’s website. The subject, Sasha Owen-Longfellow, is a part-time model and full-time blogger living in Brooklyn. Although her physical features are whimsically delicate, and her poses are classically demure, don’t let them fool you, because she’s funny and gives quirky interview answers.  

On the music she plays at shoots:
"People don’t usually like when I DJ at photo shoots. I play weird ambient Krautrock music and Disney songs."

On the best gift she ever received:
"I had an old Japanese man friend in Tokyo when I was living there last year. For my birthday he put me up in the Tokyo Ritz Carlton for three days, all expenses paid. Four hours of spa treatments and all the room service I could ever hope for. He said as long as I didn’t order The Diamond is Forever martini ($18,000) he wouldn’t be mad."

On what she thinks everyone should try at least once:
"Being homeless. I didn’t have my own bed for almost a year, moving from place to place and couch to couch. You really learn who your true friends are, and get to know people in a way that wouldn’t normally occur. You also learn how wonderful it is to be without furniture, rent, bills or too many possessions."

On her five necessities on a deserted island:
"Scotch, Jennifer her best friend, an attractive sterile man to fornicate with, hummus, and tampons."

Tara Subkoff & Imitation of Christ’s Comeback

Tara Subkoff’s temporarily deceased (since 2006) label, Imitation of Christ, made a comeback last night as New York Fashion Week came to a close. The designer, who was most recently in the press for her fight with brain cancer, is back in action, and by the looks of the show she put on, this is no mediocre second act. Barefoot models strutted down an AstroTurf runway in ethereal dresses with decidedly feminine allure—sweetheart necklines, touches of lace. The looks were wearable, and fitting for the types of Hollywood starlets Subkoff hangs out with, like Chloe Sevigny and Scarlett Johansson.The biggest change, perhaps, was in the label’s name, which is now simply Imitation. Subkoff might have stepped on quite a few toes during her previous reign at IoC, but the brand looks poised for a deserved return to fashion’s forefront.

Guys have something to look forward to, too. Although Subkoff and her former IoC designer partner, Matt Dahmave, suffered a falling out around the time of the brand’s dissolution, they’ve since reconnected. “She now is working with him on the Imitation men’s line, which she plans to tease at the show and fully relaunch for fall 2011,” says Women’s Wearily Daily. Perhaps the best news of all: the price point. Aside from made-to-order pieces, all of Imitation’s pieces will retail between $60 and $250.

Imitation SS11 via