We’ve Got the Secret Discount Password for Illesteva’s First NYC Shop

Illesteva sunnies are a cool guy and gal staple. From supermodels to Beyonce, they have, in recent years become a “what’s in your bag” staple.

After searching for months for a location, Illesteva quietly opened shop in SoHo at 49 Prince Street.

There are at least three styles I’d like on my face now:


Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.14.56 PM

This creamy taupe is at once classic and trendy.



Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 9.11.03 PM

The tortoise + blue combo is perfection. 


Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.39.11 AM

Because I’d love to imagine that I can pull these off any day of the week. 

AS FOR THAT DISCOUNT CODE? Just say #49PRINCE at checkout to receive 10% off your sunnies. You can thank us later.


DJ Jus-Ske’s Adidas All-In Asian Tour Diary

As a manager and partner at 4AM DJs, I’m constantly arranging for performances, events, and photo shoots around the world. Every day, I get reports back from my DJs filled with the kinds of wild adventures I rarely get to be a part of as a desk jockey. The people who flock to their stellar international events get to experience the end results of months of prep, but do they really know what a day in the life of a DJ is like? In this monthly column, you’ll hear first-hand accounts of DJ war stories, with photos and videos from the world’s best to show for it. In this 4AM DJ Tour Diary, you’ll read about DJ Jus-Ske‘s trip through Shanghai, Taiwan, and Hong Kong for the Adidas All-In Tour. Yours truly, Adam Alpert.

In May, I was given the opportunity to be a part of Adidas’ All-In Tour. The tour took place in Asia and lasted a week. I flew from NY and landed in Shanghai, where I had a car waiting for me. The hospitality from the guys at Adidas was tremendous. I was taken to my hotel, where I slept off a bit of jetlag before getting ready to start my week of events. I stayed at Puli Hotel while in Shanghai, and it was sick.

During my first day in Shanghai, I met up with my buddy, Kevin Poon, who owns a clothing company called Clot Inc. Kevin is deep in the fashion world in Asia, owning stores like Juice Shanghai and Juice Hong Kong, which I was able to check out while I was there. He’s also opening the WOAW pop-up store in Hong Kong, which will feature a bunch of luxury eyewear brands all in one store.

Kevin was extremely helpful during my entire stay in Asia. The day of my first show, we went through the event that was about to take place that night. Later that day, I went for sound check at the venue, Block 6, and after did a ton of press in the green room. Eventually, it was time for the main event. I was set to go on after Edison Chen, who is a huge actor and musician in China.

After doing sound check and press, I was ready to rock, but then I found out that the party was getting stalled due to overcrowding. The cops in Shanghai showed up to the venue because too many people were trying to get in. There were problems with fans forcing themselves past the barricades at the entrance because they were so excited for the event, but they ended up just getting the show postponed for three hours. During that time, I just chilled backstage and became cooler with Edison. He’s a great individual. The cops stalling the event only created more anticipation for the show we were about to put on.

Edison went on first and killed it for the crowd. After his performance, he was nice enough to introduce me to the crowd. Edison being such a huge celebrity in China really helped the crowd to accept me. By the end of my set, the crowd was totally into it. The show ended up being totally official, even though it was pushed back for a few hours. The next day I left for Hong Kong first thing in the morning. Hong Kong was where I spent most of my time during my trip. I was there for five days and I was able to travel around the city, go shopping, and eat traditional Hong Kong cuisine. I stayed at The Upper House, another sick hotel.

In Hong Kong, I met up with my business partner Daniel to talk about my sunglasses line, Illesteva. The first thing we did was meet up with my friend Gilbert, who owns the biggest club in Hong Kong, called Dragon-i. We all got dinner and then made our way to Dragon-i, which always brings out the best crowd in Hong Kong. The next day I went sight seeing around the city. I luckily had the best driver, Jonathan, who took me all around in a Mercedes minivan. He took us to the gold and electronic market and to some other shops, including Juice HK. Shopping in Hong Kong is crazy. I met back up with Kevin Poon and we eventually got dinner.

My second Adidas event took place during my third night in Hong Kong and the crowd was amazing. The event was held at the Ocean Terminal Rooftop. The next night Gilbert hosted a dinner party at his insane penthouse in the hills. It was great running into all my Tokyo and Hong Kong buddies who were there. After dinner we went back to Dragon I and then later to Volar with my Hong Kong fam. Later that night, we all met up at Hong Kong’s best late night spot, Tsuewah, for traditional Hong Kong cuisine.

The next day I had some meetings and then left for Taiwan for the third and final stop of the Adidas All-In Tour. I stayed at the W Taipei. It was my first time in Taiwan and I didn’t know what to expect. After I landed, I went straight to sound check, then I met up with my friend, Soda, and went to a traditional Thai barbeque spot. The food was on another level. What was so great about the show in Taiwan was the event was held in the biggest shopping center in the country at No. 8. That night I did the red carpet with Edison Chen and I was able to watch and enjoy the show before performing. The crowd in Taiwan was extremely hyped. After the show I went to check out my boy, DJ Vice, because it’s always good to see friends especially half way around the world. The next day we went around Taiwan and went to Eskuche, one of the most amazing stores I’ve ever seen. I also stopped at Juice Taiwan to go shopping. One of my favorite things about Taiwan was the culture and watching some of the dudes there break dance, I’ve never seen anything like it. From Taiwan, I flew back to Hong Kong where I finally caught my flight back to NY. The hospitality I received during my stay in Asia was incredible. Everyone went above and beyond. The Asian culture is completely different and my friends who live there were gracious enough to show me around and make me feel at home during my stay.

Illesteva Launches Mother’s Day Eyewear

We’ve been obsessed with cool-kid eyewear brand Illesteva for some time now. Founded in 2009 by Daniel Silberman and New York’s own DJ Jus Ske, the designer duo’s spectacular spectacles are handmade in Italy and Germany, and come in a range of covetable styles. One style that’s just been released is their “Dear Mama” sunnies and optical frames, as a salute to Mother’s Day—which you realize is this Sunday, right?

The limited-edition style was handmade in France using horn color acetate, resulting in an ultra-cool color effect. At $240 a pop, a portion of sales will be donated to Help a Mother Out, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of mothers, children, and families in need. Since it’s all for a good cause and you’d buy them for yourself anyway, why not buy two pairs and go for a mother/child twin look? Moms love that.


Accessory Aficionados, This One’s For You

We all know that high-low style is all about investing in the right high-fashion pieces to play up your fast-fashion basics. And more often than not, the item that you cave for is a top-notch accessory. Whether it’s an It-handbag, timeless jewelry, or dreamy footwear, you’d much rather spend your hard-earned cash on something that you can wear everyday instead of a dress or seasonal outerwear (although a butter-soft leather jacket is kind of necessary). As a salute to all you fashion junkies out there, we’ve rounded up some accessory porn from luxury and cult designers that is just too hot to keep to ourselves. Don’t worry; this is totally safe for work.

Clockwise from left: Illesteva Frieda Sunglasses, $185; Comme Des Garcons Patchwork Reptile Zip Wallet, $237; Alejandro Ingelmo Pony Buckle Boot Wedge, $635.80; Proenza Schouler PS1 Pouch Lux Leather, $1,230; Alexander McQueen Mini Skull and Cherry Blossom Ring, $259; J. Dauphin Baby Please Don’t Go Cuff, $515; TenOverSix Kat Wooden Wedge, $320; Unearthen Small Prism Ring, $240.