Idris Elba’s Superdry Fashion Line Launches in US

Idris Elba is a true Renaissance man: the second season of his design collection with British brand Superdry launched in the US last week, and his latest blockbuster, Star Trek Beyond, is out on Friday. He also found time to pick up an Emmy nom last week for his role in Luther, and continues to maintain a tight-lipped silence on rumors that he might be the next James Bond.

Superdry opened it’s first American retail location last week at their new flagship store at Herald Square in New York. Elba, now in his second season with the brand, was asked to collaborate after being spotted shopping at a London location.


In a matter of weeks, he “was designing the range; he was in the office; he was causing chaos because all the women in the office wanted to come to the design studio,” according to an interview with Superdry CEO Euan Sutherland in Forbes

Elba never went to design school, but his grasp for what makes men look good is undeniable. A champion of effortless refinement, the actor told Women’s Wear Daily his collection is “so simple and easy. You wear it from your work, then to dinner and to drinks afterward and you still look good and feel cool.”


Favorite pieces in the collection include the pricey (and pricey-looking) leather racer jacket, clocking in at $589.50, and a leather moto, which Elba described to WWD as reminiscent of “the Fonzie jacket. It’s based on Indiana Jones, though; it’s that old action movie vibe. It’s super tailored, really cool and just looks good.”

The jacket isn’t the only really good-looking thing around with an old action movie vibe, Idris.

Check out the full collection here.

Gillian Anderson and the Would-Be James Bonds

Gillian Anderson as James Bond? The English bred actor, of The X-Files and the BBC’s The Fall (and the current star of Broadway’s Streetcar Named Desire), has been thrown in the ring as a contender for the next wave of Bond films, thanks to a poster twirling around Twitter (above). She tweeted “It’s Bond, Jane Bond. Thanks for all the votes. (And sorry, don’t know who made poster but I love it!) #NextBond.” There’s already a petition to make this happen. As of this writing, 6,368 people have signed it.

Before we spill our lemon peel martinis and invite the fanboy wrath, it’s important to note that Idris Elba (The Wire, Luther, Beasts of No Nation) has endured rampant speculation for years about courting or being courted for the role once Daniel Craig steps aside (which he might despite being offered 68 million euros for two more films). White Brit Tom Hiddleston’s name has also been thrown in the mix, but it’s Jamie Bell (of dancey pants “Billy Elliot” fame) that’s most recently been in talks for the role. Given young Bell’s resemblance to Craig, it suggests the franchise may be taken into origin story territory.

Of both Anderson and Elba, Scott Mendelson smartly writes “I would rather (if I have to chose just one option) see these actors not fighting for one would-be action franchise but rather getting their own action franchises on (relatively) equal footing as the 007 series.” This rings more sensible, given that our nostalgia for Bond my be akin to our nostalgia for a lot of things that are bad for us that we still cling to, like misogyny and overdone franchises.

File this with the stacks of arguments for women and minorities to be given equal screen representation, in case Anderson and Elba’s charisma alone isn’t reason enough to give them their own iconic characters to play. Hell, we could even make them a team. If we’re going to have franchises, shouldn’t they be led by actors we can fall head over heels for? You can’t separate Indiana Jones from Harrison Ford, but years from now our current franchises and their shoe-fillers will be forgotten.


We Can Get Behind A Movie Where Idris Elba and Charlie Day Save Humanity

Pacific Rim looks like any other major monsters-and-robots film from the past decade or so. There are Transformers-esque hybrid weapon-bot things, bridges being turned into heaps of twisted scrap metal, explosions and visions of a dark, post-apocalyptic America.

But Pacific Rim, whose early footage was well received at Comic-Con this year,also has a lot of things that most normal monsters-and-robots big-budget action movies do not have. One is Almighty Master of All Things Creepy Guillermo Del Toro directing what he calls “a very, very beautiful poem to giant monsters.” Two is Ramin Djawadi, who in addition to scoring the Iron Man films, is perhaps best known for his commanding theme tune for HBO’s Game of Thrones.

It also has Idris Elba giving a stirring speech about how “it’s time to cancel the apocalypse” and then using said robot to punch a sea monster in the face (and being in this role instead of Tom Cruise, which would not be nearly as cool), and Charlie Day hopefully continuing to be the Wild Card. (Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman and Rinko Kikuchi round out the noteworthy names in the cast.) Plus, can’t go wrong with some explosions. Of course, it’s also in 3D.

The trailer for Pacific Rim was released this week, and you can see it in all its explodey splendor below. The film will be released in July 2013.

Idris Elba to Play Time-Traveling Astronomer (Sort of) in New TV Show

Fresh off his Golden Globe win for Luther, Idris Elba is busy working on his next TV project: the miniseries Ascension, which "revolves around the history of astronomy and mankind’s impulse for the stars," as Deadline reports. Elba will play two characters: "the Egyptian polymath Imhotep in 3000 B.C., as well as a brilliant astronomer in the near future." So he’ll be time traveling in a sense, cutting between eras to demonstrate something ambitious about the human will. Heady stuff. It’ll be written by acclaimed comic book scribe Warren Ellis (Red, Transmetropolitan) and co-produced by Elba Vivek J. Tiwary (The Fifth Beatle).

Ellis has quite the the flair for the sci-fi fantastic, which combined with Elba’s more-than-solid acting chops should make Ascension a must-watch right off the bat. The producers might want to do some creative reworking on Elba’s name, though — Imhotep is the same name as the villain of The Mummy (who was not played by Billy Zane, did you know that?), and there may be some residual brand confusion between the two (even though the Imhotep Elba will be playing was actually a real guy, and not a psychotic mummy priest). Or maybe not, since The Mummy Returns came out over a decade ago and was kind of a silly movie to begin with. Ascension is currently being shopped around British networks, but you can see Elba in this summer’s Prometheus.

Afternoon Links: Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Dating IRL, Galliano in Court

● Radioactive spiders weren’t the only critters creeping The Amazing Spider-Man set. Word has it that Cupid was lurking around, too, as costars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are reportedly upside-down kissing in real life. [Us Weekly] ● John Galliano entered a Paris courtroom today to face charges of loving Hitler in public. 70 years ago, if you told the Führer he’d be complicit in the downfall of one of the world’s most famous designers in 2011, he might have said something like, “Das ist großartig!” [The Cut] ● Some good news and bad news for fans of The Wire actor Idris Elba: He just got cast as the lead in Guillermo Del Toro’s sci-fi tentpole Pacific Rim, but that puts his chances of starring in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained in doubt. (In related news, it looks like Jamie Foxx is in.) [Deadline]

● If you haven’t already seen these videos of John Krasinki, Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, and Allison Brie, they’re worth a watch, if only to further hammer home the “Stars! They’re Just Like Us!” hypothesis. [Vulture] ● Noel Gallagher married his longtime girlfriend, Sara MacDonald, but brother Liam was not invited to the champagne supernova. Russel Brand, however, was. He played Best Man. [CNN] ● And in more frivolous news, Obama is bringing 10,000 troops home from Afghanistan, which we estimate will mean at least 700 new viewers for The Voice. Everyone wins! [{encode=”” title=”NY Times”}]