Rex Reed, ‘NY Observer’ Reviewer, Slammed For Sexist Snark On Melissa McCarthy

Justifying it for God only knows what reason, flailing New York City newspaper the New York Observer published a movie review of the comedy Identify Thief which called its Oscar-nominated star Melissa McCarthy a "hippo," "tractor-sized" and said she’s made her career on being "obese." In the days since, reviewer Rex Reed has taken an absolute pounding in the press.  

Bridesmaids director Paul Feig minced no words, informing Reed he could go fuck himself:

Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet, himself an actor who is on the husky side, also singed the reviewer:

A bunch of other Hollywood types came to Melissa McCarthy’s side, which the Hollywood Reporter has rounded up here. Frankly, I still this this McCarthy/Jason Batemen flick looks hilarious:


The question remainds why the Observer — felt it was the proper editorial decision to publish these sexist, fat-shaming comments. Do they actually believe that calling one of America’s most beloved actresses a "hippo" would spur ad sales? Increase subscriptions? Is the paper’s web site that badly in need of pageviews that they allowed this offensive trash to be published? Is this what the Observer is going to be like under new editor Ken Kurson, described by WWD as  a personal friend of Kushner’s who has more recently been involved in political consulting."

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America Proves Undying Love For Melissa McCarthy in ‘Identity Thief’ Trailer

Jason Bateman is Sandy Bigelow Patterson. Melissa McCarthy is Sandy Bigelow Patterson. Melissa McCarthy was not initially intended to appear as Sandy Bigelow Patterson in Bateman and Seth Gordon’s Identity Thief, but after she made us all fall out of our chairs with laughter in Bridesmaids, the two rewrote Bateman’s foil in the film to be a female character so they could give McCarthy the part.

And from the looks of the Identity Thief trailer, it was a good casting call. From McCathy’s struttin’ in florals to Rick Ross’s “Hustlin’” to her livin’ it up at The Sharper Image to the ensuing throat-punching, car-slamming confrontations she has with Bateman (whose identity she stole), it looks like a potentially fun ride. Watch the trailer below.