Kick and Play: Shoes. Party. Go.

Lately, I’ve heard many people talk about the struggle to find the perfect boot – the pair that you can throw on with anything and trust it to look and feel good. Sometimes one pair of boots only works with jeans and not your work pants, and vice versa. Meet the pairs that change all that.


Wodehouse Chukka by Timberland (to the left)

A brand known for work shoes and a plain look, Timberland introduced the Wodehouse collection a few years ago, and now it lives in its own realm of personal style and function. You get that same lifetime comfort with these Timbs, but look so damn good doing it.

Wodehouse’s super-comfy Chukka boots are a slightly pointed pair with wax-coated laces. They’re built as a mid-top so you can tuck your jeans in for a refined look, or let them hang for that brilliantly messy feel. Blazer, t-shirt, oxford – who cares. They all work.

Available in both black and brown, no pair is the same, since the shoes are hand-finished, full-grain leather with a worn-in aesthetic. That being said, the more you wear them, the better they’ll look. And most importantly, it’ll be your own unique fit. Nobody else’s. Available for $295 at Nordstrom.

Not loud enough? Let’s get wild.

LunarGrand Chukkah by Cole Haan

LunarGrand Chukkah by Cole Haan

For those who want something a little brighter, Cole Haan has taken their partnership with Nike to a new level by recently borrowing their Lunarlon sole technology and beautifully blending it with their very own chukka boot.

Dressed in a soft black suede with a volt (neon yellow) sole, this shoe is definitely a stunner. It’s a pair that you can wear for hours on hours and not have sore feet. With the LunarGrand, you get a great mix of casual aesthetic with traditional feel.

Also available in camel/red, grey/pink and woodbury/orange. Works great on jeans, but get bold with dark chinos. Available for $228, everywhere and here.


Smitten Ice Cream, San Francisco, CA

Hey, ice cream is good. But when you taste it at its freshest point, it just might be the best thing ever. No better way to say it, Smitten prides themselves on re-imagining the ice cream experience. Each order is made fresh, and is created from absolutely raw, organic ingredients and liquid nitrogren. Yes, liquid nitrogren. Why? Because it makes the smoothest, freshest ice cream you will have ever had, literally.

Gjelina, Los Angeles, CA 

A staple in the Venice community, the creative fusion-Mediterranean restaurant is perfect for the foodie. Seasonal menus, beautiful people, and all types of energy are here. Hey, it’s LA, right? Atypical from the typical Los Angeles characteristic, the menu is meant for sharing, so the more you order, the better you eat. Known for eclectic array of pizzas, but so good for their grilled goods like corn, shisito peppers, and carrots, Gjelina gives you great food, the LA culture and, likely, a good story. Rock your boots to brunch or dinner, just don’t ask for substitutions.

Momofuku Milk Bar and Bakery, New York, NY

Let’s call 2013 the year of the cookie. And ice cream. And pie. Is that too much? Momofuku is that creative baker-friend you always wanted. Remember sipping on that bowl of cereal milk after you finished your Cheerios? That’s the milk Momofuku uses to create their fantastic soft serve. If ice cream is too cold, try their famous Compost cookie, made of chocolate, butterscotch chips, oats, graham crackers, coffee, and potato chips. It’s one hell of a cookie. And then…the ultimate dessert – the crack pie, full of butter, cream, brown sugar, more sugar, and corn flavoring to give your palette a hit of salty and sweet. As Momofuku pastry chef Christina Tosi is known for saying, it tastes better “with your favorite someone.”

Walk fresh. Eat right. Be well. 

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Boo, the end of the summer is quickly approaching. This means cramming as much beach, park, swimming, and barbecuing as possible. But most importantly, the end of summer is about inhaling ice cream. What better place or time to do it than at the New Amsterdam Market’s Third Annual Ice Cream Sunday, this weekend.

From noon to 4pm, the famous market hosts this frozen fest as a way to raise money, and fill your bellies. This year it’s taking place at the Old Fulton Fish Market on South Street, between Beekman Street and Peck Slip, and you can get tickets for $35. After that, it’s ice cream mania with treats made by Marlow & Sons, Rouge Tomate, Il Buco, Steve’s Ice Cream, Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, and more.

If you can’t make the ice cream extravaganza this weekend, it doesn’t mean you can’t completely indulge another day. Forget Mr. Softee and head to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory and try odd flavors of the dessert like red bean, almond cookie, and durian. Big Gay Ice Cream is another place serving unusual combinations like the Bea Arthur with duce de leche and crushed vanilla wafers, the Cococone with curried coconut, and the American Globs with pretzels. For more traditionally frozen treats, Blue Marble in Cobble Hill and Prospects Heights or the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory in DUMBO are good ways to go. Also in Brooklyn, the General Greene’s ice cream shop has a rich array of flavors, but the best thing to get is their intense banana split. It’s the end of summer after all, soon there will be no more beach bode to worry about so you might as well go out with a creamy, sweet, bang. 

Top NY Dessert Spots to Bitch About a Break-Up

Breaking up sucks. You lose a friend, a conveniently-located place to crash, someone to eat the other half of your fries so you don’t, and semi-regular sex. But the one thing you gain? The right to eat and bitch as much as you very well please hell fucking YES.

Here are our top dessert spots to bitch about a break-up, all across New York. Grab your best friends and the best cookies, cupcakes, pastries, and ice cream in town, and let it allll out. 

The Best Ice Cream & Gelato in the Hamptons

imageDespite East Hampton Village’s attempt to ban new joints from selling food and drinks to go — ice cream cones included — the East End is bustling with desserteries prepared to indulge every sweet-toothed patron within a five-mile radius. Here are our picks for the ones not to miss.

Based on classic Italian recipes, the 20-plus creamy gelati offered at Sant Ambroeus is prepared fresh daily. While nothing comes cheap at this uber-trendy spot, the scene — chock-full of euro eye candy — complements the cost.

The long-delayed and highly-anticipated opening of Grappa Wine Bar will satisfy more than just an alcohol fix. The swanky digs serve homemade gelati, and while the flavors change regularly, standouts include cappuccino espresso, white chocolate raspberry swirl, and mint.

Best bang for your buck — family-friendly Surf Shack serves up ice cream and alcohol blends, along with cover-free live music and an expansive patio.

Buy some earplugs to combat the sugared-up, screaming children at the Fudge Company, as the butterscotch praline pecan is worth every minute in line.

When it comes to the best staple Hampton dessert establishments, Scoop du Jour and John’s Drive-In take the silver spoon. Scoop du Jour rocks an everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink vibe; toppings include doughnuts, cupcakes, and candies galore. John’s is a former drive-in (and alleged Andy Warhol hangout) serving up 24 homemade flavors of ice cream; the perennial favorite is lemon coconut, and as a bonus, the sun-kissed Eisenhower-era furniture is a kitschy respite from typical Hampton glitz and glam.