Fake SNL Punk Band Releases Real EP

What a lot of people forget about Saturday Night Live is that longtime player and Portlandia star Fred Armisen didn’t start off as a comedian. He spent a good chunk of the ’90s playing in a Chicago post-hardcore punk band called Trenchmouth. So it comes as no surprise at all that when the show decided to do a fake rock-doc sketch about the one British punk musician who liked the late Margaret Thatcher, Armisen assumed the role. And the fake band—Ian Rubbish and the Bizzaros—actually did get the ’77 British punk sound down. The first few seconds of "Hey Policeman" sound like they could have come from any number of classic acts from the era.

Of course, the Bizzaros did deviate in that Armisen’s Johnny Rotten-lampooning Ian Rubbish was quite fond of the Iron Lady, even penning songs like "Maggie Thatcher," where they sing lyrics like "there’s a lady in 10 Downing / Check it out, she’s quite astounding" over a "Janie Jones"-esque beat. And who could forget that touching, Falklands conflict-referencing ditty, "Sweet Iron Lady?" Now, you or the non-Thatcher-hating special someone in your life can own these classics from these fake ’70s punk band absolutely free, thanks to the fact that said fake band recorded and released an EP of songs performed in the skit. You can download it here, at said fake band’s real website, and watch the original sketch below.