The Three Good Joy Division Covers

Listeners are cautioned not to consume any other form of Joy Division homage, lest their primary auditory cortex commence massive hemorrhaging.

First up you’ve got Bedhead’s shambolic cover of “Disorder.” It’s the shy ’90s indie take on the more aggressive and industrial original. Plaintive, melancholy—like a slow-wavering flame—but building to that familiar denouement.


The only person I’ll tolerate covering “Love Will Tear Us Apart Again”—and lord, how many bands have tried—is Richard Bruckner, who does something something shiny and twangy with it that I’m still trying to wrap my ears around.


Finally, there’s Low’s ultra-droney, beautifully harmonic version of “Transmission,” from an EP of the same name, which stands with the spookiest stuff they’ve done.


If there are any acceptable Joy Division covers besides these, do let me know, but I believe that’s the lot.

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Joy Division Master Tapes, Gold & Guns Found by Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver

Here’s a very, very bizarre story: Holy Moly reports that a cache of lost Joy Division and New Order master tapes has been found by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, of all people, in the basement of a Manchester bank-turned-restaurant. The tapes were discovered alongside an unspecified amount of guns, gold and jewellery — three of the things one would store in a safety deposit box along with a really rough copy of Unknown Pleasures, I guess. The total value of Oliver’s finding?  £1.1 million, which comes to about $1.725 million. 

Unfortunately, Oliver has already turned the collection over to the British treasury, probably because "finder’s keepers" isn’t an applicable law to stuff that might have belonged to someone. If they’re ever released, I just know that the tapes will be turned into some precious box set of found sounds that will retail for a billion dollars or something ghastly, God willing.