Industry Insiders: Sam Keywanfar, Hype Man

Using celebrities to endorse products is nothing new, but with Hype Creative Agency, founder and CEO Sam Keywanfar has raised it to an art form. Since its inception, Hype has created wildly successful marketing campaigns, PR strategies, product placements, and events featuring such notable figures as David Beckham, Ke$ha, and Jay-Z. Two main points set Hype apart from other agencies, he explains. "One is that we’re a creative agency where we conceptualize the majority of the campaigns," Keywanfar says. "The other is that we have personal relationships with the talent, so we can get deals done quickly and efficiently without a middleman."

According to Keywanfar, it’s not enough to enlist a bold-faced name; the product, strategy, and countless other factors have to click as well. "Celebrities trust us to bring them the right deals, structured in the right way," he explains. "They usually find that they’re not only financially rewarding, but will also propel them further into the work that they’re looking to do." 

And while Keywanfar admits that his experience in the business provides a certain "x-factor" in executing campaigns for clients like Casio, Jeep, and Gatorade, the ultimate formula for his company’s success isn’t hard to explain. "The brands and the celebrities we work with are all relevant to our audience and we have a lot of fun with them," he says. "When you take the best celebrities and the best brands and put a great agency behind them, you’re going to get some magic."