Where Famous People Eat: Ryan Gosling, Howard Stern, & Kathy Griffin

● Ryan Gosling at the Blue Valentine premiere: I have a restaurant in Beverly Hills called Tagine. I’m biased, but I think it’s very good! ● Bobby Flay at Food Network’s opening of Barney’s holiday windows: We love The Breslin. I eat at Keith McNally’s places a lot. In L.A., Bazaar, Jose Andres’s place, where I order the classic tapas. ● Morimoto at Food Network’s opening of Barney’s holiday windows: I’m going to open a new restaurant in Tribeca that will close at 4 a.m. – no Japanese, no sashimi, no sushi. I don’t know when I’ll open it.

● Rob Schneider at the Friars Club Roast for Quentin Tarantino: Candle 79. It’s a vegetarian restaurant, but you would never know it. Everything’s awesome. ● Cheech Marin at the Friars Club Roast for Quentin Tarantino: Milos is a great Greek restaurant for the baked fish in salt. They have a restaurant in Montreal, too. ● Kristin Chenoweth at the Friars Club Roast for Quentin Tarantino: Joe Allen’s. ● Eli Roth at the Friars Club Roast for Quentin Tarantino: Pizzeria Mozza in L.A.. ● Howard Stern & Beth Ostrosky at the Friars Club Roast for Quentin Tarantino: Daniel, for the black sea bass with the potato. ● Kathy Griffin at the Friars Club Roast for Quentin Tarantino: Mon Ami Gabi in Vegas.

David Arquette Warned Us About His Tendency to Overshare on Howard Stern

David Arquette is facing some heat for explicit comments he made yesterday on the Howard Stern Show about his disintegrating marriage to Courtney Cox. The backlash has been so bad that Arquette took to his Twitter account today to apologize: “I went on Howard Stern yesterday to provide clarity and honesty about what I’m experiencing but while doing that I shared too much…it’s alright for me to be honest about my own feelings but in retrospect some of the information I provided involved others and for that I am sorry and humbled.” Coincidentally, about 5 days ago, Arquette sat around a table at Nobu in Hollywood with some other famous people and predicted his own future.

It’s called the Howard Stern Celebrity Superfan Roundtable (seriously), and it happened back on October 8th, when all was supposedly roses in Cox-Arquette land. He, along with Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, Jeff Probst, Sarah Silverman, Lost creator Damon Lindelof, Ryan Phillipe, Steven Weber, and Jillian Barberie, spent over two hours talking about their undying love of all things Stern. As everyone at the table had been guests on the show at one point, talk turned to how best to deal with the hold-nothing-back nature of the show without offending your loved ones. Arquette shared an anecdote about an ex-girlfriend berating him for talking about her on the air, and then rationalized it by insisting that “you have to be open and honest” when speaking with Stern. Looks like he took his own advice. He goes on to talk about the time he asked Jennifer Aniston if he could send Howard a picture of her ass, so please, do yourself a favor and listen. It begins at the 5:45 mark.

NYC Celebs Who Pack Heat

The next time you spot somebody famous on the streets of New York, don’t make any sudden moves. The Daily News is reporting that while the overall number of handgun permits in the city is going down, the number of celebrities applying for them is going up. “They can get their own security, but with the Internet, it is much easier to find people,” said John Skylar Chambers, a lawyer who specializes in the coveted permits. “They don’t want to find someone on their lawn at 5 in the morning.” So who’s already packing?

Records show that Marc Anthony is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, as are Robert De Niro, Howard Stern, and Donald Trump. But not everybody gets to walk the streets armed and dangerous. Mets third-baseman David Wright is licensed, but only to keep a gun in his penthouse. Others have lobbied for permits and failed, such as Bernie Madoff’s son Andrew. All applicants are obliged prove that they are either subject to legitimate threats, or are routinely in possession of large sums of cash. How Marc Anthony qualifies, I’m not quite sure.

Howard Stern Rips Into Amanda Peet for Letterman Appearance

Amanda Peet was easily one of the most uncomfortable interviews I’ve ever done. She was promoting 2012, a film she wasn’t thrilled to be in, and had no interest in promoting. She refused to shake my hand when I met her because she has kids and didn’t want them getting sick (it’s called Purell), and gave short, passive-aggressive answers that made me feel like shit for even bothering. See for yourself. I would have boycotted any Amanda Peet movie that came out after that, except that, well, can you think of an Amanda Peet movie that came out after that? Now, there finally is one, and it’s called Please Give, from acclaimed director Nicole Holofcener, and Peet was on Letterman the other night to promote it. Except that again, she ignored the promoting part. Instead of setting up the clip (which Letterman rarely gives his guests the opportunity to do) she laughed and claimed not to remember what the movie was about. A cringe-worthy moment for the film’s investors. Here’s where Howard Stern comes in.

Howard Stern doesn’t like Amanda Peet. I think she was a bitch to his wife on a movie set or something, and he’s held a grudge ever since. But when he saw Peet’s appearance on Letterman, it set him off. Stern has always been a champion of hard work, and when he saw a stuck-up, uninterested actress fail to promote her independent film in front of an audience of millions, let her have it. And after the bad taste she left in my mouth, Stern’s rant is like grand symphony. Listen for yourself.

Is There Anything More Repulsive Than the Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant?

No — no, there is not, which is impressive when one considers this and this and this. Ringletted, boundary-averse shock-jock Howard Stern is organizing the Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant, sponsored by the equally boundary-averse online champion of infidelity AshleyMadison.com. An ersatz Miss Universe for home-wreckers, the pageant will include the expected categories: personality (extra points for sexting chutzpah), talent (too easy) and swimsuit competitions (we’ve got a winner). But who won’t be degrading themselves for the top prize of $100,000?

Rachel Uchitel, that’s who. Her absence from the festivities doesn’t necessarily add up to spotlight aversion — after, she did let photographers in her home for to tell “her side of the story” — but rather a pesky confidentiality agreement she is rumored to have signed. But here’s the thing: when you’re one-half (or one-47th, as the case may be) of a very public adulterous imbroglio, in which sordid details and questionable reputations have already been dragged through the mud, what have you got to lose? Only six figures if you can’t fill out your bikini in front of Stern, that’s what.

Links: Rihanna Rides a Bull; Howard Stern Defiles Miley and Taylor

● This is a video of Rihanna riding a mechanical bull in a bar with King of Leon’s “Sex on Fire” playing, while a women yells “You go, girl!” Welcome to heaven. [Celebuzz] ● Today in too good to be true news: a 3-D remake of Jaws starring Tracy Morgan. [Cinema Blend] ● Beer is good for your bones. [NYDN]

● Howard Stern said vile, inappropriate things about Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, but the worst part is wondering why it took him so long. [ONTD] ● Two Virginia college bros were charged with felony snowball throwing and face between one and five years in prison if convicted. [TSG] ● A lock of Farrah Fawcett’s golden angel hair will run you $1,000 and a lifetime of sick shame. [Radar]

Howard Stern’s Entertaining Interview with the ‘American Idol’ Judges

Whoever thinks that there’s even a chance that Howard Stern might replace Simon Cowell as a judge on American Idol, doesn’t know Howard. Yes, he and Cowell share a penchant for being brutally honest, but Stern fled broadcast radio for Satellite to free himself of the shackles that are censors. Does anyone really think he’d want broadcast censors–who in primetime are stricter than ever–keeping him on a leash? Stern has been known to judge contestants on his show, but it usually involves their breasts and a laser pointer. Anyway, in honor of this rumor, we performed some internet archeology and dug up some entertaining clips from 2003 of Stern interviewing, as he calls them, the mean dude, the black dude, and Paula Abdul. If you’re curious about the size of Simon’s penis, give it a listen.

Links: Howard Stern to Replace Simon Cowell?; NBC Serves Fried Chicken for Black History Month

● Howard Stern is in talks with American Idol producers to replace judge Simon Cowell, which would add “Are they real?” to the challenges facing contestants. [Page Six] ● Kristen Stewart had jury duty, landing a case in which a man solicited an undercover cop for sex, allowing TMZ to use the headline: “Kristen Stewart — Key Player in Prostitution Case.” [TMZ] ● A book deal is imminent for Hipster Puppies — available at Urban Outfitters or anywhere useless books are sold. [Tumblr]

● ?uestlove, drummer of The Roots and for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon‘s house band, snapped a photo of NBC’s cafeteria special for Black History Month: fried chicken and collard greens, naturally. [Twitpic] ● Pride/Prejudice, a ‘new’ novel with cleavage on the cover, “fills the gaps” in Jane Austen’s classic book, and makes it hip with a tweaked title — like Romeo + Juliet, but worse. [ONTD] ● Meme alert: If you thought the photobombing squirrel was something, wait until you see the Snooki Crasher, a Photoshopper’s short and orange dream. [Urlesque]

Howard Stern Reacts to Artie Lange Suicide Attempt

Artie Lange’s suicide attempt happened over the weekend, but the story only leaked to Page Six yesterday. This morning, Lange’s friend and employer Howard Stern was forced to comment on a story that he’d known about for days, and that he thought had miraculously bypassed the press. Stern begins the segment uncharacteristically, at a loss for words. It’s not often you hear Stern utter the words “I don’t know what to say,” but he does it over and over again in this morning’s broadcast, and expresses anger at the “shithead who maybe got payed ten bucks” to leak the story to Page Six. When he tries reading the news item on air, he can barely get through the second sentence, stopping before the item details the violent way in which Lange tried to take his own life— nine self-inflicted stab wounds. Stern avoids mention the method throughout the twenty-minute broadcast. The last time we’ve seen Howard Stern this stumped was September 12, 2001. Listen to the broadcast after the jump.

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