How to Get the Most Perfect “Not-Thought-About” Hair Seen at Coach

Photos by Lucas Flores Piran for Redken

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“There’s this sort of coolness about natural hair, and we’ll probably see a lot of it this season because it feels very modern.”

So says Guido Palau, Redken‘s global styling director, and master of hair at today’s Coach show. From the moment the first model stepped out wearing Stuart Vevers‘ fall 2015 designs for the brand, it was apparent just how cool the look was to be. There’s nothing fussy about it, nothing at all try-hard — the greatness of this look is that it works on every gal’s hair, because the end desired result is unique to you.

In a press release, Guido explains how aimed to keep the hair as natural as possible.

“[I] really played up the individual personalities of the girls. A lot of the shows this season want to keep the girls’ personalities — they don’t want armies.”

So how to get this individually unique, totally ideal, insouciant and cool hair?

1. Wash hair, allowing it to air dry. (Guido used sulphate-free Frizz Dismiss shampoo and conditioner from Redken.)

2. Create a part just off center to keep it just “not-thought-about” without getting messy.

3. Smooth a touch of cream for shine near the roots (Guido used Redken’s move ability 05.)

That’s it, there’s nothing else to it. Stick straight, with a bend, wavy, curly, and so on, this is the kind of styling that truly looks good all around.




How to Get Cry-Proof Eye Makeup, No Matter What Your Sister Says

Ella Petrushko (Marilyn) wears L.L. Bean vintage cable turtleneck and ball necklace by Efva AttlingPhotographer: Justin Bridges. Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Ashley Rebecca. Fashion/Beauty Editor: Alyssa Shapiro.

‘Happy Holidays’ is perhaps a misnomer of sorts. Presents are happy. Cheer is happy (in moderation), but what can more often be a source of greater stress than excitement and merriment is a week+ home with one’s parents, extended family, nosy aunts, overbearing grandmas… you get the picture.

Between “when might I have a grandchild,” the ticking clock of hours to go, obligations to fulfill, it’s enough to make any girl succumb to tears. This season, though, tears won’t mean streaky inky Pollock-esque face paintings. Endless testing of liners and mascaras later I can promise you that you can storm off to your childhood bedroom, dig your teary face into your pillow and still look like the beautiful snowflake you are when you’ve calmed down, no reapplying required.

Among the countless beauty items I never planned on having (all-purpose balms, stress-relieving body washes, more than 10 kinds of primer), one I often skimp on is fancy eye makeup remover. But with the products selected here, it’s kind of a necessity. I found my long-forgotten Bioderma (for the refined French woman I surely have inside of me,) a necessity as I conducted my experiment.

Here are the liners and mascaras up to the Herculean task of a cryproof Christmas, NYE, holiday season…


For a sultry cateye, Burberry’s Effortless liquid liner, is in fact as effortless as a liquid liner can be. Its no-nonsense applicator is precise and won’t budge. Pen-like liquid liners are much easier to use than those that need to be painted on. Another precise, long-wearing, and more budget friendly option is Eyeko’s Eye Do which comes with the invaluable Alexa Chung seal of approval.

For the lower lid, or just a smudgy, non-cateye look, liners with a gel formula work wonders and once dry, stay in place.

For a jet black, pick…Trish McEvoy Intense Gel Eye Liner.

For a smudgy gray, pick…Urban Decay’s 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil in Lure

For a classic charcoal, pick…Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Charcoal

For a bold blue, pickEstée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Eye Pencil in Electric Cobalt


For mascaras that can stand up to the toughest holiday battles, sibling fights, or just a teary viewing of an old favorite movie, try Urban Decay Cannonball or Eyeko Sport.

We wish you as few tears as possible, but if it happens, you’ll be all good in the makeup department. Promise!

How to Get Fashion Week’s Dreamiest Beauty Look

Ah Delpozo, how we adored this collection. The dreamiest, floatiest, most magical sequined and embroidered pieces… it was, as we noted then, worthy of bank robbery (though we don’t condone it and you didn’t get the idea from us.)

The kind of collection a girl could rob a bank for. @officialdelpozo FTW

A photo posted by Alyssa Shapiro (@alyssashapiro) on

If the garments are a bit out of range, at least we can replicate the makeup from the show — a wash of green with a dash of pink liner, hardly visible without a wink. Makeup artist Dana Rae tells us how it’s done:

Gather your supplies. You’ll need:
MAC Chromacake in Magenta
MAC Chromacake in Landscape Green
MAC Chromacake in Pure White
A plate for mixing
Wet/Dry eyeshadow brush (like #49 from NARS)
Extra fine eyeliner brush (we like Make Up For Ever)

The Steps

1. On the plate, mix Pure White and Landscape Green with a few drops of water until the desired pale green is achieved.

2. Using the wet/dry eyeshadow brush, sweep a wash of green on the lid to just below the crease.

3. With a wet liner brush dipped in the Magenta Chromacake, dot pink liner in between the lashes, and line the top lashes, keeping it delicate.

4. On the plate, mix the Magenta Chromacake with a bit of water and dab color in the center of the lip, working your way outward.

5. Wink and smile.



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Photographer: Jaesung Lee
Style Editor: Alyssa Shapiro
Makeup Artist: Dana Rae
Hair Stylist: Jason Murillo

Models: Sandra Rieder and Chloe Wheatcroft (Muse)

Chloe and Sandra wear bralettes by PRAE NYC.

Are You Cool Enough for Marc by Marc Jacobs Raver Girl Hair?

Tied for first in coolest hair of New York Fashion Week? The raver girl buns that Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley had the MBMJ models wearing on the spring runway. This look ain’t exactly for the shy… but we’re not complaining. Let hairstylist Jason Murillo break the look down for you.

Gather your supplies. You’ll need:
Three hair ties
Spray bottle filled with water
Bobby pins
Shine drops, like L’Oreal Smooth & Shine


The Steps

1. Start with slightly damp hair using the spray bottle.

2. Using the comb, section the hair into three parts equal at the front, middle, and back of the head, securing each in a ponytail.

3. Twist each section and wrap the hair around the base of each ponytail, securing with a bobby pin or two. Hide the loose ends with pins.

4. Pour 3-4 drops of shine serum into the palm of the hand, rubbing together to coat both palms, then lightly smooth over hair and buns to help maintain a wet look throughout the day.


Photographer: Jaesung Lee
Style Editor: Alyssa Shapiro
Hair Stylist: Jason Murillo

Makeup Artist: Dana Rae
Models: Chloe Wheatcroft and Sandra Rieder (Muse)

Chloe wears choker by Gabriela Artigas and Expose long line bra by Kiki di Montparnasse. Sandra wears Helene cross-back silk bralette by Prae.

Want more how-to action? Get the Proenza Schouler surfer gal swoop here.

Get the Hottest Beauty Look from the Spring Runways Right Now

What was the biggest beauty trend we saw on the spring runways? Braids. Middle-parted plaits, cornrows, French…. they were all over the place, everywhere, and we liked it. For an updo that feels both cool and lady, we turn to Bibhu Mohapatra, whose models wore personalized variations on the look — that means you can be on trend, and still do you.


Gather your supplies. You’ll need:
Hair gel, like Bumble and bumble’s Bb.gel
Shine spray, like Bumble and bumble’s shine on finishing spray
Bobby pins (a bunch of ’em)
Hair tie


The Steps

1. Start with damp hair, working a dime to quarter sized squeeze of gel from roots to ends.

2. Separate out the top portion of hair, and from that, use the comb to section off hair to the desired plait or cornrow sections — whatever suits you best!

3. Start a French braid close to the forehead, continuing back along the section and to the end of the hair. Pin it in place for now. Repeat for however many sections you’ve created.

4. Comb the lower portion of hair into a low ponytail, securing with a hair tie. Wrap the loose end o the pony around the base, and secure it with bobby pins.

5. Wrap the loose braids from the top section around the bun you’ve created with the low ponytail, and pin into place.

6. Finish with shine spray to keep the style in place and looking fresh.


Photographer: Jaesung Lee
Style Editor: Alyssa Shapiro
Hair Stylist: Jason Murillo

Makeup Artist: Dana Rae
Models: Chloe Wheatcroft and Sandra Rieder (Muse)

Chloe wears Infinite Tusk choker by Gabriela Artigas and edge cotton soft bra by Cosabella. Sandra wears the 14K Yellow Infinite Hook earring by Gabriela Artigas and Talco convertible logo soft bra by Cosabella.

Get the Chromat NYFW Beauty Look We Love

Model Kailee O’Sullivan poses for senior style editor Alyssa Shapiro after the Chromat show. Image via

Okay, so a set of bright orange dots mid-face might be a somewhat intimidating and slightly tricky beauty look to pull off on any given day, but it’s fashion week, and the doors of acceptability are wide open. We’re giving this one a try — those bright spots will distract from any sleep deprivation-induced dark circles, for sure.

MAC makeup artist Frances Hathaway put the look together on this one, and it’s all about beautiful, heroic women.

Do what you gotta do to get skin looking perfect but still fresh, brush up those eyebrows, and smack on some lip balm. Here’s what you’ll need to do for the eyes:

Step 1: Gather your tools. You’ll need an eyelash curler, a pencil eraser (probably still attached to the pencil for better grip), and your shadow of choice + matching pigment powder. Hathaway’s pro choice? MAC’s Chromacake — it’s a solid cake of opaque, matte, hyper-pigmented color — in Genuine Orange, along with the matching Pigment.

Step 2: Curl your lashes, but skip the mascara.

Step 3: Using the pencil eraser, dot on ultra-pigmented Chromacake after wetting the palette.

Step 4: Set it with the matching pigment.

Step 5: Pretend like you slept the full recommended seven to eight hours last night.

(We Are) Seeing Red: How to Wear It Right Now

Edythe (Marilyn) wears easy cutoff shorts, a red dress as a slouchy tee, and leather jacket with red details, all by Diesel. Photographed by Rodolfo Martinez.

Red splashed up all over the pre fall collections, from Thakoon to Opening Ceremony, Proenza Schouler, Moschino, Michael Kors, MSGM…

Classics like leather jackets, cutoff shorts, tees, and sweatshirts all make up a weekend wardrobe’s foundation. These easy to wear and simple pieces work wonders, especially come Saturday. Once you’ve got that part down, the question is how to turn it up a notch, without adding any hint of fuss. Our answer? Red.

Edythe, cozy in a roomy hoodie, still manages to show off her legs in this red hot leather mini skirt. All by Diesel.

Add a punch of red into an easy weekend foundation of black and attract just enough attention — as much as you’d want running between the dry cleaners, Whole Foods, and drinks in the Biergarten. Grounding an intense shade with leather, cotton, and denim will help you sink right into the weekend, even if it will draw extra eyes your way.

Photographer: Rodolfo Martinez
Fashion Editor: Alyssa Shapiro
Hair: Hikaru Hirano
Makeup: Ayindé Castro

Click here and here to see more of Rodolfo Martinez’s photos for Blackbook 

Witness the Birth of an Eddie Borgo Gemstone Pyramid Bracelet

Edythe wears the Eddie Borgo Graduated Pyramid Cuff. Photo by Rodolfo Martinez.

Ever wonder how your treasured jewels are made? The necklace you wear everywhere but the shower, or the rings you slip on before heading out on the town. We asked Eddie Borgo to get super-specific on the how-it’s-made of his beloved beauties. In this first part (of three) we witness the birth of the Graduated Pyramid Bracelet — an Eddie Borgo classic.

“Hand-sketching is always the first step.”
Eddie Borgo_Graduated Pyramid Bracelet Step 1

“After analyzing the raw stone, we are able to make cuts based on the shapes we need, then polish or sandblast. For the Gemstone Pyramid group, we used a sandblasting technique to achieve a matte, powdery finish on the stone.”
Eddie Borgo_Graduated Pyramid Bracelet Step 2

“With 3D renderings, we can also view styles in groups to help us see the full range of a collection before ever producing one physical sample. This is especially helpful when merchandising the collection.”
Eddie Borgo_Graduated Pyramid Bracelet Step 3_A“The animated rendering is a 3D model in a virtual studio. We are able to rate the model, zoom in and out, and even see the insides of the piece designed. This allows us to analyze every angle and see any potential manufacturing problems. The computer generates a still image of each angle of the piece and puts them together in a video animation to get a seamless look at the entire piece.”

Birth of an Eddie Borgo Graduated Pyramid Bracelet from BlackBook on Vimeo.

Final Product
“The Gemstone Pyramid bracelet and cuff with matte agate gemstones and a matte rose gold finish has become a best selling style for the season.”

Eddie Borgo_Graduated Pyramid Bracelet Step 5_A Eddie Borgo_Graduated Pyramid Bracelet Step 5_B



Edythe (Marilyn) wears the Eddie Borgo Graduated Pyramid Cuff
Photographer: Rodolfo Martinez
Hair: Hikaru Hirano
Makeup: Ayindé Castro
Fashion Editor: Alyssa Shapiro

Crop Your Tops: The Aughts Are Back

Photo by Justin Bridges

Remember when bootcut jeans were everything? When flip phones reigned and a girl couldn’t take a meandering lap around the high school track without replying coyly, “Guess?” to any boy who asked who made those jeans?

The ’90s may have had a pleasantly tight grip on fashion for the past few years, but hints are popping up that it may be time to embrace change and move onward… if not to the newest styles, then at least up to the early aughts. Crop tops are fresh again, and there’s no better way to wear those abbreviated shirts than how they originally looked best; Guess did bootcut best then, and the 33-year old year old American company’s handle of the style remains solid now.

It’s hard to find a designer who hasn’t worked a crop top into a collection recently; from Alexander Wang to Carven, you’d really be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t catching the early aughties wave.

Still, it’s nice to know that the brand who was there the first time will be there for you when you need them again, and we’re all kinds of crazy about those logo tanks.




Kat (Marilyn) wears Guess bootcut jeans and Nike Air Force 1 sneakers throughout. Get the look with this Guess striped sleeveless mock-neck crop top, the all-black version, or this Guess sleeveless double v-neck sweater.

Photographer: Justin Bridges
Fashion Editor: Alyssa Shapiro
Hair and Makeup: Margina Dennis

Special thanks to Pamela Bell.