Honk if You’re Hornitos: Lime Shots to Start the Weekend

Producers of super-ultra-premium (or whatever the euphemism for "expensive" is these days) tequilas are big on rejecting the party atmosphere that surrounds their spirit in the U.S. and insisting that their precious liquid always be sipped neat, from a stemmed glass, with nary a salt shaker or lime slice in sight. If Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 9 in E flat Major is playing in the background, all the better. This is all fine and good. Tequila was always better than its bacchanalian reputation, and the most elite bottles deserve to stand alone in classy environs. But it’s wrong to reject tequila’s rowdier connotations entirely. In the right circumstances, tequila shots are a blast, and many of the more affordable tequilas out there lose nothing when sandwiched between a lick of salt and suck of lime. After all, there’s nothing wrong with parties. I quite like them, actually. Which is why it was so much fun yesterday afternoon when a couple of reps from Hornitos Tequila brought by a few super-chilled bottles of their latest expression, Hornitos Lime Shot, and a bunch of shot glasses to the BlackBook and VIBE offices. We drank the tequila, stole the shot glasses, and started our weekend one day early, if only in spirit.

Hornitos Lime Shot is an affordable ($18-$20) tequila that saves you the trouble of shaking salt on your hand and slicing limes, since it’s made with natural lime flavor and a hint of salt. While you might miss the the lick-slam-suck ritual, you’ll find that the flavor sensation is all there. But just because Hornitos Lime Shot doesn’t cost more than your premium cable package, doesn’t mean it isn’t smooth. Hornitos has its tequila bona fides. It’s hecho’d en Mexico from 100% blue agave, double distilled, and unaged, so the essence of its terroir still comes through. It’s actually quite easy to drink, with none of the astringency and vegetal bitterness found in cheaper bottles.

And so we worked our way around the office, pouring and toasting, round after round, until it was prudent to wrap things up. The words "tasty," "smooth," and "give me two, I’ve had a day," were uttered. It seems the staff here has gotten over any bad tequila experiences from college and regrouped to give it another go, avoiding the sloppiness and finding an even better party this time around. You might try the same in your own office. Pour a round of chilled shots and set them in front of your co-workers, without asking if they want one. If our experience is any guide, you’ll find an acceptance rate of above 90%, a stellar performance for any business.

You can try Hornitos and many other tequilas at bars like Mayahuel in New York. For more great spots to do shots, peruse the BlackBook City Guides

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