Bigots Make Anti-Gay ‘Harlem Shake’ Video To Fight ‘Buggery’

First of all, no one says "buggery" anymore, Jamaica. And second of all, way to ruin Harlem Shake videos, bigots.

Huffington Post Gay Voices reports that a Christian anti-gay group called the Love March Movement is behind this somewhat sinister Harlem Shake video in which dancers hold signs warning that getting rid of Jamaica’s anti-buggery law will lead to pedophila and zoophila (that would be sex with animals). As per their Facebook page, "We are dedicated to representing Christ’s view on sexual sin, including homosexuality, and standing in love and prayer for our country."

Jamaica maintains its Offences Against Persons Act, dating back to 1864, which criminalizes sodomy (and conflates it with having sex with animals while doing so). Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller vowed during the last election to improve LGBTQ rights within the country, specifically by saying she would be fine appointing gay folks to her Cabinet.  Last October, two gay Jamaican men challenged the country’s anti-gay law on the grounds it is unconstitutional.

This hateful Harlem Shake video is a response to concerns that Jamaica is about to become one big tropical gay hell. Ugh. This is why we can’t have nice things. Not that Harlem Shake videos were a nice thing, but still. 

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Gay Men Assaulted At A Barbara Streisand Movie

Is there any more cliché place this could have occurred?

Some dickface assaulted two gay men in Lafayette, Louisiana, this week at a movie theater during a screening of the Barbara Streisand/Seth Rogen film, The Guilt Trip.

As reported by Queerty, Walt Jamison, 23, and his partner had just arrived at the theater to meet up with two friends when homophobic douchebag Joseph W. Menard Jr. started yelling anti-gay slurs at them. The partner asked Menard "Excuse me?", at which point Menard jumped out of his seat and began "screaming hate slurs peppered with profanities."

Someone else in the theater yelled at Menard to shut up, adding that she had her young children with her in the theater, Menard "insulted" her as well. Then Menard slapped Jamison’s partner on the back of the head and punched him in the face, knocking off his glasses, according to the Advocate.

Menard and his wife fled the theater, but were caught by police. Menard has been charged with two counts of battery and his wife with one count of resisting arrested. Queerty pondered why Menard was not hit with hate crime charges but said the district attorney could add those charges later. Here’s hoping they do and that bigot rots in jail.

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Azealia Banks Calls Perez Hilton A Faggot, Janet Mock Jumps In, Shitshow Ensues

Last week the Internet rolled its eyes at rappers Azealia Banks and Angel Haze and their sparring diss tracks. Kids today! In short order, Perez Hilton interjected himself into the debate and Banks lashed out, calling the openly gay blogger a "faggot" and asking him "does your butthole whistle?"

It seems like Banks was simply provoked by some finger-wagging posts published on Perez Hilton which chastised the two women for their "bickering" and "beef." 

Banks responded with tweets — which looks like it has been deleted:

@PerezHilton does your butthole whistle? Like is your butthole so stretched and raggedy the air whistles when you move?"

And then:

"omg u should just kill yourself… Like for real. lol what a messy f–got you are."

When other Twitter users rightly freaked out on Banks for her use of gay slurs, she got defensive and bullshitty, claiming that "faggot" isn’t really a gay slur. It’s a slightly-more-okay-somehow sexist slur!  She tweeted:  

She eventually apologized … sort of … but not really:

That could have been the end of it, maybe, save for more tweets for Banks licking her wounds.

But then Janet Mock, a former editor at People and a trans woman, jumped in with her own critique which made really good points yet stirred the pot even more (for some Twitter users, at least):

Mock also retweeted a fellow black feminist who agreed with her:

But she got a lot of pushback on Twitter from users accusing her of condoning Banks’ homophobia and misogyny by seemingly defending her and blaming Hilton, the victim in this scenario:

That all happened this morning. Thankfully it’s died down for now, most likely because everyone’s agents are screaming "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE STOP." 

Alas, recapping the continued bigotry in our popular culture probably never will die down …

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Does ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Continue A Disney Tradition Of Homophobia?

I haven’t yet seen Wreck-It Ralph, the newest computer-animated Disney film, but despite its favorable reviews and box-office success, it seems that the video game-inspired film has taken on a bit of the homophobic (and misogynist) nature of gamer culture. 

Huffington Post blogger Chris Bogia, who describes himself as "a 35-year-old gay man and life-long video gamer," shares his disappointment that not only does the film’s villain (the King Candy, voiced by Alan Tudyk) seem like a gay stereotype, but the film’s hero uses a seemingly harmless, yet homophobic, slur to describe him:

After some limp-wristed gesticulating by our villain, Ralph grabs him, shakes him, and calls the confectionary monarch a "nelly wafer" (it’s like Nilla Wafer, get it?)


That word is hardly thrown around these days, and I’m sure most young kids seeing Wreck-It Ralph wouldn’t know what it means. However, when entered into Google for anyone that didn’t already know it’s definition, here it is:

"Offensive Slang: Used as a disparaging term for an effeminate homosexual man."

There’s very little grey area here. The hero of the Disney animated movie I just saw shook the mincing, effeminate villain and called him a homophobic slur (after already insulting his decorating taste!).

Again, I haven’t yet seen the movie, but it’s particularly troubling. Bogia goes on, however, and brings up a point that I hadn’t really thought of before:

Disney (never mind the American film industry) has made yet ANOTHER of its villains an effeminate male. Let’s not forget Aladdin‘s Jafar, Lion King‘s Scar, Jungle Book‘s Sher Kahn and Robin Hood‘s Prince John (the last three mentioned are all feline by the way, which is weird, but I’m not writing a dissertation so I’m going to let that go for now). Disney could remove the "nelly" slur from later releases of Ralph (something they MUST do), but no team of animators is going to be brought in to "butch up" the poor King of Candy, just as no one has done anything about the other villains. Today children everywhere are safe from the racial implications of Song of the South’s contented singing slaves, but when will they be safe from blatant homophobia at the movies — at children’s movies no less?

Three’s certainly a trend, and putting the four aforementioned Disney villains in the front of my brain in one gay group certainly got the wheels in my head turning (especially Prince John in Robin Hood.) While "nelly" doesn’t have the sting of other gay slurs, it’s certainly not a term that we should be promoting to children and encouraging them, by way of an animated hero, to pick up as appropriate slang. 

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