Shop Enviable Hostess Gifts for Happier Holidays

Tis the season of houseguests, of seeing people you don’t normally see in their pajamas dressed in bedclothes reaching for coffee cups in host kitchens, of coming together to celebrate, and of wearing out one’s welcome. That last part can be delayed, though, if the guest in question brings a thoughtful, useful, beautiful hostess gift.

It’s for this reason that we’re delighted about Homenature, a home design staple on Long Island brought city-side in November by founder John Heilman and Tim DiSalvo.

The Flatiron store seems to have some sort of magical draw to it, with the noses of passers by glued to the windows as evidence. Once inside, there’s a clean, white oasis in the middle of Manhattan begging to be lived in. Or at least begging for a beautiful piece of tableware or a luxurious throw blanket to come home with you.

It is, as John puts it, very “American,” something close friend (and one of the store’s first customers) fashion designer Michael Kors would echo in sentiment and his own design. The mix of vintage and new, all beautifully crafted, clean, and restrained, are inviting, and boughs of pine and other stems and branches that grace the tops of tables and counters in the store add to the relaxed, fresh feel inside. These arrangements, too, are available to take home.

The 6,000 square foot space was designed by architect Peter Weed, and is filled with furniture, coffee table books, candles, cutlery, serve ware, glasses, and any other accessory it takes to make a home a home.


We think your host will enjoy an Argentinian alpaca blanket — doubly, you’ll surely get some use wrapping it around yourself and loved ones by the fireplace wherever the season takes you.

Homenature is located at 7 West 18th Street in New York, NY. Homenature is also open in Southampton at 6 Main Street, and in Amagansett by appointment.


Images courtesy of Homenature