Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Soothing Collaborative Short About Flickering Lights

While you were Instagramming your tacos at South By Southwest, actor, crowdsourced art maker and man-about-town Joseph Gordon-Levitt released a very lovely and relaxing new short through his collaborative production company, hitRECord. "Flickering Lights" is a collection of images of just that, opening with Mr. Gordon-Levitt addressing a packed auditorium, asking everyone to create some lights, creating a moment of collaboration and something pretty cool, actually, out of the usually tacky cell-phone-waving-at-a-concert activity ("I like the red ones," he notes.). 

Contributors from all over sent in video footage for the project of the flickering lights they encounter, from more natural interpretations, to sunlight radiating through the woods, to sparklers and carousels. A work from London-based poet Wirrow called "Give Me All the Flickering Lights," provides a narrative backbone. "i want them all it’s an addiction," Wirrow reads. "i want the christmas lights buried in snow/and the blips in science fiction/films from years ago." If you’re trying to get through the rest of the week, this might be a good YouTube break. Just watch, relax and let the lights soothe you into a state where you can do things again.