Watch ‘Sam Shepard: Stalking Himself’

There are few whose words I cherish more than that of Sam Shepard. And although last week we celebrated the birthday of the Pulitzer Prize-winning rock and roll jesus with a cowboy mouth, if that wasn’t enough to satisfy your craving for the haunted and dusty words and performances of Sam, you can now watch Sam Shepard: Stalking Himself, an autobiographical documentary that dives into the journey of an artist. We followed him on the act of writing his plays in a way that’s more intimate and candid than we’ve seen the director before—aside from Shepard & Darkwhich was filmed well after this had it’s premiere.

In the reflective and wonderful film we get a rare glimpse into his normally shielded life as we catch up with Sam at a “key stage along this route of self-discovery. In 1996, the Signature Theatre Company presented an entire season of his plays at the Public Theatre in New York. Spanning thirty years of writing, the season covered the one-acts of the Sixties, the rock and roll plays of the Seventies, the later works that feature Shepard’s recurrent preoccupation with the American family, and concluded with the premiere of his latest play.” Check out parts one through four below.