Exploring NY’s Top Hidden, Overlooked Restaurants

You, there! Over yonder! Summon that explorer spirit in you, and hop on board that ferry or subway, cause we’ve put together the map you need to discover the top underrated, hidden restaurants in New York. A fan of crunchy, spicy fried chicken? Fresh and crispy, cheese-smothered pizza? Broiled scallops? Fluffy French toast? These spots in each of the five boroughs offer completely different cuisines for you and your very diverse, complex, curious palate. Who needs the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria? Put on those walking shoes, rouse your hunger, and get ready for this merry dining adventure. 

Chicago Opening: Untitled

The sheer scale of Untitled, an 18,000-square-foot speakeasy, makes it a little hard to keep up such pretenses as "secret" or "underground lair." But it’s always better to cop your cocktail conceptualizing (and the food, for that matter) from the Prohibition Era than from the post-Millennial twee that haunts so many serious new imbibing destinations. And there’s something kind of cooly meta about calling your place Untitled (it’s sort of like naming your kid Noname).  

Make no mistake, this is no six-table basement hideaway. Rather, it is labyrinthine supper clubbing to the extreme, with a large-boothed dining area, a whiskey-focused library room, and a lounge with a bar the length of a couple of healthy giraffes. There are the usual text message procedures and special VIP keys and whatnot, to add the frisson of challenge to the proceedings.  All sorts of retro naughty entertainments will also be regularly proffered, with Bally Hoo! being the high-profile Friday night fete. Unititled…unfettered. 

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Los Angeles Opening: Kitchen Table

If you’ve been kicking rocks down the streets of the Old Bank District, hands deep in your pockets, lamenting the fact that there are zero rooftop options in the area to enjoy a rib eye or an artichoke salad… well, guess what? You’re a caricature and need some friends, but also you can raise your head because Kitchen Table opens today, and with it, a not-so-hidden hidden rooftop dining room.

Push through the charming blue and yellow doors, admire the chubby angels painted overhead, and smirk at the few tables around the intimate space. Before you can be shown a seat, simply request a table outside. Soon you’ll be dining al fresco, ordering that rib eye or the pork belly or Alaskan cod, enjoying a rooftop view and a glass of red.