How To Get Rihanna, JLo, & Katie Perry’s Grammy Looks

Sure, the Grammy’s were all about all that singing stuff, but let’s get to the shallow basics: people looked hot. Most notably, Rihanna, JLo, and Katy Perry. How did they look classic, glowy, and dollface? Well, I’m glad you asked… here’s BlackBook’s resident makeup artist Leah Bennett – whose work has graced the runways of London and New York – to give you the step-by-step on the trends.


Classic beauty-look never dates, and can be worn by all skin tones. The key with this look is not to overdo eyes, cheeks, or lips, but to create a balance and dimension in the face.

1. Choose a red that will suit your skin tone, whether it be a blue undertone, fuschia, or an orange undertone. Have fun and mix and match.

2. Skin should be dewy and fresh. Using a luminous foundation, such as Hourglass’s tinted moisturizer, which will give you that natural glow.

3. Use a natural concealer, like MAC’s select concealer, and layer where needed under the eyes, nose, and chin. The skin should be a flawless canvas.

4. For eyes, use gold tones or sliver and natural colors; these compliment that sexy red lip like miss Rihanna’s. But the key is in the lashes: use MAC’s number 7 for a natural voluptuous flare that opens and dramatizes the eye, completing that classic beauty look.

Jennifer Lopez

JLo can do no wrong. This look is about accentuating all your natural features. Contour, contour, contour.

1. JLo is the queen of dewy, glowy skin (evidence here)! Use Copacabana’s highlighter bars and mix in your choice of foundation. This will give you that extra boost of glow and light, and will reflect off the skin, creating that picture-perfect runway skin finish. Then, use a MAC’s matte bronzer to contour the cheekbones, chin and hair line. Blend and sculpt.

2. Frame the brows with Hourglass’s brow pencil, and comb hair upwards, framing the face.

3. Stila’s all-day liquid eyeliner will create that bold, ‘60s eyeliner look. JLo has framed her top and bottom lash line to create drama. This look is all about soft but strong angles, creating a skinnier face shape.

4. Keep a neutral lip to balance the luminous skin. This look is timeless and can be worn day and night.

Katie Perry

With Katie, it’s all about shimmer and metallic to reflect light and open the eyes.

1. Use taupe or gold as your base color, and matte dark black navy to contour the socket line. Thick liner is best to create drama to the eye top and bottom.   Like Katie, use a black pencil on the inner rim, such as MACs smolder eyeliner to create a sassy eye. Lashes are a must.

2. For the skin, create a natural matte finish with MAC’s pro longwear foundation. This will give you that doll face finish, and last all day.

3. Since this look is all about the eyes, keep the skin mild by opting for a neutral bronzer to sculpt the cheekbones, dusting lightly.

4. And here’s a trick for your lips: mix your concealer with a touch of gloss to create that perfect nude.

Scientists Have Figured Out How to Make Bacon From Scratch

You remember a few years ago when everyone discovered bacon and got a total boner about it? And then we had bacon-flavored ice cream and bacon-flavored chocolate and bacon-flavored pretzels and we started eating bacon cereal because isn’t the idea of bacon for breakfast such a novelty? Bacon! We were cuckoo for cocoa puffs about bacon. We were all that stupid dog who loves bacon so much about bacon. Well, Bacon Mania XXIV is still among us, apparently, because some scientists in Europe have figured out how to make bacon out of stem cells.

Blame it on the Dutch!

In an effort to make meat production more humane, alleviate hunger and help curb global warming, Dutch researchers have developed a way to grow edible meat in the laboratory from the stem cells of pigs. Although the lab-grown strips of meat don’t yet taste or look much like pork (researchers say it has the consistency and feel of scallop), the ramifications for the new technology on the world’s food supply could be significant.

"If we took the stem cells from one pig and multiplied it by a factor of a million, we would need one million fewer pigs to get the same amount of meat," said Mark Post, a biologist at Maastricht University involved in the project.

Uh, y’all know we…can just get bacon from pigs? Like, we don’t have to make bacon from stem cells because we already have bacon. You guys are aware of this, right? Because we don’t have to make fake meat that looks like scallops because we actually have real meat that looks like meat. Hell, we have fake meat that looks like meat. 

You know what we still don’t have? A cure for cancer. So, uh, get on that, scientists. Cancer first, fake bacon second.