Make Up For Ever’s Oil Spill Fix

I’m Blessed With Genes That Make Me Look Dewy At All Times. That is a practiced, positive mantra that I’ve constructed to reframe the fact that I, like 60 percent of the population, have oily skin. Without going into the details, I’ve tried everything to keep the shine at bay, and other than that daily affirmation, nothing has worked. A midday powder touch-up used to go over about as well as filling the BP oil leak with tennis balls: uneven coverage, and ten minutes later the slick stuff would yet again breach surface. Which is why I adore Make Up For Ever’s HD Microfinish Powder. HD Microfinish is sheer flawlessness in powder form.

It’s a universal, invisible finishing powder that gives a “soft focus” effect to skin. The invisibility factor, in my case, is key. Flesh-colored formulas tend to darken and appear cakey on oily skin. But the extremely refined, round micro-particles in HD Microfinish allow light to reflect off them, thereby softening – and ultimately masking – imperfections, as it mattes skin. It’s to oily complections what cement is to the BP oil spill. (Too soon for hair-brained beauty similies?)