Pump Up The Jams: A Dub-Tastic Mix From Wild Belle

Blowing up the Internet with their nouveau dub inspired sound, Chicago-based brother-sister twosome Wild Belle’s infectious track “Keep You” was hands-down one of the sonic highlights of the summer. With hypnotizing, paired-down percussion, swaying straight-from-Jamaica rhythms, and frontwoman Natalie Bergman’s tough girl lyrics, Wild Belle’s sound is freshly modern yet rooted in the soulful-yet-smooth dub tradition. Elliot Bergman—Natalie’s multi-instrumentalist older brother—meshes West African influences and a 1970s dance-ready splendor that appeals to indie kids and dance floor fixtures alike.

Today the Bergman siblings shared a mixtape featuring their favorite tunes and sonic inspirations. The mix is late summer perfection, featuring an of-the-moment jam from the Dirty Projectors, a dreamy swaying reggae-tinged love-centric tune from Jennifer Lara and an off-the-wall psych freakout from Dr. John. Celebrate the last vestiges of the season with Wild Belle’s seamless mix and watch out for their forthcoming debut album.

Mars Curiosity Rover to Broadcast will.i.am Single

While they predicted the end of world in 2012, we don’t think the Mayans could have known that the solar system would also come to its untimely end so soon—and thanks to such seriously bad tunes.

Today NASA dropped the news that the Mars Curiosity rover will rock the solar system with the premiere of Black Eyed Peas front man will.i.am’s latest single “Reach for the Stars” tomorrow afternoon. Be prepared for a total cosmic meltdown and intergalactic gagging to ensue.

Sleigh Bells Go Emo With New Video for “End of the Line”

Best known for adrenaline-fuelled anthems—and front woman Alexis Krauss’s perfectly tattered hot pants—Brooklyn-based rock duo and denim enthusiasts Sleigh Bells take a dreamy nostalgic approach with their latest video for smoothed-out track “End of the Line.” Sleigh Bells guitarist Derek Miller, who told us back in February that the song is "quite possibly the darkest I’ve ever written," helped co-direct the new vid that features indie hottie Krauss wandering around aimlessly in a so-bad-it’s-good Laura Ingalls-inspired seventies nightie and showing off her mad sidesaddle bicycling skills. Check this twosome on tour this fall in support of their badass sophomore effort Reign of Terror

Photo by Flora Hanitijo