Gallery1988 Melrose Art Show ‘Young Adult’ Salutes Tween Fiction

Considering how many art shows there have been as of late dealing with matters of pop culture and nostalgia, it was pretty much implied that someone would curate a show paying homage to the teen literary classics of yesteryear, from Sweet Valley High to Nancy Drew to Harriet the Spy to Goosebumps. And it makes sense—tween lit has been a source of fantastic inspiration for the young artists and creators of today, from journalists who first got the itch from Harriet’s neighborhood snooping to the fashion bloggers and designers inspired by the aesthetic of Claudia Kishi (eat your heart out, Gaga) to the gawky student filmmakers who first got addicted to gore and horror through R.L. Stine’s creepy characters.

And those curators are Jensen Karp and Katie Cromwell of the pop-culture-centric Gallery1988 Melrose in Los Angeles and the team at HelloGiggles, the culture and lifestyle site fronted by Zooey Deschanel, Molly McAleer and Sophia Roast, whose online community chose the theme for the show. The exhibition, titled "Young Adult," will premiere with a party this Saturday, February 2nd, and stay on display through the 23rd, and feature more than 60 talented female artists working in many mediums. Works—which can be sampled via a gallery at LAist—range from Lauren Gregg’s lovely cartoonish print saluting Harriet the Spy to Kristin Tercek’s colorful HorrorLand tourist to Michelle Coffee’s creepy felted Night of the Living Dummy tribute. No words yet on whether or not this will include a supplementary sartorial tribute to Claudia Kishi, but we can only dream.