Hangover Survey: The Rusty Knot’s Party Bus

Ah, yes: The Rusty Knot. It’s The Spotted Pig and The Breslin owner, hotspot-alchemist Ken Friedman’s ingenious tribute to east coast beachside nautical dives, at the lovely “maritime” locale of the West Side Highway and West 11th Street. This sometimes presents a problem for partygoers who want to get themselves over there, since it is a bit of a trek to the coast, as it were. Friedman, ever the innovator, has decided to enlist the services of a “party bus” — and my new favorite website — to carry a group of drunk, potentially costumed revelers to his establishment.

(‘DiggThis’)The bus includes free beer, dancing, and — yes — people who’re actually in costume. It stops in Williamsburg (Bedford and 7th) and the East Village (1st Ave and 1st Street) twice a night before making its way to the West Side Highway, where it pukes out a bunch of drunkasses into the Knot. As this was the USS Rusty’s maiden voyage, we figured it’d be worth perusing the Internets to pick up reports of how it went. And how did it go?

Via Eater, EV Grieve filed the following report:

Two people were waiting to board. Three more people hustled across First Avenue… other passengers included three-four people who were waiting inside at One and One…and three guys who arrived on skateboards. So 12 by my count. No one was in costume. And only two people sort of squealed while boarding.

But by the sound of it, the Williamsburg pickup might’ve had a little more luck. Behold, the power of Twitter:


Some revelers had questionable (or possibly: reasonable) expectations for the USS Rusty, who may have been disappointed.


Everybody who’s designer Justin Thomas Kay’s somebody can be found in one place: Drunk on Friedman’s bus, obviously.

image Brooklyn-based DJ Chris Hires clearly has no regrets about the evening.


Old Man (William) Tigertt, Friedman’s fellow hot spot resto owner (Freeman’s), notes the contextual insanity before him as the USS Rusty has its “Land, Ahoy!” moment, and as any good operator would, eggs them on.

From the sound of it, we might be required to set sail, ourselves. Tune in next week, as we see what the fate of the USS Rusty holds for drunk, raging partygoers who dare sail the treacherous concrete seas that are Lower Manhattan.