Your Third Hangover: The Funniest Critic Reviews Of ‘Hangover Part 3’

Like most hangovers, the third one is just not quite as fun as the first – and so is the consensus of The Hangover Part III, which opened today. But that doesn’t stop critics from making some hilarious one-liners about it, whether they meant to or not. Here’s the funniest:

  • "It is somehow even worse than the second." – FOX News
  • "Mr. Chow is more than just a silly, bisexual coke head this time around. He’s clearly a sociopath." –
  • "Entitled fraternity dicks return to The Hangover Part III." – The Village Voice
  • "Galifianakis does hairy man child better than anyone since Robin Williams." – Total Film
  • "This is nothing short of a tragedy." – Vulture
  • "Mr. Chow goes full frontal. Can we ever erase the image from our minds?" – She Knows
  • "SPOILER ALERT: there is no hangover." – Screen Crush

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Screenwriter for ‘Hangover III’ Already Hired

Oh, like you didn’t see this coming. Hangovers one and two were such smashing successes that the inevitable third installment is due to arrive so much sooner than we could have ever wanted it to. Warner Bros. has hired a screenwriter for Part Trois, and guess what? It’s one of the guys who worked on part two, Craig Mazin. He’s saying that the third movie will break the franchise’s formula. Really?

According to Perez, this is what Mazin had to say about the third movie:

“I think the third movie ends with Doug staring at a row of crosses in a graveyard. It’s everyone – his wife, his family is dead, everybody from the first movie is dead. Somebody shows up and tells him his dog is dead. As for the thought of The Wolf Pack losing another integral member of someone’s wedding party, Phillips has previously said that his idea for a third film in the franchise would be something completely different by breaking the now familiar formula of the first two. Honestly, that’s the only way I would really be interested in a third one.”

We can assume Mazin was kidding about the graveyard thing, right? There’s just no way. Funny that the screenwriter would allow his obvious cynicism about the series to come across in a public statement. Whatever, though: there’s nothing he could do at this point to stop the juggernaut that is The Hangover, even in spite of reviews like this one from Salon: Hangover II simply recycles the bachelor-party-gone-awry gags from the 2009 summer hit, in a new and supposedly grittier context where the cast seems ill at ease, with much less comic effect and a lot more homophobia and xenophobia. It’s a dumb, ugly and, most of all, painfully unfunny movie.” Or this one from the Wall Street Journal: “I can’t believe how precisely everything does happen again, except that what was fresh and surprising in Las Vegas turns rancid and predictable in Bangkok, where yet another wedding is scheduled to take place.” These reviewers seem to forget that predictability is what American audiences love best! Here’s to a predictably dumb The Hangover III.