Hollywood Club H.Wood Launches Beauty Line

You can always pick up a t-shirt branded with a nightclub’s logo in a city like Las Vegas. But in Hollywood, could you imagine a club like the Tea Room succumbing to such garish impulses? Us neither. Instead, when the small bar adjacent to larger parent club H.wood launched an organic cosmetics line last night, they did it the classic way – with a party.

From what we can tell, this is the first beauty line inspired by a nightclub, and the suite of lady products appear to be an early hit. At the official launch on Monday night, women seemed to swoon over the lip gloss and other items, as the DJ played soul-infused hip-hop. Already, Tea Room regulars like Katy Perry are fans of the line, which is likely to hit national department store counters soon.

The owners like dropping Rihanna’s name when asked who else is down with the organic cosmetic line, which touts itself as “holistic” and “tea-inspired.” As a man who looks at MAC stores as if they were alien pods, I was blown away by the Tea Room’s candles lighting up the room. They also double as a lotion once melted, so you can simultaneously scald and heal yourself. It’s good for your skin. We commend H.wood/Tea Room co-owner John Terzian for devising ways to keep his club fresh in the face of serious competition in the area. Pun so intended.

Los Angeles by Night: DJ Lindsay Luv’s Itinerary

The ever-affable Lindsay Luv has one of the sunniest personalities in nightlife. It’s only fitting, then, that after eight years of living and DJing in New York, the east coast girl picked up and moved to Los Angeles. “I was offered a big summer residency at Mondrian Skybar to DJ their pool parties, and I decided it was time to try to expand my career,” says Luv. The west coast is a great place to do that—it’s the best move I could have made, both professionally and personally.” In less than six months, Luv found she was overbooked, suddenly becoming a DJ favorite among celebrities and booking LA hotspots like H. Wood and XIV. She landed in the pages of People magazine, thanks to a report that Britney Spears headed to Mondrian Skybar by herself, just to check out Luv on the decks. ABC’s former Bachelorette, Deanna Pappas, had Lindsay spin her engagement party, and Neve Campbell had Luv spin her private birthday bash at the London Hotel. Needless to say, she’s gotten to know her way around the LA party scene pretty quickly. Here’s her take on LA nightlife.

Name: Lindsay Luv Professional Resume: DJ, Producer, Fashionista, Blogger, ‘Girl About Town’ One Word to Describe Nightlife in Los Angeles: Glitzy

City Loves Favorite lunch spot: Local in Silver Lake for homemade farmer’s market inspired comfort food, Cactus Taqueria for the best tacos on the go! • Favorite dinner spot: Pace for hard-to-find-in-LA wood burning oven pizza and pastas and an incredible wine list; XIV on Sunset for this amazing homemade naan and yogurt dip, in place of bread, to start off a fantastic meal; Malo in Los Feliz for dope Mexican food and a hip scene.

Favorite Nightlife Trend: Poolside Parties, day or night—year round! You never know who might float by or jump in! • Drink of Choice: Kettle, Soda, Lime • Meal of Choice: Spicy Tuna on Grilled Rice Cakes and the Yuzu Octopus Spicy Tako Roll paired with a Pear and Parmesan Martini at Katana on the outdoor roof deck. • Favorite group of people to bump into: The staff at Mondrian Skybar! Everyone from the bus boys to the GMs to the door guy and in between have become like family to me! An eclectic and fun staff all around, and we all have been known to hit up a diner late-night after a crazy party.

City Gripes: Nightlife trend you loath: Sparklers. Omgggg Sparklers!!! • Drink: Mojitos! All that mint stuck in your straw or, even worse, your teeth! Yuck! • Meal: Drive-through greasy fast food. Hit up a more personal taco truck instead! • Group of people to bump into: People with bad requests that won’t leave me alone. “Will you play ‘I’ve Got a Feeling’ again?” Ugh! Or obnoxious drunks.

Her Hotspots: Most night’s I’m working, DJing either special events, or clubs, so I go where the dex are. But here are my favorite spots.Monday: TeaRoom: I spin many Mondays and events there and love this place! They have great events for a variety of fashion, industry and celebrity clients! Also, late night at Teddy’s at The Roosevelt Hotel. •Tuesday: XIV SBE Group Industry Dinner that I spin from 8-11PM followed by the backroom at Trousdale. Great night all around! •Wednesday: Las Palmas. Dance on couches, see and be seen, and pick up great tacos at their stand on your way out! •Thursday: Mondrian Skybar where I spin all night—from 10PM to 2AM. Hotspot! You never know who will make a cameo. •Friday: The Edison (downtown) is an underground vault/factory -like haunt with amazing absinthe cocktails and a refined dress code; Little Bar, a local dive that was made over on my favorite HGTV show, “The Antonio Treatment.” •Saturday: Bronson Bar for rock music and whiskey. I love spinning all rock guest sets there, they actually mean rock when they say it! Wurstküche, downtown for sausages and beer, and indie/electro. •Sunday: I need a break! Costco? Home Depot? Target? OMG, I love Target!


Every night: Bronson Bar. It’s like the dive bar version of Cheers that plays great rock music, and is unpretentious. Or Mondrian Skybar for a poolside table all seasons all hours. I love the SPIN room too, because Ping Pong is ALWAYS a good time! •Wouldn’t be caught dead here: Friday or Saturday nights anywhere in Hollywood, unless I am DJing. It is MAYHEM! But when I’m spinning in Hollywood: bring on the masses!!! •For special occasions: Katana or Pace for romantic ambience, and incredible food. Disneyland for straight fun, California style. Disneyland is a great date at night when the kids are heading home! Plus you can ride Thunder Mountain until you throwup! •Brunch is usually: Kings Road Café, ask for everyone’s favorite waiter: John! Griddle Café for pancakes as big as you are!

Lucent Dossier Experience to Get Up Close and Personal at H.Wood

The Lucent Dossier performance troupe is back. After taking a hiatus from its year-long residency at the faux-speakeasy to end all speakeasies (The Edison), the Burning Man-inspired collective is heading to H. Wood, which struck me as an unusual and possibly provocative pairing. H. Wood is where the short-lived but fabulous Diamond Dogs party was held — and it’s essentially a remnant of a strip mall refashioned in a nightclub by Amanda Demme. We talked to Lucent founder Dream Rockwell yesterday. In the midst of prepping for the big night tonight, she told us about how H. Wood’s much more modern and minimal decor will affect their performances.

“It’s a really cool space,” she said of the club. “It’s broken up into tiny rooms. It has a super intimate feel to it. … We’ll be doing wandering performances, aerial stuff. There are different ways of being inside that particular space.” As a result, she said, they are going to do micro-performances: “There’s not really one open room. It’s primarily hallways and nooks and crannies. We’re going to fill those nooks and crannies with wacky little performances throughout the venue.”

Those performances — in addition to the aerial acts and burlesque- and cabaret-inspired stuff — will also be one-on-one. You’ll be getting up close and personal with the troupe. “We’re going to be a lot more of our service stations. We do the Post Portal Post Office — where we deliver messages, letters that have been lost in other dimensions,” she giggles. “We have the elixir man, aura readings, and I think we’re doing a teddy bear tea party. There’s ego massage.”

What is the world is and ego massage, you might ask yourself? She gives a mischievous cackle. “Aha haha. You’ll have to come and find out.”

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[Photo Credit: Phil Holland]

Ryan Seacrest Plans ‘Extreme Life Makeover: Lindsay Lohan Edition’

imageOnce upon a time, down by N’awlins, probably in the French Quarter, there was a princess who was fairest in all the land. There was also a creepy frog who wanted a French kiss from the fairest princess in all the land. ‘Cuz it’s the French Quarter. And then — oh, crap! This isn’t a copywriting assignment where I have to concoct generic back-of-DVD text for Disney’s latest fairy tale conquest is it? Well, I guess that makes some sense as neither Ryan Seacrest nor Lindsay Lohan are near the Big Easy. And that it’s mystifying to figure out who’s the princess and who’s the frog. And while no amount of kissing occurred (perish the thought!), the two did have something of an illicit tryst, where their foreplay led to something worse. Not procreation, but creative genesis. With their powers combined, Seacrest and Lohan hope to unleash a reality show on America so terrifying that it would make us yearn for the fame-mongering ways of Demonella and her beau.

The duo was out at H’wood, sipping Tokyo Teas, playing games of M.A.S.H, and occasionally verging on reality TV epiphany. Then they parted. But before he got home to write in his Interior Reflections diary in pink gel pen, Seacrest — who is responsible for foisting Kim Kardashian and Denise Richards on us in any extended capacity — twittered, “Met with Lindsay last night about a show idea I have for her … it helps people and gives others a second shot! Still putting it all together.”

And because synergy is sensational, Lohan hurried home from H’wood, too. Four bus transfers and a 14-minute walk later, she got home and twittered, “Working on a really great project for television — I am excited! Something meaningful like Extreme Home Makeover on ABC … :)” The angle of the reality show is to give people who’ve majorly effed up a second chance in life … and the additional incentive of a million dollars. Lohan will be the judge of whether people will remain in the running to be America’s Next Not-Lindsay Lohan. Which sounds especially dubious for too many reasons, one being that just this morning, she was given a citation for blasting music at 4:20. Linds, sweetheart, no matter how loudly you blare “Built This Way”, Sam Ronson will not come back to you.

Diamond Dogs, There’s No Place Like Home

As a Los Angeleno for just over a year, I sometimes feel adrift here in this sunny, endlessly summertime city. Where are the freaks and the geeks, the people who don’t give a flying F about impressing a studio executive, the people who don’t care about Paris or the latest celebutard, the people who don’t think writing a screenplay is all there is to life in L.A.? Where are the rough boys, the bad girls, the trannies, the rockers, the goths, the cool kids, the nerds? Turns out they were all at Diamond Dogs last Thursday night, and from the looks of it (see full gallery), likely to be there every Thursday night from here until infinity.

Only in Los Angeles would the next-best thing be held in a club that is essentially part of a mall. H. Wood, formerly the Stork, sits in the shadow of the Kodiak Theatre, where the world’s most glamorous event, the Oscars, are held every year. The crowd at Diamond Dogs aimed for their own version of glamour. Spanning the decades, they borrowed from 70s glam, 80s new wave, 90s techno, and the post-modern aughts. They had pink hair, and wore glittery tops, and bared lots of cleavage, and donned Russian-style fur caps, and, always wore lots and lots of makeup.

As is often the case at these types of parties, the nobodies are just as fabulous, if not more so, than the somebodies — of which there were plenty: Rose McGowan and Dita Von Teese, Mischa Barton, Frank Infante and Clem Burke of Blondie, Adam Levine and James Valentine of Maroon 5, Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, and many more.

Bryan Rabin, promoter/mastermind of the affair, got into the glam act, too. He stood at the door greeting his people wearing a white bejeweled Bob Mackie tux that would have made Fat Elvis very very jealous, and he explained that he was coming to direct the circus and needed to dress the part of the ringmaster.

The crowd also spanned the decades age-wise. There were lots of exclamations of “Oh my God! I haven’t seen you in soooo long!” as we made our way through the dark, crowded hallways.

I am not sure I’ve ever seen a party built for both the young’uns and the older-and-wiser types. The last time I saw 20-year-olds mingle with 60-year-olds (yes, there was one much older gentleman with a shock of white hair wearing a dapper scarf around his neck, walking around with a cane) was a David Mancuso Loft party in New York.

Indeed, the whole evening was very “New York” — the place, as well as the feeling. I felt very much at ease, as if I was attending a Motherfucker for the 30-something set. It was a perfect mix of gay and straight — my friend dubbed the crowd “medium gay,” which means it’s just about right, like the Three Little Bears’ porridge.

Of course, that homey, sleazy East Village feeling that you can’t even get in the East Village anymore was partially made possible by all the former and current New Yorkers in the crowd. I ran into G-Spot, known to many East Villagers as the hot man behind the bar at the Cock; he was with Heather Liteer, who is still a New Yorker, but was visiting. Squeezebox mastermind Michael Schmidt was in attendance, and everywhere you looked, there were references to a long-gone era in a once-interesting city. Even the window panes of the club (designed by Amanda Scheer-Demme) were supposedly grafted from Warhol’s Loft. DJ Kelly Cole spun Fischerspooner, the Breeders, Joan Jett, Girls v. Boys, L7. Images of Leigh Bowery flashed overhead. Go-go dancers flashed flesh and rhinestones. We weren’t just in Hollywood, or in a facsimile of long-ago eras in New York or London. We were in that eternal Downtown. We were home.

Week 2 of Diamond Dogs is tonight and forever and ever again. Lucky you.

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The Return of Bryan Rabin @ Diamond Dogs

imageBryan Rabin, the Hollywood promoter behind the much-loved party Club Cherry, which closed in 2001, is back. “I’m coming out of retirement,” he told us at Telekinesis the other night. Sporting a long-haired do worthy of Joey Ramone, he handed us a large black flyer bearing the image of a Roxy Music cover on one side, and the name of a David Bowie song on the other.

The party’s called “Diamond Dogs” and opens tonight at H. Wood. He’s working with Ian Cripps and Kelly Cole (he of the Black & White bar in NYC and the long-closed, infamous Spy), and he’s got a list a mile long of fabulous types attending, including, he said, everyone from editors at W magazine to Hollywood people to “pure fools.”

Indeed, he’s got everyone — from former Squeezebox mastermind Michael Schmidt to LA Weekly scribe Lina Lecaro to club kid escapee James St. James to B. Akerlund — on his invite.

“Hey,” I said, pointing to a name I recognized: life coach to the stars and occasional “Charm School” lass T.C. Conroy, who, as it happens, was my guest for the evening. “I know her.”

She leaned in and said, “Pure fool.”

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