Playing Peekaboo With Adele, Tracey Emin, Jerry Hall, Cara Delevingne + More

Adele’s signature lashes garnish the singer’s Fendi Peekaboo iteration.

In conjunction with the May opening of Fendi’s London latest (on New Bond Street if you’re in the area,) the Italian fashion house announced its collaboration with 9 iconic women, asking the celebs to personalize a Peekaboo. Tracey Emin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Adele, Jerry Hall, Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger, Kate Adie, Naomie Harris, and Tanya Ling all took part.

Starting today, the bags will be on view at the new London location. They’ll also be on auction online, with all proceeds going to Kids Company. Bids start at GBP 15k.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Her Goop on Clothing

As much as I’d like to, I can’t hate on Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s an A-list actress, is married to that Coldplay dude, used to date Brad Pitt, can sing her ass off, can cook her ass off, is in ridiculous shape, is (sometimes) friends with Madonna, can name her kids Apple and Moses without flinching and, above all, is best friends forever with Jay-Z and Beyonce. She also has a weekly e-newsletter named Goop that, despite its pun-worthy name, is actually pretty popular within the blogosphere—so much so that Paltrow has managed to commission her favorite designers to create limited-edition clothing for it on a weekly basis.

Last week, the actress unveiled the first Goop Collection garment, which was an exclusive tee designed by LA-based luxury basics purveyors, Kain Label. Posed as a modernized version of the essential wardrobe staple, the T-shirt’s $90 price tag is defended by fancy add-ons, like grosgrain piping on the sides and shoulders, which was inspired by tuxedo tailoring. This week’s piece is a $200 wide-leg jean by denim label MiH. Most flattering on super tall girls like Paltrow, The Marrakesh come in an "unwashed pure denim" style and feature a retro faded flair.

While Goop Collection’s designs are classic enough to appeal to a wide range of consumers, the price tag is a little less relatable. Would you wear Goop? Would you buy Goop?

Last Night’s Top Oscar Fashion Debates

This year’s Oscars style was peppered with lots of red, white, nude and sequins. There were a few hands-down winning looks (Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace, Rooney Mara in Givenchy Haute Couture) and some not-so-winning looks (Sandra Bullock in Marchesa, Cameron Diaz in Gucci Premiere). There were also a handful of stars sporting curious looks that are still up for debate, namely Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Stone and Shailene Woodley. Now, let’s assess the situation.

First up is Paltrow in FW12 Tom Ford. While I was a high-flying fan of her column dress and dramatic cape combo, E! deemed it "quirky," adding: "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Super Goop!" Overall, the majority of fashion insiders gave Gwyn’s stylish statement an enthusiastic thumbs up, while the more conservative fashion crowds continue to scratch their heads.

Votes for Emma Stone, on the other hand, are progressively veering toward the "don’t" side for all viewers, like the hilarious gals from Go Fug Yourself. The only reason this situation saddens me in particular is because I attended the red carpet arrivals yesterday and saw her Giambattista Valli Haute Couture dress in the flesh, and it was actually a deep fuschia in person, contrary to popular belief. On camera the dress was this bright annoying red, which, combined with the huge bow, made her look about two months late for Christmas.

And last but not least, we have Shailene Woodley in a long-sleeved number by Valentino Haute Couture. While HuffPost wondered whether the look was "too stuffy," for  the young Descendants actress, bloggers Tom and Lorenzo said it was "way too Nixon daughter," which I totally get. 

How do you think these stars faired?


Life, Faith, & Jewelry: Meet Vita Fede Designer Cynthia Sakai

It’s the day before the Billboard Music Awards, and Cynthia Sakai has been hard at work pulling pieces from her wildly popular jewelry line, Vita Fede (life & faith in Italian), to adorn the likes of Selena Gomez, Alicia Keys, Avril Lavigne, Ke$ha, and Jessica Alba for the big event.

“They are such a diverse group of women, but the beauty of Vita Fede is anyone can take our pieces and mix them into their own style,” says Sakai over the phone from her L.A. office. The number of famous women photographed in her pieces read like a laundry list of who’s who: Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Nicki Minaj, Mindy Kaling, and Anne Hathaway, to name a few. 

Vita Fede’s Italian-made creations have amassed an army of celebrity du jour devotees any designer would kill for. And just imagine: these priceless endorsements were acquired without a powerhouse PR team behind the brand wooing these sought-after clients. Sakai’s understated and timeless collection is enough to have celebrities contacting her office.

“Probably eight out of 10 calls or emails we get is about pieces they wore on a photo shoot,” she notes. Like the time Victoria Beckham’s assistant called from a magazine shoot to buy a ring Beckham just had to own.

Sakai insists that she doesn’t put more weight on her rich and famous fans than she does her average customers (“It’s all exciting, really!’). She often searches Instagram’s Vita Fede hashtags to see how people are stacking the different pieces, and often leaves comments.

“Social media has played a big role for us. It was really organic and nothing that we even planned,” she says when talking about the company’s substantial social media presence. “As opposed to magazines where an editor or a stylist curates the pieces, social media is just normal customers showing you what they like. It’s real genuine.”

But when she got an email about styling Gwyneth Paltrow for the Iron Man 3 premiere and the actresses’ book signing event, she admits to being very thrilled at the opportunity to work with the red-carpet veteran. “I just love her and her style. She is so chic.”

In the last two years, Vita Fede has been the first name in chic costume jewelry, leading the shift from the over-embellished designs that have dominated, to the clean and modern aesthetic that has now become de rigueur in fashion.

Although, when Saki first launched her line back in 2009, the feedback was less than welcoming for her brand of geometric accessories at a time when boho and vintage was the all the rage.

“People would ask why don’t you make things with beads, strings, or embroidery. That just wasn’t what I liked or would wear,” she recalls.

In fact, the line’s signature piece, the Titan, a hinged bangle with distinctive cone details, was deemed ugly by her Italian factory and outdated by her own business partner.

“When it came in, no one liked it or even noticed it for the first year.” Fast forward to the last year-and-a-half, and the Titan has reached “It” status, eliciting “ooohs and ahhhs” from celebrities, bloggers, and everyone in between.

Vita Fede’s pièce de resistance has since ignited a slew of knockoffs.  “I knew the Titan was very cool. It’s a classic piece with a bit of an edge that works for all women.” Sakai credits a button on her grandmother’s vintage dress as inspiration for the successful design. The Titan has since evolved into a whole family, with a myriad of iterations that include crystals and onyx.

The Titan wasn’t the first time Sakai – who launched her first accessories line when she was only 18 designing pretty cases to discreetly carry tampons – had a stroke of silhouette genius. Vita Fede was founded thanks to her unique ability to see beauty and retail potential in the unexpected.

“When I owned a showroom back in 2008, a friend gave me a bracelet from Italy and I just knew that I could sell it.” Her gifted leather-and-chain bracelet was a ubiquitous tourist souvenir sold in Italy for years, but when she got her hands on them and added her personal touch – new colors and metallic hardware – the bracelets, which she named Vita, crossed over from run-of-the-mill to fashionable.

“We sold 10,000 of them in the showroom and they were featured in every magazine. I had no intention of starting a line, but people were always asking me what’s next?”

Taking cues from the impeccably dressed Japanese women in her life such as her mother, who worked at Fendi and was involved in opening Fendi stores in the States, her grandmother and great-grandmother, Sakai was determined to lend a sophisticated sensibility to costume jewelry with Vita Fede.

“They all used to have their ready-to-wear tailor made, so quality and longevity was really instilled in me,” she points out. Her father, a former architect, no doubt had a role in Sakai’s love of clean lines and sculptural shapes.

Her American L.A. roots, is evident in the wearability of her line. You can pair one of her bracelets or rings as easily with a cocktail dress as you can with jeans. She strays from designing complicated special-occasion pieces and leans more towards an effortlessly modern and sleek European style she adopted on her many trips abroad.

“I wanted to create a line that both fashion and classic girls could wear every day,” she reveals. “Vita Fede makes a statement without being overbearing or in-your-face.”

Nailing that anonymously unpretentious look requires the intricate labor of five factories in Italy, whom also work with elite fashion brands like Céline, Saint Laurent, and Givenchy, to produce Vita Fede’s hand-crafted jewels. A single piece takes about six to eight weeks to bring to life.

Now that Sakai has succeeded in bringing craftsmanship back to costume jewelry, she is now set on eschewing the stuffiness of fine jewelry, and hopes to make it more relevant with her new upscale Black Label. The small inaugural collection is scheduled to launch in the US and Europe.

“When I go to a fine jewelry store, I still get that old, dated feeling of a tennis bracelet,” she says.  “Our customers who like to stack their Cartier and diamonds with Vita Fede are a bit hipper. They are looking for something that is not too edgy but still very cool.  We are working with black and clear diamonds and pink, white and solid gold.”

As for Vita Fede, the new pre-fall collection will consist “of a little more bling.” Sakai will also be adding more earrings to the mix and introducing a new cut-out design, inspired by a vintage ring her mother wore in the ‘60s, that will highlight more skin. We can also expect evening clutches to complement the jewelry collection in the near future.

Vita Fede is quietly poised to take over the costume jewelry world. In between working on these three new collections, Sakai is in the midst of launching the European markets, opening showrooms in Milan, Paris, and London.

The company is growing at warp speed, but multi-tasker Sakai plays it cool under pressure.  As if her day of Skype meetings, checking in on the factories, pulling pieces for clients, and chatting with me for this interview wasn’t enough, she casually mentions that she is also in the process of moving offices today.

“It’s just in a day’s work. I call it ‘organized chaos.’”

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Perfume Routine Sounds Complicated

If I had to rate my perfume enthusiasm on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say it’s a 6. Don’t get me wrong: I love a good, clean fragrance, but once I find what I like, I tend to stick with it. (I’ve been wearing the same Chloe Eau de Parfum for about six years.) So when I heard that Gwyneth Paltrow owns fifty perfume bottles and believes in a "wardrobe of perfumes," a wave of anxiety flushed over me. I mean, I can barely get past three scent tests at Sephora before they all start smelling the same and I start feeling lightheaded. 

However, this is Paltrow we’re talking about here, who is far fancier than I. She also reveals to Telegraph that her 8-year-old daughter Apple is into fragrance, too, and "sprays herself head to toe, though I’m trying to teach her that less is more. Me, I just spray a little on my left arm, press it against my right arm, and then dab behind my ears." And me? I just spray a little in front of myself and walk into the mist. (Okay, I strut into the mist. Who doesn’t enjoy a little sass in the morning?)

If that’s not enough, Paltrow also scents her bathroom with lilies and switches between day and night fragrances. I smell a Goop beauty book in the near future.

Beyoncé’s Best Friend is a Baby

Beyoncé, in my opinion, is perfect. That is until she gives interviews, because it’s becoming increasingly clear that Beyoncé is quite crazy. Take, for example, her Vogue cover story, in which she calls her daughter Blue Ivy "my homey, my best friend." I repeat: Beyoncé’s best friend is a one-year-old. Sorry, Kelly! (I’d apologize to Michelle, but she already knew she wasn’t even in the top ten.) But this should really come to no surprise considering that Beyoncé is also BFFs with Gwyneth Paltrow. Delusions of grandeur and having deep, interpersonal connections with infants is, apparently, contagious. 

(Just kidding. That grandeur is no delusion.)

[via NYDN]

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Why Do Women Hate Keira Knightley?

It’s a thing, right? I’ve never had strong feelings either way, but I will say that three of her films (Atonement, this year’s Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, and the recent Anna Karenina) have brought joy to my heart. I don’t really hear much from my male friends about it, either; she’s just kinda there, I think. But man, it seems that most women I know really don’t like her. What gives, ladies?

I don’t mean to be a Dude Who Calls Out Women here, but the criticisms I hear about Knightley’s failings here are generally reduced to "she sucks" or "her chin is too big." Yeah, sure, she has a prominent chin. But that’s like saying that Christina Hendricks is a shitty actress because of her tits, no? Isn’t there something deeper here that we can point our fingers at? I mean, compared to other figures who receive well-documented vitriol (Zooey Deschanel or Gwyneth Paltrow, to name just two examples), Keira Knightley hardly does anything annoying. She doesn’t have any lifestyle websites, and she doesn’t make an attempts at a music career. All she has done, really, is been in pretty good movies and done pretty good jobs in all of them. I mean, she did get an Oscar nomination, people. It’s not like everyone is convinced she is horrible.

So please, explain this one to me? Because I’m generally fascinated. (Is it really her chin?)

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Michael Kors Honored For Philanthropic Efforts to God’s Love We Deliver

“I’m excited,” said Michael Kors Monday night at the 2012 Golden Heart Awards, where he was honored for his contributions to God’s Love We Deliver, a charity that prepares and delivers nutritious meals to people with severe illnesses. “Anything we can do to help is very gratifying.”

Among those who turned out in support of the designer, who announced a five-million-dollar contribution to the organization, were Anna Wintour, Gwyneth Paltrow, a host of models, and actress Bette Midler, who presented Kors with his Lifetime Achievement award.

“I’m here for the charity, and of course, for Michael,” said Midler, wearing all Michael Kors. “He’s adorable, divine.”

The sold-out event, held inside the Cunard Building, also honored writer Ryan Murphy for the Community Service award and Cinty Little for Outstanding Volunteerism.  “It’s just a great event,” said comedian Seth Meyers. “I’m just excited to be here, especially this far downtown—it’s a rarity for me…anytime you get this close to the Staten Island Ferry, you know…”

The night began with a cocktail hour, followed by dinner, an awards presentation and live auction for the 600 guests, who raised over $1.35 million.

A native to New York, Kors has been involved with God’s Love We Deliver, which began as an HIV/AIDS organization and now helps people with more than 200 individual diagnoses, for over 20 years. “It’s fun to see all the people who are big supporters of me and of God’s Love,” said Kors. “We want to have a good time and also just celebrate all the great work they do.”

Photo credit: Getty Images for Michael Kors

Beyoncé Wants You to Know That Famous People Wished Her a Happy B-Day

Yesterday was Beyoncé’s 31st birthday, which God’s Most Perfect Child no doubt spent the day yachting, standing at the front of the boat with a cool Mediterranean breeze blowing through her golden curls. What’d you get her for her B-Day? I had a special calendar made for her in which every page is April and every day is the fourth. I know her so well! I also attached a note that read, “To B, you can do no wrong in my eyes, and don’t worry, I have erased the memory of watching Obsessed, although I would pick you over that stupid blonde whore any day, xoxo Ty Ty.” But I don’t know if she got my present because my note is not on her website!

Yes, Bey shared a handful of well wishes from her family and friends and famous family and famous friends on her website. All of the stars came out for this one: Solange, Tina Knowles, Mama Carter. Even Gwyneth Paltrow and her brood of Little Martins sent a long a birthday note, which I’m guessing you can see on GOOP when Paltrow shares the best spots to purchase organic birthday cards made from the shells of quail eggs. Take a look below:

Note that she scratched, “that’s a lot of paper!” on the side there. What does that mean? Some Illuminati code or just a private joke between BFFs?

More importantly, Michelle Williams, presumably the one from Destiny’s Child, also send a note, signed “Michelle Williams,” because you know she feels like she always has to remind Bey who she is.